Chapter 37 – They can fight as long as they want

Lu Yao looked at the newly opened map.

Behind the mountains, there was a large forest and plain. There was indeed a huge salt marsh at the edge of the forest. In the center of the marsh stood a black castle, surrounded by lingering gray mist.

The salt marsh covered a large area, and many houses, watchtowers, and pits were built nearby. Many small people scooped saltwater into small pits and set up furnaces around them to heat up and extract the salt.

In addition, there were lumberjacks in the forest, stone miners on the stone ridge, and a ranch on the plain, where a large bird called the “Striding Bird” was raised.

Just like its name suggests, the Striding Bird likes to walk around. It cannot fly and has no aggressive nature. It is used for poultry farming.

Most of the laborers are barefoot wanderers. They are organized to do this kind of mechanical labor, participating in logging, stone mining, salt refining… Each wild person is tied with a rope, connected to each other, making it impossible for them to escape.

The ones commanding them are not the people of the Salt Marsh Tribe, but a humanoid monster with blue skin called the “Corruptor”.

The Corruptors are the upper class here, supervising and commanding human work.

Although they are called Corruptors, this group is not the kind of mindless zombies. On the contrary, they have very clear division of labor and personal missions.

The Corruptors supervise the labor of every human, occasionally issuing warnings and reminders.

“No slacking off! Do you want to go hungry? You! Peasants, get up quickly!”

“Everything is for the great Whistleblower!”

“As long as you work, you can also become a glorious Corruptor and no longer fear death!”

“Don’t be afraid of injuries, don’t be afraid of fatigue. After death, you will gain eternal life!”

“The noble knights will reward the peasants for becoming Corruptors!”

Lu Yao was amazed by this kind of coercion and temptation.

He remembered the “Evil Bone Whistle” he confiscated from Lisa. It was made by the Whistleblower and this person should be a powerful deity.

The situation in the Salt Marsh Tribe is more complicated than he expected.

Lu Yao continued to observe.

He noticed that the small people in linen clothing in the Salt Marsh Tribe were very humble in front of the Corruptors. They were just the Corruptors’ vassals and subordinates, conducting foreign trade on behalf of the Corruptors in exchange for various goods.

The true rulers of the Salt Marsh Tribe are the Corruptors.

Lu Yao counted.

There weren’t many Corruptors, only a total of twenty-five.

However, their levels were high, with the lowest being LV12 and the highest even reaching LV15, which was not much different from Isabella in terms of level.

No wonder Lisa had to cooperate with them before. Even the Cave Dwellers had to bow their heads in front of the Corruptors.

However, since they were not in combat mode, Lu Yao couldn’t know the detailed values of these Corruptors apart from their levels, so he couldn’t make a basic assessment of their combat power.

But Isabella gave her evaluation, “Sir, they are not weak. I can tell their strength from the Flame of Faith.”

“Do you need to execute all of them?”

Lu Yao was surprised.

Your two sentences have no connection at all.

You just said they were strong, and then you said they could all be killed?

He typed to confirm.

– Can you handle these Corruptors?

“Yes, sir.”

Isabella said calmly, “But this is only the periphery. The real danger and controller are in the castle. I haven’t been inside the castle, so I’m not sure about their strength.”

Lu Yao had confidence in Isabella.

Since she awakened, Isabella had not encountered a true opponent in the true sense. It was only a matter of time.

However, caution is the parent of safety.

Lu Yao typed again.

– If you encounter a strong enemy, can you escape?

“Sir, the enemy should be unable to leave the castle due to some reason.”

Isabella analyzed calmly, “Otherwise, with the enemy’s strength surpassing that of ordinary Corruptors, as long as they leave the castle and enter the outside world, they can completely control the nearby area.”

“Now it seems very likely that they are restricted for some reason.”

“Of course, these are just my speculations.”

“But I am confident that even if I am not a match for the opponent, I can successfully retreat.”

Isabella couldn’t understand the mechanism behind it, but Lu Yao knew.

Regardless of whether the castle is a dungeon or not, there must be a boss inside.

In this newbie area, the boss definitely cannot move freely. Otherwise, the novice god players would have no chance to play, and they would be killed and plundered by this group of high-level monsters…

If that’s the case, the Garlic Tribe’s graveyard grass should be several meters high by now.

Lu Yao pondered for a moment.

– Then let’s take action and deal with these Corruptors as soon as possible.

“Yes, sir.”Isabella rushed from the mountains towards the salt pool, and the nearest Corruptor immediately noticed her.

“Who are you! Stop! Lowly commoner!”

A “In Battle” sign immediately appeared above Isabella’s head.

Lu Yao opened the battle interface.

Two Corruptors, both at Lv12, faced Isabella.


【Corruptor LV12】

Health: 240/240

Mana: 37/37

Damage: 10

Defense: 8

Speed: 7

【Stubborn LV6】

There is a certain probability of being immune to spells.

【Rebirth LV6】

If the body is not completely destroyed after death, there is a certain probability of resurrection.


These two abilities immediately put Lu Yao on alert.

Spell immunity + resurrection?

For a common monster, isn’t this a bit too strong?

He wondered, could this be the Simulator’s punishment for his refusal to leave the safe zone?

However, facing Isabella in her summoned holy sword state, the Corruptors still didn’t stand a chance. The huge gap in stats turned them into nothing more than slightly tougher punching bags.

Isabella, wielding her holy sword, cut down the two Corruptors. Other Corruptors joined the battle, initiating a meat grinder-like fight.

Lu Yao wasn’t worried about these minor monsters, they couldn’t pose any substantial hindrance to Isabella.

What he cared about was the castle shrouded in grey fog.

More Corruptors kept running out of the pixelated castle, joining the battle outside.

In this situation, some of the savages tied up with ropes tried to escape, only to be executed on the spot by other Corruptors. Seeing this, the other savages didn’t dare to move.

Thus, the edge of the salt pool turned into a dual-threaded scene where those who were laboring continued to labor, and those who were fighting continued to fight, without interfering with each other.

As the battle continued, some of the Corruptors’ bodies on the ground were pieced together and resurrected into new Corruptors, continuing the marathon-like battle with Isabella.

The castle kept spawning monsters, seemingly endless. Isabella had cut down hundreds of Corruptors, but these monsters still charged forward fearlessly.

During this process, Isabella even leveled up, becoming LV16.

Lu Yao was overjoyed.

Could this be the legendary monster farming spot?

Keep spawning, give me more monsters to farm!

Lu Yao ordered some fried potatoes and grilled gluten. With a cola in hand, he watched Isabella mowing down monsters with great interest, finding it even more satisfying than playing himself.

He now found the Corruptors pleasing to the eye.

Stubbornness is good, resurrection is good, all are good skills, you are top-notch monsters! Keep respawning, keep resurrecting, keep fighting hard!

While fighting, a dialogue box appeared above Isabella.

“Master, something is not right here.”

“The number of Corruptors is not decreasing.”

“If we continue to fight, more Corruptors will awaken from the castle, and their numbers will be much higher than expected.”

“Perhaps the key lies within the castle. Should we go in and check now?”

This place is key for leveling up, don’t worry about such trivial matters.

While munching on his grilled gluten, Lu Yao quickly typed in the dialogue box.

—Let them fight as long as they want, fight until we achieve total victory!

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