Chapter 38 – Have you heard my whistle?

The monotonous and happy monster leveling continued for a week.

During this week, Isabella faithfully followed Lu Yao’s instructions and crazily harvested the Corruptors in the form of the Sword of the Forest. When her mana was insufficient, she would temporarily retreat and continue the attack after natural recovery.

Lu Yao estimated that including those who were reborn after death, they had killed over ten thousand.

However, Isabella’s level was stuck at level 26 and couldn’t level up anymore.

“Sir, the rank of the Corruptors is too low. Fighting them no longer brings me any experience or help in terms of abilities,” Isabella explained.

Lu Yao felt a little regretful.

It seemed that relying on the Corruptors to level up Isabella wouldn’t work anymore.

But even so, the monster leveling this week brought them great benefits.

Now, when the Holy Sword was activated, Isabella’s battle panel looked like this.


[Apostle Lv26] Sword of the Forest · Isabella

HP: 325/325

Mana: 615/615

Damage: 39

Defense: 37

Speed: 18

[Wisdom Lv26]

Wisdom is the key for the Apostle to listen to the will of the gods. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to improve and comprehend various abilities.

[Last Prayer Lv6] (30 mana)

Pray to the Sea of Lasting, temporarily awaken the sleeping dead, and obtain their help. The type of dead depends on the level of ability and mana.

[Sword of the Forest Lv1] (100 mana)

[Isabella’s Exclusive Ability] Isabella summons the Holy Sword, which comprehensively enhances her combat attributes. The duration and enhancement depend on the level of ability and mana. After the battle, Isabella will create some forest elemental creatures, the number and type of which depend on the level of ability and the strength of the opponent.


Isabella’s data has greatly improved.

Now, with her super-fast movement and high attack frequency, she can easily take down the Corruptors with a set of Holy Sword skills.

Throughout the battle, it was like Lu Bu riding the Red Hare, unstoppable in killing soldiers.

In addition, the additional effect of the Sword of the Forest was frequently activated, creating a type of elemental creature called the “Forest Wolf” from the bodies of a large number of Corruptors.


[Forest Wolf Lv13] [Created by Isabella]

HP: 248/248

Mana: 40/40

Damage: 8

Defense: 8

Speed: 7

[Dodge Lv7]

Can dodge some damage caused by attacks. Compared to their weak life, this probability is higher.


When gathered together, they will generate stronger combat power. The more there are, the greater the enhancement.

[Forest Elemental Lv1]

Forest elemental creatures, beneficial to the rapid growth of the forest, have enhancements in all attributes within the forest. The effect depends on the level of ability and HP.


The individual panel of the Forest Wolf is not as good as the Corruptors, and its attack is even weaker than the lower-level “Spotted Leopard”. It is not suitable for one-on-one combat, but the “Pack” ability is a powerful buff.

By killing over ten thousand Corruptors this time, Isabella created a total of 60 Forest Wolves at level 13.

When these 60 Forest Wolves gather together, the “Pack” ability will transform their battle panel.


[Forest Wolf Lv13] [Created by Isabella]

HP: 248/248

Mana: 40/40

Damage: 10

Defense: 10

Speed: 9


Lu Yao calculated it with a calculator.

The coefficient of the enhancement from the “Pack” ability is approximately 0.5%. In other words, when 100 Forest Wolves gather and act together, each wolf can exert 1.5 times the combat panel ability.

If it is a group battle, the Forest Wolves have the advantage against the Corruptors. The more there are, the stronger the wolf pack.

Considering that the Forest Wolves have a very balanced panel, with both attack and defense, and their speed is not lacking, they are a highly talented fighting population.

Lu Yao ordered Isabella to temporarily station this group of Forest Wolves in the mountains, cutting off the necessary route between the Salt Pool Tribe and the Garlic Tribe. This would prevent the Corruptors from suddenly going mad and attacking outward, affecting the Garlic Tribe.

The situation was basically under Isabella’s control, and the newly born Corruptors in the Salt Pool Tribe no longer posed any threat to her.

Having enjoyed the benefits of the Corruptors, Isabella’s level and strength had also increased, so the next attempt could begin.

Lu Yao ordered, “Go and see the situation in the castle.”


Isabella stormed into the castle.

Lu Yao clicked on the castle and indeed entered another instance world.

The inside of the castle was much larger than it appeared from the outside. It was a hall paved with stones, with headless bodies hanging in the air and bloodstains covering the ground. There was a path leading to the depths of the underground.

Corruptors constantly rushed out to attack along the way, but Isabella killed them one by one and continued to explore further.

The underground was filled with pits that had been dug out, each filled with a white powder. Corruptors would occasionally crawl out from these pits.

Corruptors would also throw various broken bodies into these pits, seemingly using the bodies to create more of their kind.

Beside these pits that bred Corruptors, there were small grooves filled with a sticky green liquid, as if some kind of evil ritual was being performed.

Following the traces of this sticky liquid, Isabella killed her way to the deepest part of the dungeon.

Here, it suddenly opened up, and a giant corpse was fixed to the wide stone wall with chains.

The giant had four curved horns on its head, and its skull was already bare, with faint flames flickering in its dark eye sockets.

Its body was covered in wounds, and the wounds and flesh had long rotted away, oozing a sticky green fluid. This fluid flowed to the ground, turning into a catalyst for the birth of the Corruptors along the grooves on the ground.

Facing this decaying giant, a exclamation mark suddenly appeared above Isabella’s head.”Frost?!”

Upon hearing the name, Lu Yao felt a sense of familiarity.

Wait, wasn’t that the name of the Chief Apostle of the Forest God?

Could it be this giant?

Lu Yao turned to the cactus in the pot next to him, “Little Fire, is Frost a giant?”

The cactus follower replied respectfully, “My Lord, Mr. Frost indeed hails from the giant race. He is a reliable and powerful Apostle, and the most trusted arm of the Forest God.”

Unfortunately, with the fall of the Forest God, the body of this Chief Apostle had been turned into an instrument for creating corruptors.

Lu Yao turned his attention back to the screen.

He noticed that the posture of the giant Frost was quite peculiar. Frost was kneeling on the ground, his arms raised in a cross-like manner, as if he was atoning for sins or worshipping something.

Behind the giant’s shell, there was an even larger stone sculpture.

It was a strange statue that looked like a humanoid tree, covered in branches of varying lengths but devoid of leaves.

Lu Yao hovered his mouse over the sculpture, and a line of text appeared.

[Statue of the Whistleblower God].

— Stranger, have you heard my whistle?

The line of text sent a shiver down his spine.

Lu Yao finally realized what the stone sculpture was.

It was a person covered in short whistles.

These whistles seemed to be some kind of organ spread all over his body, growing from his head, shoulders, chest, arms, and face. The sight was somewhat unsettling, so Lu Yao subconsciously avoided thinking about it.

On Frost’s skull, a tall knight in black armor slowly materialized.

Above his head was displayed: [Blood Knight Neville].

“Blasphemer, die.”

The Blood Knight, holding a crimson greatsword, turned into an afterimage and charged towards Isabella.

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