Chapter 36 – Weakness is not a barrier to survival

Since the Garlic Tribe was established, the buildings constructed by the pixel people were all for survival purposes.

The thatched huts of the past and the wooden houses of today are all residential buildings for shelter from wind and rain. Some larger houses serve as barns.

There are also some enclosures made of stone and wooden fences, which are places for raising camels and sheep.

There are two forest huts in the forest, which are temporary camps for hunters, making it convenient for them to enter the depths of the forest to hunt.

There is also a simple pier, which is used to dock canoes and fishing boats.

Unlike the past buildings, the monument has no practical significance. It is the first cultural landmark building to appear in the tribe. After the monument was erected, many pixel people would stop here and look at the records on the crude stone monument, discussing the tribe’s past history with each other.

There is a simple text on the monument.

“Hunter: One of the earliest heroes of the tribe, who bravely fought against the demon apostles and died in battle to defend the tribe and fight against the cave monsters.”

After his closest comrade died, the hero, Fish Walker, often came here.

He stood in front of the monument, silent, his mind filled with thoughts.

“If I had fought with him to the end, maybe he would still be alive.”

“If we hadn’t attacked those cave monsters and had chosen to avoid and retreat, the Hunter would still be able to tell me stories about the wild boars.”

“I am too weak. My brother, I couldn’t protect you, but instead became a burden to you.”

“…You are the hero, I am just a deserter.”

“We need more training, better weapons, and a larger territory to defend the tribe.”

After experiencing the death of the Hunter, Fish Walker’s temperament changed drastically. He lost his previous talkativeness and excitement, becoming silent and reserved.

Most of the time, he taught the hunters combat skills. How to pull, how to dodge, how to retreat.

Experiencing death made Fish Walker become more steady.

Under his leadership, the hunters moved closer to becoming professional soldiers. They would never engage in unnecessary risks and attacks. Before battle, they must patiently observe the enemy, which has become the fighting style of the Garlic Tribe.

Lu Yao looked down at all of this and suddenly thought that there was something the Garlic Tribe could use now.

He put on his shoes and locked the door before going downstairs.

After about ten minutes, Lu Yao returned with an iron hammer in his hand.

This was his next “Gift” decision.

The Garlic Tribe had already learned “Mining Techniques” and discovered minerals such as copper, iron, gold, and crystal, but they had never mastered the art of smelting. They only used the most primitive method of burning natural minerals. The metal they burned was also used as a collection rather than as a tool.

Ultimately, it was because they lived too comfortably.

The pixel people of the Garlic Tribe had no worries about food and clothing, and there was no pressure from strong enemies. If they encountered trouble, Isabella would handle it, and Lu Yao was above her, ready to turn the tide at any time.

Without demand, there is no motivation.

Therefore, the civilization of the Garlic Tribe has been stagnant recently.

Lu Yao had thought several times about causing a hurricane or heavy rain to teach them a lesson, so that they would at least understand that the weather can be unpredictable.

But in the end, he couldn’t bear to do it.

Each pixel person was precious to Lu Yao.

But his thoughts have changed now.

A child won’t become accomplished without discipline. Especially for a group of lazy dogs in the tribal era, sometimes you have to be tough. You have to let them know that it’s too early to just live idly and wait for death.

Besides, there is the Ghost City Sanilo now, which is the current main source of faith output.

This place is really suitable as an experimental ground.

Lu Yao selected the “Miracle” and started the “Rainfall”.

At first, the Garlic Tribe didn’t realize that something was wrong. As the rainfall increased and hurricanes mixed in, five barns and the food inside were completely destroyed by the storm and heavy rain. Several fields were also destroyed, and a few people died as well.

The pixel people of the tribe were completely panicked.

The heavy rain continued, and the hurricane continued to loom near the tribe.

They could only pray beside the temple, hoping to receive the protection of the gods and let this terrifying natural disaster dissipate sooner.

The prophet knelt in front of the temple.

“Great God Yao, the tribe does not know which god we have angered, causing this disaster to befall us. We beg for your mercy to restore peace to the tribe.”

“The tribe deeply feels guilty for not offering sacrifices to you and committing the sin of laziness. We earnestly request your forgiveness.”

This time, Lu Yao didn’t give him any reminders, just coldly watched.

The torrential rain and hurricane continued to batter every person in the Garlic Tribe.

This time, Lu Yao was determined.

He consumed a total of 250 points of faith and showed the Garlic Tribe the unpredictable power of the heavens and the omnipresence of disasters.

When he felt that the pressure of the natural disaster was almost enough, Lu Yao guided the prophet to the front of the monument.

After a moment of silence, a exclamation mark appeared above the prophet’s head.

“Great God, are you reminding the tribe not to forget the shame of the Hunter’s death?”

“I understand. The outstanding hero of the tribe died at the hands of monsters, and we survivors have not learned any lessons. We are still relying on the power of Apostle… How arrogant and lazy we are.”

“From now on, we will always remember our weakness and never stop, always be prepared to face disasters.”

“We, who are weak, have no right to rest.”

The prophet’s realization was slightly different from Lu Yao’s original plan.

But the general direction was still the same.

Seeing that his goal had been achieved, Lu Yao stopped the miracle.

The sky above the Garlic Tribe returned to clear, and all the pixel people breathed a sigh of relief. They began to rebuild their damaged homes together.

As they busied themselves with repairing houses and farmland, exclamation marks suddenly appeared above their heads.

“The grace of the gods!”

“God Yao has bestowed his blessings!”

“The revelation of the gods!”

“Merciful God Yao, great God Yao!””It’s a hammer, a hammer, an invincible hammer!”

The hammer was taken out of the temple by the prophet and first flourished in the hands of the carpenters.

Both carpenters were enamored with the hammer, giving it high praise. They believed it to be a great tool, indispensable for building houses and wooden products.

Soon, a series of prompts appeared on the game interface.

【The Garlic Tribe has learned to use the hammer.】

【The Garlic Tribe has learned the art of copper smelting.】

【The Garlic Tribe has learned stone construction.】

【The Garlic Tribe has learned the usage of copper.】

【The Garlic Tribe has gained prestige among other tribes due to mastering new technologies.】

In the following time, the Garlic Tribe built a furnace out of stone. The little people began to smelt copper in it, then made the copper into copper hammers.

The hunters improved their bows and spears with copper, creating copper arrowheads and spearheads. Soon after, the shaman personally made a copper shield and copper armor. Thus, the metal copper finally began to be widely used in the tribe.

Lu Yao watched with a touch of emotion.

The little people of the tribe really did share a common human trait… they would lose all fighting spirit when well-fed and comfortable, only bursting with amazing creativity and initiative when faced with disasters and difficulties.

He still needed to keep these tribal little people a bit on edge.

At this time, Isabella finally crossed the mountain range and found the Salt Pool Tribe on the other side of the mountain.

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