Chapter 15 – Isabella’s Sword

Lu Yao looked at the cold and smooth eyeball in his hand.

As he stared into the green pupil, another completely different perspective appeared before his eyes.

The street lamps on both sides of the street were rapidly retreating.

Isabella was chasing after her target at high speed.

She made a turn and entered a parking alley, stopping to observe.

Under the dim yellow light, the wild dog from earlier quickly swelled up, its front legs standing upright. Its fur split open from the middle, revealing a muscular man wrapped in white fur.

The man’s flesh was mangled, and his body was covered in a thick layer of beastly white fur. His messy and greasy hair, along with his dense beard, exhaled white breath. His eyes were filled with blood, like a humanoid beast that had been modified.

Lu Yao suddenly realized that this appearance was none other than the high-definition plus version of the barbarian hero.

In reality, the perverted bondage enthusiast was indeed the demon Jack who drove the barbarian tribe.

The fur-clad man tore open the drunkard’s clothes, exposing his skin to the air. Then, the fur-clad man vomited a pool of blood onto the drunkard, using his claw-like fingers to smear the blood and write strange symbols on the drunkard’s body.

Isabella turned into a shadow and swiftly approached.

She grabbed a rusty steel pipe from somewhere and, with a clang, struck the side of the fur-clad man’s head.

The fur-clad man was sent flying by the tremendous force, crashing into the windshield of an abandoned Otto car, splattering glass shards all over the ground.

Under this level of impact, the fur-clad man’s head only suffered a slight depression. He struggled to sit up.

Isabella’s steel pipe came crashing down from the air again, accurately landing on his head.

Once, twice, thrice.

Isabella skillfully swung the steel pipe, beating the fur-clad man into the car. Soon, the fur-clad man’s arms hung down, and his body stopped moving.

Lu Yao was dumbfounded.

What happened to the summoning necromancer?

Why is it a physical sword saint?

Something’s not right, something’s not right, I’ve been deceived…

“Sir, this is a demon believer, and his identity should be a hero.”

Isabella’s voice came from the eyeball.

Lu Yao realized, “So, the real demon is still lurking in the shadows.”

“Yes, he should be watching from somewhere.”

Isabella looked around, searching for the mastermind hiding in the dark.

“Sir, due to dimensional constraints, I cannot identify the identity of the deity. I can only recognize the faith fire on the demon apostle, making it difficult to determine the demon’s location.”

Lu Yao said, “Is the demon apostle still alive?”

“He is alive, but because he crossed over from the low-dimensional space, he has mutated into a monster. He is just a walking corpse controlled by the demon deity.”

“In that case, what is the usual course of action?”


Isabella’s gaze continued to scan the surroundings as she said, “After turning into monsters, even if they return to the low-dimensional space, they cannot recover. Killing them is the kindest thing we can do for them.”

“Then let’s do that.”

Isabella’s gaze once again fell on the fur-clad man. “Sir, he is already dead.”

On the dented car, only a black silhouette remained, like the ashes of a burned human.


“I’m sorry, sir. I haven’t fought in a long time. Although I tried my best to restrain myself, he was just too weak. This level of power is enough to be fatal for him. Please punish me.”

“Forget it… The result wouldn’t have been any different anyway.”

Suddenly, Lu Yao felt the perspective violently shake for a moment, and then it stopped, as if someone had pressed the pause button on the screen.

He tried to shout, “Isabella, Isabella?”

No response.

Isabella’s body was in a strange state of stillness, and her perspective became fixed, facing towards the street lamp.

Lu Yao knew that it was highly likely that the demon player had made a move.

He calmly observed and pondered his strategy.

A person wearing a mask entered his field of vision.

The person was wearing a loose black windbreaker, and the hood covered half of their face, revealing only thin lips.

“I finally caught you.”

“You really know how to hide, I’ve been looking for you for so long.”

It was a light and agile female voice.

“Well then, I’ll accept your faith fire first.” The woman in the windbreaker reached out her hand, pulling out a flute from her left pocket and a bag of dog food from her right pocket.

“From today onwards, be my dog.”

“Good dog, if you lick my hand nicely, you’ll get something to eat. Come on, come on, stick out your cute little tongue.”

Suddenly, the stiff Isabella burst into action, grabbing the person’s wrist. “I’ve caught you.”

