Chapter 35 – That’s alright

Isabella’s last prayer went smoothly.

Her response, however, was slightly different from what Lu Yao had expected.

According to the testimony of the deceased cave dwellers, this is what happened.

This group of cave dwellers lived in the deep caves of the mountains, with a total of 28 of them. They were a resource-poor population, neither farming nor trading, and their intelligence was relatively low. Most of the time, they hid underground and ate insects.

Due to intense competition underground and a shortage of insects, this group of cave dwellers took the risk of coming to the surface to hunt.

Unfortunately, years of drought and a long winter had caused a lack of water and coldness in the surrounding area. Many animals in the mountains had disappeared, and the remaining ones had fled to the forest.

In this difficult moment, the leader of the cave dwellers, the mutated cave dweller, made a bold decision: to go further down the mountain to find food!

During this process, the cave dwellers encountered a new group, the Salt Pool Tribe.

The Salt Pool Tribe outside the mountains traded with them and was willing to provide them with the meat, wheat, and salt they needed. In return, the cave dwellers had to work for them.

After all, the cave dwellers also needed to eat.

So they agreed.

The cave dwellers began to transport goods for the Salt Pool Tribe, digging tunnels in the mountains, mining underground, and logging outside the mountains… In short, they did a lot of hard work. In order to fill their stomachs, the cave dwellers had to work hard.

It was impossible to steal things from the Salt Pool Tribe.

Because the Salt Pool Tribe was protected by the Corrupted.

Compared to the cave dwellers, the Corrupted were more fearless and stronger. Even if their bodies were chopped into pieces, as long as they could be pieced together, they would slowly revive.

Under the intimidation of the Corrupted, the cave dwellers could only work honestly and earn some insignificant food.

After days of hard work, the cave dwellers finally completed the requirements of the Salt Pool Tribe, reopening the passage through the mountains to the east and obtaining some delayed food.

And it was at this time that they encountered the Pig-Fish Brothers from the Garlic Tribe while transporting stones.

The Pig-Fish Brothers became very excited when they saw them and shouted to attack for the sake of the tribe.

They were the ones who made the first move.

At that time, there were only two cave dwellers, who were chased by the Pig-Fish Brothers and their hunters, fleeing back to the mountains. The Pig-Fish Brothers continued to pursue them.

When the reinforcements of the cave dwellers arrived, the situation began to reverse.

The final result was that the hero, the headhunter, and four hunters died in battle, and only the hero, the fisherman, managed to escape with his life.

Lu Yao confirmed the truthfulness of the deceased spirits’ words again and again.

“Low-level deceased cannot lie under the intimidation of the Sea of Last Moments.”

Isabella expressed her belief.

After listening to these descriptions, Lu Yao pinched his nose and his eyelids twitched.

The genes of these humans, who were seeking death and being arrogant, were also stirring during the tribal era.

If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.

Although many people knew this truth, they still showed an attitude of “I know, but I just want to try it.”

Looking at it from a positive perspective, the proactive attack by the Pig-Fish Brothers had exposed the hidden dangers of the cave dwellers in advance.

The Salt Pool Tribe had effectively controlled this group of monsters, like a sword hanging over the Garlic Tribe’s head. Dealing with it earlier could be considered preventing future troubles.

Lu Yao was still wary of the Salt Pool Tribe behind them.

These small people had already enslaved monsters and had the ability to make them work for themselves. The threat they posed had increased another level in Lu Yao’s mind.

Since they had already bumped into each other, it was better to start with this group that posed the greatest threat.

Lu Yao gave Isabella the latest instructions: investigate the mountains and find the settlement of the Salt Pool Tribe.

After receiving the order, Isabella began to search in the mountains.

In addition to the normal residents, the Garlic Tribe also had several ghost residents from the Ghost City Sanilo. Of course, ordinary people couldn’t see them.

Among these people, the leader was a ghost named Scott. From a work perspective, he was somewhat equivalent to the village death god of the Garlic Tribe.

They searched for wandering ghosts everywhere, persuading and guiding them, and then voluntarily bringing these ghosts back to Sanilo.

Scott came to the place where the headhunter died, and the bodies had already been buried in the forest by the Garlic Tribe.

He called out, “Fellow wanderers who sleep and roam here, please come out.”

Five ghosts slowly appeared on the ground.

The bodies of the headhunter and the others were semi-transparent, completely different from normal pixelated people.

“Outside the Southern Desert, there is a city of the deceased called Sanilo… It also worships the great God Yao, and the divine power has created…”

Before Scott could finish speaking, the headhunter said, “I’m willing to go to Sanilo!”

The other four hunters also expressed their willingness to go.

Unlike ordinary people, ghosts could move much faster. They ignored many geographical obstacles, so they could go straight, crossing mountains and deserts.

Since the sandworms were too afraid to come out of the ground due to Isabella’s killing, the desert was currently safe.

After entering Sanilo, the headhunter and his group also gained the exclusive abilities of ghosts.

[Hero Lv2] Headhunter

Attack 3 Defense 2 Knowledge 0 Mana 0 Luck 0 Morale 0


Tracking Lv1: Can recognize the traces left by various people and animals.

Evade Lv1: Can evade some damage caused by attacks. Compared to their weak lives, this probability is higher.

The only regret for Lu Yao was that the headhunter and the fisherman, the first pair of heroes of the Garlic Tribe, had very average talents. They were still stuck at Level 2.

This was also because Lu Yao had not paid much attention to cultivating them.In the end, it was still the tribal civilization era, which couldn’t withstand population consumption. Most of the time was spent on development and management. Plus, with Isabella as a strategic nuclear weapon, there was indeed no need for the Pigfish Brothers.

When the ghosts entered Sanilo, a funeral ceremony for a hero was being held in the Garlic Tribe, mourning and remembering everything the headhunter had done for the tribe.

“He was one of the two heroes born in our tribe, who bravely fought against the demon believers, risking his life to save others.”

“He was a believer blessed by the gods, an embodiment of strength and courage, a symbol of unyielding spirit.”

“He was our pride, our pioneer, and the proof of our existence.”

The prophet and the shaman each expressed their praises for the headhunter.

A sense of sadness permeated the entire Garlic Tribe, and the little people all had expressions of sorrow on their faces.

Suddenly, a light bulb lit up above the prophet’s head: “We need to build a monument!”

“To commemorate these heroes who have dedicated themselves to the tribe, and to warn future generations not to forget this glorious and tortuous history!”

The other little people in the tribe all agreed.

“A monument!”

“A monument! The tribe’s monument!”

“Record the heroes! Record the tribe!”

So, under the guidance of the prophet and the shaman, the little people built a square stone tower with stones, which looked like a large tombstone.

A message appeared on the game screen.

[The Garlic Tribe has invented the monument, and everyone’s intelligence has slightly increased.]

[Discovered available wonder prototype: Monument.]

[The faith required to build the first wonder has decreased.]

Lu Yao was taken aback.

There was actually such a thing.

He clicked on the miracle column and flipped to the last page of [Wonder].

Sure enough, the [Wonder] consumption had decreased from the previous 5000 faith to 4500 points, exactly a 10% discount.

Lu Yao pondered for a moment and understood the way.

The Simulator encouraged players who were trainee gods to build wonders as soon as possible, enter the Hall of Gods, move from the safe zone to the crawling zone, and start the next stage as soon as possible.

However, Lu Yao didn’t plan to do this for now.

His plan was to achieve the small goal of dominating the newbie village first.

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