Chapter 9 – East Wilderness

“Young man, why are you in my master’s cave dwelling?”

The oldest man was the first to recover, raising the black flag in his hand and asking with a furrowed brow.

Upon hearing this, Chen Mobai felt a pang of alarm, his face showing embarrassment.

In the Immortal Gate, it was forbidden to probe another’s cultivation level without their permission, so he had no idea of the two men’s realms. However, sensing the fluctuations of spiritual power, he figured they were not much different from his own.

Moreover, the way this old and young pair entered the cave dwelling suggested they had the correct key.

Although he had unintentionally entered the water mansion, he had occupied this treasure land for cultivation for a few days. Now, being caught red-handed by the disciples of the owner, he felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Please forgive me, elder. I entered unintentionally and will leave immediately.”

Chen Mobai wanted to leave, but upon seeing the unfamiliar posture of the old and young pair who entered the water mansion, a thought flashed through his mind, and he halted his actions.

“I see, the Azure Water Formation shows no signs of damage. If the young man says he entered unintentionally, it must be true.”

The old man waved the black flag in his hand, checked the large formation protecting the entire cave dwelling, confirmed that the restrictions on the three side halls were intact, and breathed a sigh of relief. He nodded at Chen Mobai.

“I will open the formation now, and you can leave.”

As he spoke, Chen Mobai saw a two-meter-wide hole appear in the light shield covering the entrance of the main hall of the water mansion. However, the water outside did not rush in, as if blocked by an invisible force.

Under the gaze of the old and young pair, and their obvious intention to see him off, Chen Mobai, despite his doubts, nodded and walked towards the hole.


Just as Chen Mobai was about to step through the light shield, a green light, like ink spilling from the sky, poured out from his clenched palm, forming a wooden armor that enveloped his entire body.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three yellow-brown long needles appeared out of nowhere, their tips glowing with a dark yellow light, and stabbed into the wooden armor in front of Chen Mobai.

“Is it just for trespassing into a private house? You actually used such a vicious method, is there no law anymore!”

Chen Mobai turned around and saw the ordinary-looking young man holding a needle box in one hand and forming a seal with the other, his eyes cold. He was instantly furious.

On the Earth Star ruled by the Immortal Gate, the laws of the previous civilization were upheld.

Murder was a serious crime.

If it weren’t for the fact that the “Wood Armor Talisman” had been pre-activated by Chen Mobai and automatically triggered when attacked, he might have been killed on the spot.

“Don’t just stand there, do something!”

Seeing his magical weapon blocked and Chen Mobai’s murderous intent, the brown-robed young man was afraid that the other party might have some mutually destructive method. Although he was at the sixth level of Qi Refining, he didn’t want to waste too much spiritual power before breaking the restriction.

So, while pulling out three more long needles from the needle box, he shouted at the old man.

“Fine, watch my Divine Thunder!”

The old man roared, his eyes flashing with a fierce light. He waved the black flag in his hand at Chen Mobai, then threw out a dark blue talisman from his sleeve.

But the direction the talisman was aimed at was the brown-robed young man.

With a loud thunderclap, the brown-robed young man cursed and then forcibly reversed his spiritual power, turning the flying needles that he had been controlling to shoot at Chen Mobai towards the old man.

As Chen Mobai looked on in confusion, the brown-robed young man was hit by the old man’s Divine Thunder and fell down unwillingly.

His flying needles were blocked by the power of the water mansion formation controlled by the old man’s waving black flag.

With a “ding ding ding” sound, the flying needles fell onto the floor tiles, their tips piercing straight in, showing their sharpness.

“Hahaha, with your third-rate inheritance from the Flying Probe Sect, you actually want to share the harvest of this secret realm with me. This is the lawless East Wilderness.”

The old man laughed loudly, waving the black flag in his hand again, controlling the Azure Water Formation to try to kill Chen Mobai. But the power of the latter’s “Wood Armor Talisman” had not yet been exhausted, blocking the oncoming water wave.

“Where exactly is this place? East Wilderness? There’s no such place among the thirty-six heavens and seventy-two blessed lands of the Immortal Gate?”

Chen Mobai was initially immersed in the shock of the old man and the young man turning against each other and trying to kill each other. But the burning heat in his palm as the spiritual power of the Wood Armor Talisman was exhausted brought him back to his senses.

The old man’s cultivation level was unknown, but the black flag in his hand was the core of the water mansion’s large formation, capable of controlling the power of the entire formation.

Although the Azure Water Formation had no killing power, if Chen Mobai were trapped like the brown-robed young man and hit by a thunder talisman, he would surely meet the same fate, dead beyond dead.

At this critical moment of life and death, Chen Mobai did not hesitate and activated a prepared Green Arrow Talisman.


Five green long arrows appeared out of thin air like vines, covering the area where the old man was at an extremely fast speed.”Hmph, if we were outside the Water Mansion, I would have definitely retreated.”

The old man chuckled, confidently waving the black flag in his hand. The power of the Azure Water Formation was activated, transforming into invisible ripples, which halted the four green arrows that were about to hit him in mid-air.

“You little brat, how did you cultivate to the fifth level of Qi Refining with such poor aim…”

Just as the old man was about to seal the entrance and trap Chen Mobai to death, his face suddenly froze.

He found that he had lost control of the Azure Water Formation. He saw the light shield at the entrance, which was about to be sealed, stop. But Chen Mobai, who could have escaped from the Water Mansion Formation, was standing at the entrance, pulling out two more green arrow talismans, coldly staring at him.

“How does this kid know about the ‘protection’ of this formation flag?”

The old man looked around and couldn’t help but shudder.

It turned out that the green arrow talisman of Chen Mobai and the four spirit arrows aimed at him were just a diversion to attract his attention.

Another arrow that seemed to have missed its mark had landed on a formation base not far from him, breaking the formation flag inserted on it.

Although the Azure Water Formation was a second-order Formation, it had no defense against attacks from within the Formation.

Chen Mobai, who had already figured out the Water Mansion, took advantage of this and broke one of the formation flags, causing the smoothly running formation to immediately jam.

The old man’s face turned ashen. He glanced at the three side halls behind the Water Mansion, but feeling that the talismans in Chen Mobai’s hand were about to be activated, he gritted his teeth and prepared to retreat.

His cultivation was only at the third level of Qi Refining.

If it weren’t for the black flag in his hand controlling the core of the Azure Water Formation, he wouldn’t dare to take action against the brown-robed youth and Chen Mobai.

But at that moment, the sky was filled with flickering green light. The two green arrow talismans in Chen Mobai’s hand had been activated, and ten spirit arrows formed in the air, aiming at the old man.

“Young man, no, senior, please show mercy…”

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