Chapter 21 – Step into the river

In the temple, the 【sacrificial offering】 slot welcomed a new item once again.

【Magical Harpoon】: +1 Faith per hour, 1/3 times (charging)

A guaranteed hit on fish.

Lu Yao looked at the new offering in his hand.

The harpoon was about one and a half meters long, with a three-pronged iron tip attached to the top of a wooden stick. It looked like a roughly handmade fishing tool.

Holding the 【Magical Harpoon】, Lu Yao felt that if he had another cigarette, he could perfectly replicate the fisherman Yuan Hua himself.

This offering was not completely useless.

If a fishing enthusiast went fishing and couldn’t catch any fish, they could secretly pull out the harpoon and catch a few fish to put in their basket before anyone noticed. This would ensure that they never returned empty-handed and avoid being mocked by other fishing enthusiasts.

However, for Lu Yao, the special ability of the 【Magical Harpoon】 was of no use, so it could only serve as a mascot.

Fortunately, it could provide 1 point of Faith per hour, which was more useful than the 【Golden Dice】 thrown into the bonfire.

Lu Yao accepted this offering, which also relieved the Donghe Tribe in the pixel world.

“The deity has accepted the offering.”

“We have offered the most important treasure of the tribe, so the deity should be appeased now.”

“Hopefully, the local deity will bless us.”

【The attitude of the Donghe Tribe has become friendly.】

With this, the relationship between the Donghe Tribe and the Garlic Tribe further eased. With the support of the tribal leaders, the two tribes also began formal trade.

The Garlic Tribe traded wheat, potatoes, garlic, and meat for fish, shrimp, crabs, and shells from the Donghe Tribe. By bypassing the middleman Salt Lake Tribe, both tribes could obtain more goods.

Taking advantage of this stable period, Lu Yao put on his shoes and went out.

He followed the street forward according to his memory, turned a corner, and found a small fishing tackle shop.

“Hey handsome, what do you want to buy?” The middle-aged boss asked with a cigarette in his mouth.

“A fishing net.”

“We only have casting nets now. How long do you want? We have 2*5 meters, 2*10 meters, and 2*20 meters, all 12 strands thick, sturdy, and easy to use.”

“The 2*5 meters one.”

“It’s 68 yuan.”

Lu Yao gave the money, took the fishing net in a plastic bag, and quickly walked back home.

After the bow and arrow completely integrated into the world, he had been considering what to give to the Garlic Tribe next. After dealing with the issues of the Donghe Tribe, he made a decision.

A fishing net.

The Donghe Tribe was connected to the East Sea, and the river and sea were rich in resources. It was necessary to utilize them early and develop shipbuilding and navigation based on fishing.

Lu Yao observed that the Donghe Tribe also did not have fishing nets. They relied on sea monsters and harpoons to catch fish.

Perhaps because fishing was too easy for them, they did not have a further need for developing tools. Therefore, whether it was a canoe or a harpoon, they remained in a relatively primitive stage.

In the Garlic Tribe, hunters made traps and leather clothes, and they had already learned how to make ropes. With ropes, they had the materials for fishing nets.

Lu Yao placed the fishing net on the mouse.

A prompt appeared on the screen.

– Would you like to bestow the 【Fishing Net】 upon your followers?


As the fishing net was introduced to the Garlic Tribe, the little people of the Garlic Tribe became excited.

“Fishing net, catch fish, catch fish!”

“With the fishing net, we can go to the river to catch fish!”

“Make fishing nets, make a lot of fishing nets.”

“No fish can escape the fishing net, the whole river is full of food!”

The pixelated little people weaved fishing nets, and some of them went to the river to catch fish with the fishing nets.

The appearance of the fishing net also caught the attention of the Donghe Tribe.

“The fishing net looks very cumbersome.”

“It’s not useful at all. The harpoon is still the best, one stab and one fish.”

“The fish are not stupid. Why would they swim into the net?”

“The foolish land dwellers don’t understand how agile the fish in the water are.”

Before long, the smiley faces on their heads turned into exclamation marks, and then into question marks.

Initially, the Garlic Tribe was clumsy in using the fishing net. The little people kept fishing in the water, just like using a bamboo basket to fetch water, but they couldn’t catch any fish no matter how hard they tried.

The shamans and hunters adjusted their fishing methods and only started pulling the net when the fish swam into the range of the fishing net. From then on, they began to catch sporadic fish.

Later, the Garlic Tribe further optimized and adjusted their methods. They learned to tie stones around the fishing net and throw it into the water.

Because the edges sank quickly, the fish in the middle couldn’t swim out and were trapped under the net. By tightening the ropes, the edges of the fishing net would tighten into a pocket, allowing them to catch many fish with just one tightening.

The scene of catching dozens of fish with one net shocked the Donghai Tribe.

Many little people from the Donghai Tribe gathered around the fishing net, discussing and changing their opinions at lightning speed.

“It truly is a gift from the deity. This is indeed an amazing thing.”

“Why do the fish keep swimming into it even though there is no bait inside? It’s strange.”

“A treasure, this is a treasure! And it can be made!”

Some little people were still marveling, while others took action.

【Grandmother】 came by boat once again and visited the prophet and the shamans.

After a short discussion between the two tribes, a result was reached.

【The Garlic Tribe taught the Donghe Tribe how to make and use fishing nets, and the attitude of the Donghe Tribe became intimate.】

【The Donghe Tribe taught the Garlic Tribe how to make and use canoes.】

Lu Yao rubbed his shoulders.

This is what he wanted.

Technological exchange.

The Garlic Tribe needed to develop rapidly, and isolation was not an option. They had to increase their communication and learning with other tribes to obtain more technology and culture.

In this regard, the Salt Lake Tribe was quite cunning.

As the cooperative partner of the Garlic Tribe, the Salt Lake Tribe also had an intimate attitude towards the Garlic Tribe, but they never shared their technology with them.

From beginning to end, the Salt Lake Tribe saw the Garlic Tribe as a source of commodities, a part of their trade network to exploit.

They neither opened up roads nor revealed the true location of their tribe, firmly controlling the outbound channels and maps, secretly restraining the development of the Garlic Tribe.

Even the 【Golden Dice】 offered to Lu Yao, the deity, was insincere and purely perfunctory.The reason why Lu Yao was actively seeking a connection to the outside world was to break free from the chokehold of the Salt Pool Tribe and find another corridor leading to the outside world.

【Grandmother】was kneeling outside the temple, worshipping.

However, a question mark appeared above her head.

Lu Yao clicked on it.

“Great God Yao, please forgive our rudeness. We, the East River Tribe, are believers of Pray to the Gods, and should seek the protection and help of Pray to the Gods. But we are just a small tribe with few people, our voices cannot reach the gods…”

“Your wisdom and majesty, the East River Tribe would never dare to offend or doubt.”

“The prophets and shamans say that you always protect those who believe in you. Now, we, a group of humble foreigners, beg you, pray for your mercy.”

“The East River Tribe bears the mission of raising sea monsters, which are also our most important assets. But since last year, the sea monsters have been sick, very sick. Three have already died, and now only seven remain.”

“If the women of the tribe can no longer give birth to sea monsters, to provide the temple with sea monster molts, then our tribe will be completely abandoned by the East Sea Clan, and the entire tribe will not be able to survive here.”

“We must breed more sea monsters to fill the void of sea monsters.”

Lu Yao fell silent after reading.

The sea monsters were actually born from the women of the East River Tribe.

Was this a bit…

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