The person seemed as if they had seen a ghost, trembling all over, and the dog food spilled all over the ground.

“It’s impossible, impossible. The beastification ritual has already begun… How can you still have your sanity?”

“Who are you, who are you?”

Isabella asked through the eyeball, “Sir, should we execute the demon? That is the usual course of action.”

“No rush. Let me think.”

Lu Yao said, “Take off her hood.”

Isabella pulled off the person’s hood, revealing a head of light golden hair and a young female face underneath.

The hairdresser Lisa looked at Isabella in astonishment, as if she still couldn’t understand, her eyes showing a hint of confusion.

“Now, ask her…”

Facing Isabella’s question, Lisa answered readily, as if she knew she had no room for bargaining or didn’t care.

Lu Yao quickly understood the situation.

Lisa deliberately acted like a victim to hide her identity. She summoned the hero from the barbarian tribe and held a beastification ritual in the real world – which involved stripping people naked, smearing them with blood curses, and hanging them up.

The two targets of the beastification ritual were not ordinary people, but simulator players – a female college student and a deliveryman.The key to the ritual was a tiny beastly relief. As long as one was stared at by the relief for a long time, the ritual would unfold, and the one being stared at would gradually lose their sanity, cognition, and memory, becoming vulnerable to manipulation.

The relief was embedded in the forehead of a barbarian hero, constantly staring at Isabella.

Lisa seemed to have thought of something, showing a look of anger, “…Why can high-level players like you still stay in the safe zone? The committee members are really bullies, always picking on us ordinary players, but turning a blind eye to you. Is there no justice left?”

Isabella, following Lu Yao’s instructions, maintained her silence, pretending to be an expert.

The more one speaks, the more likely they are to make mistakes.

Silence is less likely to reveal flaws.

Lisa didn’t seem surprised by Isabella’s silence.

She took out three things from her pocket, “Winners take all, I understand this principle. I just had bad luck this time, ran into a tough opponent, I admit defeat.”

Isabella took the spoils from her hand, but remained unmoved.

“That’s all I have.”

Lisa said somewhat despairingly, “I’ve also ascended to the crawling zone before, but a bastard ruined my spectacle, so I was demoted back to the safe zone. I just wanted to make some extra money with the beast transformation ritual, so I could go back as soon as possible.”

“Now I only have a barbarian tribe left, and because of the drought, it collapsed, and I had to migrate again…”

“Kill or flay, it’s up to you. Anyway, I’m already targeted by the committee, there’s no difference between being caught by you and being caught by them.”

Isabella spoke, “Turn yourself in, and this matter ends here.”

Lisa immediately took out her phone from her pocket and dialed 110.

“Hello? Police? I’m the pervert who hung people up before, yes, that’s me. I’m turning myself in now, I’m guilty, come and arrest me. My name is Lisa, I live in Jiuyuan Community, Nanpu Apartment Building 3, Room 701, you can check my personal information.”

Isabella turned around and left, returning to the darkness.


Half an hour later.

In a white, isolated room.

“I told you, she’s a high-level player who shouldn’t be in the safe zone!”

“The ‘Skinflayer’s Image’ I obtained in the crawling zone had no effect on her, she killed my level 7 barbarian hero with a steel pipe in three hits, and he was specialized in strength and defense…”

Lisa, wearing a pair of shackles woven from vines, looked somewhat impatient.

“She was shrouded in black fog, looked young, but these could also be disguises from props.”

“Either she’s a high-level player from the crawling zone, or she’s a high-level Apostle… Anyway, she’s definitely far beyond the standard of the safe zone!”

Facing Lisa was a wall made of green bricks.

The wall seemed to ripple like water, its surface slowly undulating.

A voice came from within the wall, “Yuan Lisa, the committee now announces your punishment.”

“…For injuring ordinary players in the safe zone, illegally robbing faith, disrupting social order, you will be sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment, until you enter the crawling zone. The punishment takes effect immediately.”

The room suddenly plunged into darkness.

Only the screen on the table emitted a faint light, illuminating Lisa’s somewhat unwilling face.

She sighed, sat in front of the computer, and clicked on the only icon on the desktop.

“Deity Simulator.”

As soon as she opened the interface, Lisa punched the table in anger.

“I can tolerate high-level players! But a rookie newbie dares to cross me, ruining my tribe and passage! God Yao? Little Yao brat!”

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