Chapter 17 – Invent writing

Holidays come and go, work never ends.

Lu Yao sat at his desk in the company, organizing the materials and customer information on his computer.

Sister Peng leaned over and said, “That foreign girl, Isabella, looks like a doll and seems to come from a good family…”

“Which family’s young lady is she?”

Lu Yao picked up a paper cup and took a sip of water, saying, “It seems like her family is also a working-class family.”

“When are you planning to get married?”

Lu Yao almost sprayed the water out of his mouth.

“We’re just friends…”

“Don’t pretend.” Sister Peng waved her hand, looking like she understood everything.

“Do you think I’m blind? The clothes the girl is wearing are yours, right? The pants too? A girl who is willing to wear your clothes and go grocery shopping with you is probably living with you, right? If she’s not your girlfriend, then is she your maid?”

She sneered, “You look honest, but you’re quite skilled at attracting young girls. That girl seems to be very concerned about you, she has been silently watching you, her gaze never leaving you…”

Lu Yao wanted to say that she was his personal bodyguard, so it was normal for her to pay attention to him as her boss. But all he could say was, “It’s not what you think.”

“What is it then?”

Lu Yao changed the topic, “By the way, Sister Peng, how tall is your fiancé, Officer Fu?”

“He’s okay, 187 cm. A man should be tall, it gives a sense of security.”

Sister Peng looked proud and satisfied with her fiancé.

“No wonder you were so interested in that perverted case before, turns out you’re a police officer’s family member.”

“Hey, don’t mention it. Those police officers indeed have a professional habit, they look at everyone as if they were suspects… Speaking of which, I heard they caught the suspect.”

“They caught him?” Lu Yao pretended to be surprised.


Sister Peng lowered her voice, “But it seems that the suspect’s identity is sensitive, it hasn’t been announced publicly and has been handed over to the higher authorities. Fu Chenggang didn’t reveal much either, saying that he needs to abide by the rules.”

Lu Yao was shocked.

Handed over to the higher authorities?

In other words, Lisa’s player identity has been exposed. More importantly, it seems that there is a special department governing the player community. This indicates that besides himself and Lisa, there are many others who play the role of gods in the pixel world.

Thinking back to when Lisa once regarded Isabella as an advanced player and said that the committee didn’t restrict her… It seems to have some connection with that committee.

But this also indirectly indicates that Lisa has indeed been arrested by the department that manages players.

In the short term, she won’t have much opportunity to cause trouble for him.

“Why are you talking about me?” Sister Peng snapped back to reality and continued gossiping, “Isabella looks like she’s not even twenty years old, right? Which country is she from? Her family trusts you so much that they let her come to find you alone? Could it be that your families have arranged a marriage since childhood?”


Lu Yao could only say, “She has already gone home.”

“Ah?” Sister Peng’s expression changed instantly, angrily saying, “You just let her go like that? Did she throw a tantrum? What if she doesn’t come back? Why are you so foolish? You won’t find someone with the same looks as her again!”

Lu Yao shrugged, “People always have to go home.”

Isabella returned to the pixel world.

This was not only her personal wish, but also a rule that must be followed in the dimensional boundary.

Under the dimensional restrictions, the longer Isabella stayed in the real world, the more likely she would undergo mutation and be distorted by the power of the rules. Her core mission here was to ensure Lu Yao’s safety. Now that Lisa had been captured, she had no reason to stay here any longer.

The Apostle’s greatest mission was to serve as the arm of the gods, to carry out their will and collect and spread faith. Only by returning to the pixel world could she fully utilize her abilities.

In fact, Isabella had only stayed in this world for two days.

After work, Lu Yao returned home.

On the computer desk, Xiao Huo quietly squatted in the flowerpot, indistinguishable from a normal indoor plant. If Lu Yao didn’t ask, it would just be an ordinary cactus.

The game interface showed that the scale of the Garlic Tribe was steadily increasing.

