Chapter 16 – The History of the Extinction of the Barbarian Tribe

“Sir, these are the sacrifices offered by the demons,” Isabella said, opening her hands and presenting three items.

Lu Yao picked up one of the black statues. The statue was about the size of a seal and looked like a soft lump of black mud, with a texture between rubber and clay. It had many eyes, all of which were a gloomy dark red, giving off a somewhat sinister aura.

【Skinner’s Idol LV3】: +3 Faith per hour, +2 Attack, can activate the Beastification Ritual to gain the power of faith.

A treasure made by the Skinner. It can activate the Beastification Ritual, which allows the user to extract the rationality, cognition, and memories of a living sacrifice through gaze, turning them into powerful skinned beasts in exchange for the power of faith bestowed by the Skinner.

Lu Yao thought to himself, “No wonder Lisa said she earns extra money through faith. She sells players to this mysterious Skinner in exchange for faith, similar to a human trafficker.”

The Skinner’s Idol is somewhat similar to the petrifying gaze of Medusa in mythology, as it is a special concept attack. The two players who were attacked earlier would never have thought that the real threat was not the skinned people or blood curses, but this inconspicuous statue.

Furthermore, this treasure actually had a symbol indicating its level. It seemed that it could continuously increase its rank and had growth attributes, which was a characteristic that other previous items did not have, indicating its precious value.

Lu Yao put down the statue and picked up another item. It was a whistle made of an unknown bone, yellowed with age.

【Evil Bone Whistle】: +2 Faith per hour.

A treasure made by the Whistler. It can control monsters and beasts that have lost their sanity by blowing the whistle.

The ability of the bone whistle was straightforward, as it was a specific functional item.

Combining the Skinner’s Idol with the Evil Bone Whistle was a typical case of 1+1>2 in terms of ability combination and compatibility.

The Skinner’s Idol turned people or specific creatures into beasts, and the Evil Bone Whistle further tamed these beastified individuals for one’s own use.

No wonder Lisa said earlier that she was her dog. She wasn’t joking, just stating the facts.

Lu Yao looked at the last sacrifice.

It was a letter sealed with wax, but it opened easily with a gentle tear.

Inside were two yellowed pieces of paper.

【Drifting Letter】: +1 Faith per hour, can be used with 2 out of 5 pieces of paper.

By writing in the letter and bestowing it, it can be delivered to a specific individual in the Low-dimensional Space. The recipient will be able to recognize the information in the letter.

The letter dropped from the bear attack on the tribe was the effect of this item.

The barbarian tribe members were physically strong but lacked intelligence.

The barbarian hero modified by the Skinner had a stronger body but was closer to a beast without intelligence.

So even if he could recognize the letter, he still attacked the wrong place.

Lu Yao thought for a moment.

The Beastification Ritual mode created by the Skinner was completely opposite to his own development strategy. This thing might bring faith faster, but fundamentally, it was working for the Skinner, attracting anger and resentment everywhere. It would be best to use it as a pendant, at least it could add two points of strength.

“Isabella, you can use this. Try not to use the Beastification Ritual and treat it as an accessory,” Lu Yao directly assigned it to his subordinate apostle.

“Yes, sir,” Isabella replied, receiving the statue with both hands.

As for the Evil Bone Whistle, which could control beasts and monsters…

“This is for you too,” Lu Yao said, equipping Isabella with all the equipment. The bone whistle and the statue were already a set combination, and their combination had more power. This was a skill set carefully matched by Lisa.

“Yes, sir,” Isabella once again received the bone whistle.

Lu Yao asked her, “By the way, if we don’t need these items, is there any other way to deal with them?”

“Sir, the deities also exchange specific treasures among themselves. However, if the items are truly useless or if their characteristics will bring negative effects, they can be directly thrown into the temple bonfire, the fire of faith, and burned to obtain a certain amount of faith.”

“I see.”

Among the three spoils, Lu Yao kept only the Drifting Letter.

This thing was useless in Lisa’s hands because the barbarian tribe had no wise men and did not pursue civilized development. But in his hands, it was a useful consumable item.

The two wise men of the Garlic Tribe, the Prophet and the Shaman, originally Lu Yao could only guide them indirectly to understand his intentions.

With the Drifting Letter, it served as a supplement.

Lu Yao was in a good mood.

