Chapter 18 – God does not play dice

The word “sacrifice” immediately caught Lu Yao’s attention.

He opened the temple and indeed found a shiny golden item in the “sacrifice” slot.

【Golden Dice】: Consumes 2 faith points per roll. If a 6 is rolled, a sacrifice will be obtained.

Source unknown.

Upon seeing this description, Lu Yao’s excitement vanished.

The Salt Pool Tribe offered a gambling tool as a sacrifice.

Now that Lu Yao was very sensitive to faith points, as soon as he saw the description of the golden dice, a word popped into his mind.


The core of gambling is deception.

Where did these faith points go when 2 points are consumed per roll?

Thinking about the behavior of the Salt Pool Tribe’s merchants and their style of claiming to worship three gods, Lu Yao suspected that there was a god behind the golden dice, using the Salt Pool Tribe to carry out scams everywhere.

Looking at it from a different perspective, using the golden dice to deceive the faith deposits of other gods was much more clever than Lisa’s laborious robbery method.

As for obtaining a sacrifice by rolling a 6.

The probability of this thing is completely uncontrollable. It either hits or misses, highlighting a blatant manipulation.

As Einstein said, God does not play dice.

But since the Salt Pool Tribe sent something, there was no reason not to accept it.

Isabella had once said that if there were unwanted sacrifices, they could be thrown into the fire of faith, turning them into firewood and gaining some faith.

Lu Yao directly threw the 【Golden Dice】 into the bonfire in the temple, and it disappeared in an instant.

Faith +10.

Indeed, it was worthless.

Lu Yao observed the current geographical environment of the Garlic Tribe.

The basin plain was the headquarters of the Garlic Tribe, and there was still a lot of undeveloped land, so there was no spatial problem in the short term.

The forest extended northward, blocked by a river to the east. To the west were mountains, and to the south was a desert.

Although the world map continued to expand through the exploration of pixel people, there were no other settled populations around.

To develop quickly, it was best to trade, communicate, and even integrate with other tribes.

Currently, the only safe passage connecting the Garlic Tribe to the outside world was through the mountains, or more accurately, through the Salt Pool Tribe behind the mountains. Imports and exports were firmly controlled by the Salt Pool Tribe.

Another potential passage was the oasis of the Beidu Tribe to the south, which would take time for Isabella to open up.

Unlike the aggressive conquest policy of the Barbarian Tribe, the Salt Pool Tribe had a flexible civilization strategy. Currently, they were actively trading with the Garlic Tribe, and there were no conflicts of interest between the two sides in the short term.

The situation was relatively stable.

After the Garlic Tribe invented their own writing system, several new resource columns were added to the game panel, and there was a significant change: pixel people learned simple thinking, and the question mark above their heads was no longer the privilege of prophets and shamans.

Lu Yao clicked on the question mark of different pixel people and read their thoughts.

“When I woke up today, I felt very hungry. After eating, I wasn’t hungry anymore, but the next day I would be hungry again. Since I’m always hungry, does eating have any meaning?”

“Weeds in the wheat field grow faster than the wheat. No matter how much you pull, you can’t get rid of them. If wheat could grow like weeds, it would grow on its own and never be finished. That would be great.”

“Meat tastes good, wheat tastes good, garlic tastes good, but they taste the best when eaten together. This secret probably only I know, hehe.”

“The prophet is getting old, and so is the shaman. Should I inherit the prophet or the shaman? It’s really a headache.”

Among the many thought bubbles generated by the tribe’s pixel people, the thoughts of a farmer caught Lu Yao’s attention.

“This year, there are a lot of weeds and bugs, and we are facing a drought. The wheat harvest is likely to be poor. Everyone in the tribe is relying on wheat. If we can’t have a good harvest this year, we will starve in winter.”

Not only this farmer, but several other farmers also expressed the same concern.

They were professionals in managing farmland and were very sensitive to the environment and food.

Lu Yao searched the web page and, after filtering and verifying, determined the next item for remote support to the tribe.

He went to the kitchen and placed a large potato on the mouse.

– Would you like to bestow 【Potato】 upon your followers?


As the potato entered the pixel world through the temple, many thought bubbles appeared above the heads of the tribe’s pixel people.

“The gods have bestowed their grace again!”

“Potato, potato!”

“A potato that can grow just by burying it in the ground! A drought-resistant potato!”

“A potato that yields more than wheat!”

“A brand new food!”

Especially the farmers in the fields, their faces lit up with smiles.

“Great, the gods are truly blessing us!”

“God Yao knew that this year’s harvest would be poor, so he bestowed potatoes!”

“No one will starve this winter! No one will die of hunger!”

“Praise God Yao!”

The farmers quickly planted the potatoes in the newly opened fields and began a new round of sowing and care for the crops.

In the busy process of the pixel people, the dry season gradually passed, and the earth regained some vitality, with a few rain showers in the sky.

However, autumn did not last long before snow began to fall from the sky, and winter arrived.

As predicted by the farmers, this year’s wheat harvest was very poor. In the food category, wheat’s share dropped from 80% to 40%, potatoes accounted for 30%, and meat accounted for 20%. The overall food reserves were flashing a yellow warning light.

Fortunately, the potatoes made up for it in time; otherwise, there would have been a large food shortage this winter, possibly resulting in a decrease in population.This is also an advantage brought about by the progress of civilization.

People think, worry, and observe, leading to more communication and experimentation.

As the god behind the scenes, Lu Yao could also see the subtle changes in the pixel world from the doubts of the pixel people, and make targeted adjustments and responses.

During this not-so-long winter, two things happened in the Garlic Tribe.

The first thing was that the Salt Pool Tribe came to buy a portion of grain at a high price.

According to the people of the Salt Pool Tribe, due to the prolonged drought, most of the other tribes they had contact with this year had fallen into a grain shortage. The Garlic Tribe was considered a relatively affluent area in terms of grain.

The second thing was that a group of 22 immigrants came from the Salt Pool Tribe.

Among them were two carpenters, two pharmacists, and one salt worker.

For the first time in history, the Garlic Tribe attracted a group of professionals.

They moved here voluntarily, partly because they used to live in the Salt Pool Tribe and had some understanding of the Garlic Tribe and the belief in God Yao, and partly because of the grain shortage caused by this year’s drought.

There was no other place where they had a better chance of getting a full meal than the Garlic Tribe, a grain-producing area.

The carpenters, with their skills and experience in cutting down trees, had already started logging in the forest during the winter, and then processed the logs into rough lumber. The first wooden house in the Garlic Tribe was built by the two carpenters.

The appearance of the pharmacists filled the gap in the tribe where only the shaman had medical skills. The two pharmacists usually went into the forest to gather herbs, treated patients, and saved many lives.

The salt worker was a professional salt maker. He found some rock salt in the mountains to the west. Although the output was not high, it provided the Garlic Tribe with another way to obtain salt.

Lu Yao poured a glass of iced cola and opened a bag of cucumber-flavored potato chips.


Overlooking the busy work of the tribe’s people, Lu Yao felt as if he had merged with them, and his body became stronger.

I don’t roll the dice.

All I want is steady happiness.

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