In the upper right corner, the population had reached 303, and the faith value was currently 201.

In the temple, Isabella, dressed in a black robe, knelt quietly, facing Lu Yao on the screen, her head slightly lowered, waiting for the command of the gods.

Lu Yao typed in the dialogue box.

– Is there anything unusual happening in the tribe recently?

“My lord, everything is normal in the tribe, there is nothing suspicious.”

– Did you get any results from investigating the collapsed cave in the Barbarian Tribe?

“My lord, it was a passage inside. It leads to another unknown area, but it has been completely destroyed due to a mountain accident and can no longer be used.”

Isabella suddenly spoke up.

“My lord, I request to temporarily leave the tribe.”

“Not long ago, I used the prayer of the dying to awaken a undead. It said that there is an oasis in the southern desert, and within the oasis, there is a Bedouin Tribe. The Bedouin Tribe raises sheep and camels, they are brave and control a passage connected to another plain.”

“I want to enter the desert, find the Bedouin Tribe, and turn them into your believers, adding fuel to the fire of your faith.”

Lu Yao had confidence in Isabella’s abilities.

– Then go.

“Yes, my lord.”

Isabella left the temple and headed west into the desert, embarking on her exploration.

Lu Yao looked at the cactus on the table, “Xiao Huo, cook me a bowl of noodles, with pickled peppers. Add an egg and half a ham sausage.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Xiao Huo stood up from the flowerpot, shook off the soil on its body, and took out a bag of instant noodles from a cardboard box in the corner, then ran out to cook the noodles.The house Lu Yao rented was a two-bedroom apartment, which he shared with his college classmate, Zhou Qiang. Zhou Qiang didn’t live there, instead, he used the other room as a temporary warehouse, filled with many cardboard boxes.

Usually, Zhou Qiang would come over early every Monday morning, empty the boxes, and then load in new goods. When Lu Yao came back, he would lock the front door, so he wasn’t worried about anyone seeing the small fire.

The sound of stray cats came from outside the window, but he couldn’t tell if they were fighting or dating.

Lu Yao got up and stretched his limbs. As he twisted his neck, there was a slight crackling sound from his body. He moved a bit too much and twisted his waist, causing him to gasp in pain.

Just as he was rubbing his waist, a new prompt appeared on his computer.

“The Garlic Tribe has invented writing, slightly increasing everyone’s intelligence.”

“The emergence of writing has given the Garlic Tribe the ability to record, enabling them to spread civilization and beliefs across regions.”

Seeing this, if it weren’t for his aching waist, Lu Yao would have loved to throw a punch on the spot.

One of the most important inventions of the tribal era was writing.

Writing symbolizes civilization.

The Garlic Tribe has finally stepped out of the era of ignorance and uncivilization.

With the emergence of writing, the game interface was also updated.

In addition to the population and faith on the far right of the screen, several more resource displays were added.


However, these did not show specific values, instead, they appeared in a form similar to a power bar, slowly fluctuating.

Food seemed to be the most abundant, showing a healthy green color.

When Lu Yao hovered his mouse over the food, he could see a detailed list of components below.

Wheat accounted for 80%, meat for 10%, and the rest was other. This was the current food structure of the Garlic Tribe.

Apart from food, both salt and leather were also in the green, indicating they were plentiful.

Wood was shown in yellow, indicating a shortage.

Stone was shown in red, indicating a severe lack.

Lu Yao thought for a moment and understood.

With the emergence of writing, these resources could be displayed through the medium of text. It seemed that as the civilization of the Garlic Tribe continued to develop, the complexity of the entire society would continue to increase, and the corresponding interface would also be constantly updated.

Fortunately, the entire civilization was autonomously evolving, so Lu Yao didn’t need to micromanage, he just needed to control the overall direction.

The game interface prompts continued.

“You have defeated the god Jack in this area, and the attitude of the Salt Pool Tribe has become intimate.”

“The Salt Pool Tribe has offered you a tribute.”

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