First, he found Lisa, the demon lurking in the dark, and watched as the authorities arrested her, eliminating his biggest safety concern.

Even if she tried any tricks to escape, he now knew Lisa’s true identity, while she remained unaware of his true identity.

Before, it was a situation where the enemy was hidden and he was in the light, but now the roles had reversed. The advantage was on Lu Yao’s side.

He also obtained three valuable spoils.

Just the fixed income of +6 Faith per hour from each of them made Lu Yao unable to help but laugh.

With the addition of the Cactus Follower and the Energy Staff, a total of 8 Faith points were produced per hour. In a day of 24 hours, that was 192 points!

In the past, faith savings were tight, and he had to think and calculate when using miracles. Now, he could be relatively comfortable, let it rain when it needed to rain, and strike whoever needed to be struck.

However, before returning to the Deity Simulator, Lu Yao still had one crucial question.

“Isabella, why haven’t you used your abilities at all?”

“Sir, using the Last Prayer consumes mana. Mana is precious, and it’s not worth it to use it against weak enemies.”

“What about the Sword of the Forest?”

“Because the opponents in battle were too weak, the effect of the Sword of the Forest couldn’t be triggered.”

Lu Yao felt a bit regretful and returned the eyes to Isabella.

Isabella skillfully placed the eyeballs back into the sunglasses.

Lu Yao shifted his attention back to the simulator.

…Although Lu Yao couldn’t bring himself to deal a fatal blow to Lisa, a human player, he had the guts to be ruthless towards Lisa’s Barbarian Tribe, and his guts were quite big.

At this time, Lisa was probably still at the police station having tea, unable to operate the Simulator.

Lu Yao directly opened “Miracle” and chose “Earthquake”.

Earthquake required 40 faith points.

Currently, he only had 20 faith points in the upper right corner, not enough to use.

Time was of the essence, he couldn’t afford to wait.

Lu Yao directly took out a pen and wrote a message on the “Drifting Note”.

“The demon that the Barbarian Tribe worships has been defeated. Don’t miss this opportunity. Conquer and assimilate the Barbarian Tribe immediately to eliminate the threat.”

Then, he placed the note on the mouse.

—Would you like to bestow the “Drifting Note” to your followers?


Unlike before, the tribal people didn’t realize that a divine gift had descended.

After the “Drifting Note” entered the pixel game world, it floated in the air.

Lu Yao tried clicking on it, and sure enough, he could drag it.

He directly dragged the note to the Prophet.

An exclamation mark appeared above the Prophet’s head.

“Divine revelation!”

“The demon of the Barbarian Tribe has been defeated… Opportunity, a great opportunity!”

The Prophet and the Shaman immediately took action.

The Garlic Tribe dispatched thirty elite hunters, led by the Pig Fish Brothers, who charged into the mountains.

Soon, they found the location of the Barbarian Tribe.

“We’ve found the Barbarian Tribe!”

“Attack, attack!”

A small tribe appeared in the mountains, with only twenty or so people left. They lived outside a large cave. At this moment, all the barbarians were lying on the ground, their minds unclear, with gray ghostly figures floating above their heads.

They looked extremely weak, and even if the Garlic Tribe didn’t attack, they wouldn’t last a few days on their own.

The Pig Fish Brothers easily captured all the barbarians.

There was a statue next to the tribal cave, very similar to the Skin Peeler’s statue. They didn’t hesitate to choose to destroy it.

Under Lu Yao’s operation, the statue collapsed into pieces, leaving no trace of its former existence.

[The Garlic Tribe and the Barbarian Tribe have completed the merger, and faith has been enhanced.]

The merger with the Barbarian Tribe increased the total faith by 51 points, now totaling 71 points.

Lu Yao looked at the cave next to the former site of the Barbarian Tribe.

This cave was suspicious, but he didn’t plan to let the pixel people venture in.

Lu Yao clicked on “Miracle”, selected “Earthquake”, and directly designated the cave entrance and its surroundings.

As 40 faith points were consumed, the designated area began to crumble.

Huge rocks kept rolling down, and the cave entrance quickly collapsed. Amidst the dust, a large amount of rubble quickly buried the area.

In this way, if there was any anomaly in the collapsed cave, Lu Yao could detect it immediately and respond.

A prompt appeared on the screen.

[The faith of the god Jack has completely disappeared nearby, and his followers will begin to seek a new god.]

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