Chapter 20 – Try harder

The Donghe Tribe on Ship Island does not have a temple, but instead worships a blue stone-carved idol named “Pray”. They rarely make wishes to the gods, and it seems more like a sacrificial tradition left by the Donghai Clan. Most of the time, the Donghe Tribe is busy with sailing, fishing, and capturing slaves.

Lu Yao was preparing to test something.

He clicked on “Miracle” and spent 30 faith points to choose “Hurricane”.

The hurricane quickly condensed on the water surface, creating a huge vortex in the water, and rushed towards the Donghe Tribe’s ship island with great momentum.

Facing the hurricane, the Donghe Tribe remained calm and even chatted and laughed.

“Look, it’s a storm.”

“The storm will bring a lot of fish, maybe even crabs. How nice.”

“Praise Pray, it brings us food.”

“The sky after the storm will be beautiful.”

“Wow, the storm is big.”

In Lu Yao’s confusion, the hurricane suddenly collapsed and turned into a gentle breeze as it approached the ship island. The dissipated hurricane actually brought them some fish, which fell on the deck of the ship island.

The people of the Donghe Tribe picked up their harpoons and started fishing around.

The screen displayed.

“Because of the blessing of the divine totem, your miracle cannot take effect.”

Lu Yao noticed that there were some slight cracks on the surface of the totem on the ship island.

The totem seemed to not only be a symbol of faith but also a defensive item that even disasters like miracles couldn’t penetrate.

Lu Yao became more determined.

I want to see how many times you can withstand it.


Give me lightning!

A silver lightning struck the totem in the air. Just like the previous hurricane, the lightning dissipated immediately without posing any threat to the ship island.

“The weather is really strange today.”

“Is it going to rain? With storms and lightning, it’s going to rain soon.”

“Last summer was very dry, but it seems like there will be a lot of rain this spring.”

“With more rain, the rivers will become wider. That’s a good thing.”

The people of the Donghe Tribe continued to chat.

Lu Yao clicked on the miracle and lightning struck again.




Three consecutive lightning strikes landed on the ship island, and cracks appeared on the totem.

Even the people of the Donghe Tribe could tell that something was wrong.

“Wow, what’s going on?”

“Are these lightning strikes causing cracks in the sky?”

“We need to tell Grandma that something is not right on the water today.”

“Fortunately, we have the totem of Pray, otherwise, this would be a disaster.”

Lu Yao increased his efforts.

“Lightning” x5!

Lightning flashed and thunder roared in the sky as lightning strikes fell one after another, bombarding the top of the ship island. The first four lightning strikes dissipated, but the fifth lightning strike finally landed heavily on the ship island, killing two Donghe Tribe members who couldn’t escape in time and causing a fire on the ship island.

At this moment, the blue totem that had been continuously damaged and cracked was finally completely destroyed and turned into ashes.

The Donghe Tribe fell into chaos.

Tribe members ran around to put out the fire, and some slaves took the opportunity to jump onto canoes and escape. The Donghe Tribe had to send people to chase after the slaves.

But what impacted them the most was the destruction of the totem.

“The totem of Pray is broken! We’re done for!”

“We have lost our protection and can no longer resist storms and whirlpools!”

“Pray has abandoned us!”

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“Why did this happen!”

On the other hand, five men from the Garlic Tribe spoke up.

“Lightning! Lightning has returned! The divine lightning has returned!”

“It’s the great God Yao. You attacked the Garlic Tribe and angered God Yao!”

“God Yao is angry!”

“You’re in trouble!”

But no one in the Donghe Tribe paid any attention to them.

Lu Yao moved his fingers a bit.

As he had guessed, the totem of Pray was a consumable item, probably a gift from the gods. The totem seemed ordinary, but it could withstand the bombardment of miracles with 210 faith points, showing its high strength.

The Donghe Tribe only had a hundred people, but they could live on the Donghe River for a long time. They attacked other tribes and captured slaves by riding canoes, displaying their arrogance. They relied on sea monsters for offense and the totem of Pray for defense.

Now that Lu Yao had severed one of the Donghe Tribe’s arms, they immediately panicked.

Lu Yao further observed and found that the Donghe Tribe indeed could not repair the totem. Seeing this, the tribe leader, “Grandma,” issued a series of orders.

“You must leave immediately and bring all the sea monster skins from this year back to the clan temple as offerings, praying for a new totem.”

“Block the river surface to prevent other tribes from knowing that the totem has been destroyed until the new totem arrives.”

“Feed the female slaves to the sea monsters so that they can shed their skin earlier.”

After watching for a while, Lu Yao roughly understood the situation.

The totem of Pray in the Donghe Tribe originated from the temple of the Donghai Clan. As a branch of the clan living outside, the Donghe Tribe has always maintained contact with the Donghai Clan. They raise sea monsters, not only as a reserve military force but also because they need the sea monster skins as sacrifices to Pray.

In other words, without sea monster skins, the Donghe Tribe cannot obtain the totem. Without the totem, the Donghe Tribe is defenseless against attacks.

This was easy to handle.

A faint smile appeared on Lu Yao’s face.The fleet of the East River Tribe seeking aid from the clan set off swiftly. Five canoes carrying the tribute of sea monster skins, escorted by three sea monsters, headed east after leaving the ship island.

Once the vessels were far from the tribe’s aquatic settlement, Lu Yao summoned “Lightning”, directly enveloping all five ships.

The sudden thunderbolt ignited the canoes instantly.

The surviving pixelated figures had no choice but to jump ship and struggle desperately on the water’s surface, expressions of terror appearing above their heads. The sea monsters were helpless and could only carry the pixelated figures away from the burning vessels.

The tributes on the canoes were completely incinerated.

With the help of the sea monsters, the surviving figures managed to return to the ship island.

Upon hearing that the tributes were also burned, the entire East River Tribe was thrown into complete panic.

“All the sea monster skins have been burned, we can’t go back.”

“Lightning, it’s everywhere, the lightning won’t let us leave.”

“We have angered the gods here, we must offer tributes, or the tribe will be attacked by lightning again.”

“The tribe is doomed, the tribe is doomed.”

“Let’s run, run.”

The once arrogant East River Tribe, faced with a natural disaster they couldn’t fight against, many showed signs of surrender and desertion.

The “Matriarch”, as the tribe leader, displayed the calm and decisiveness of a leader at this time.

“A slave said that it was God Yao of the Garlic Tribe who brought down the punishment.”

“We should go to the Garlic Tribe and make peace with them.”

The vessels of the East River Tribe slowly docked at the shore.

The “Matriarch”, along with two female captains, met with the prophet and the shaman.

The two sides had a private chat.

A exclamation mark lit up above the prophet’s head: “The East River Tribe has angered God Yao. To receive forgiveness, you must revere the gods and offer faith.”

“You need to build a temple to worship God Yao.”

“God Yao is a benevolent deity who loves peace and life. The punishment of the East River Tribe is due to your rudeness and offense.”

A moment later, a prompt appeared on the screen.

“The East River Tribe has offered you a tribute.”

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