Chapter 10 – Suspicious and cunning villain

The old man begged for mercy while slapping two protective talismans that he had treasured onto his body. Upon seeing how ruthless Chen Mobai had been towards his companion just now, he hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and activating the two green arrow talismans in his hand. At the same time, five glowing beads rose up behind him, radiating colorful spiritual energy that looked like magical artifacts.

“Watch my green arrow talismans,” Chen Mobai thought that the old man who had just attacked the brown-clothed youth was a suspicious and cunning villain, so he faked an attack. While the two green arrow talismans exploded in front of the old man, ten spiritual arrows aimed at the yellow and blue shields that had risen around him, and behind the scenes, Chen Mobai also controlled the five glass beads to emit spiritual energy fluctuations, making them look dazzling like magical artifacts.

As expected, the old man looked suspicious. He hesitated for a moment before biting his teeth and believing in his years of experience in fighting, making what he thought was the correct judgment. He believed that the two green arrow talismans that Chen Mobai had used were just a distraction and that the real killer move was the five colorful beads that emitted spiritual energy fluctuations like magical artifacts.

In the end, he activated both first-grade middle-ranked defense talismans, which he used to save his life, and forcibly withstood the ten spiritual arrows. At the same time, the old man also threw out a black flag, which mobilized the spiritual energy of the water spirits that the Azure Water Formation could still control, turning them into surging water currents that swept over the colorful glass beads that were flying towards him from another direction.

However, as soon as the spiritual energy turned into water currents touched the colorful beads that Chen Mobai had thrown out, they turned into flying dust like plaster powder.

“Damn it, I fell for it. This brat is so cunning!” The old man had just thought of this when ten green spiritual arrows, which had condensed most of Chen Mobai’s spiritual power, had already hit the two defense talismans in front of him one after another, causing him to step back step by step. The yellow and blue shields on his body flickered like underpowered light bulbs.

The old man was only at the third level of Qi Refining. Although he had rich experience in fighting and a good family background, he did not have the power of the Water Palace Formation and fell into the trap of empiricism, being calculated by Chen Mobai. At this time, the spiritual power in his dantian was almost completely drained by the two defense talismans, but even if he couldn’t hold on, he had to withstand it.

The old man took out a bottle of spiritual energy-recovering pills, ignoring the waste and side effects, and swallowed them all in one breath. Then, his face turned red, but his spiritual energy fluctuation suddenly increased by a large margin. The yellow and blue shields also seemed to have received enough spiritual power and began to operate normally.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Seven green spiritual arrows were blocked one after another and dissipated after exhausting their strength. The yellow shield on the old man’s body also reached its limit and turned into a ground of yellow light, disappearing.

But at this time, the old man was happy instead because based on his years of experience in fighting, he had already estimated that his other water attribute defense talisman could completely block the remaining three spiritual arrows.

He had killed a cultivator at the fifth level of Qi Refining before with the third level of Qi Refining.

Just as the old man was thinking about how to counterattack and kill Chen Mobai to monopolize the Water Palace, he suddenly realized something. “Wait, this brat was calculating me from the beginning!”

The old man wanted to adjust his position, but it was too late. Chen Mobai’s spiritual power erupted, and the remaining power of the green arrow talismans exploded at once. Three green long arrows heavily hit the blue shield on the old man’s body, pushing him back three steps again.

It was these three steps that made the old man’s back touch the stone door of the side hall in the middle of the Water Palace.

Sizzle!The deep blue lightning restriction was triggered, shattering the old man’s desperate expression and the blue light shield that held most of his power. Then, without any hindrance, it entered his body, exploding him into pieces amidst his screams.

“Huff, huff…”

Chen Mobai breathed heavily, not only because of the exhaustion of his spiritual power, but also because he had witnessed a living person die in front of him for the first time.

Although he had seen countless such scenes in movies and TV shows.

But never before had he felt such an indescribable impact.

His mind was blank.

Although neither person was killed by him, both had an indirect connection to him.

Feeling dizzy, Chen Mobai sat down on the ground.

He didn’t know how long it had been when a fish with rolled-up eyes landed beside him, splashing water. It was only then that Chen Mobai finally came to his senses.

The Formation had been broken when one of its flags was shattered by his green arrow talisman.

The hole that the old man had opened was now like a permanent fixture, never to be closed again.

The fish had been drifting in the water, and by chance, it had entered the hole, lost the protection of the water current, and used up all its strength to jump to Chen Mobai’s side, rolling its eyes and dying.

“I need to find a way to repair this protective Formation.”

Chen Mobai muttered to himself. He still didn’t know where this place was.

According to the old man, it was a place called “Donghuang.”

There was no law and order here.

If others were to discover this underwater mansion, Chen Mobai felt that reasoning with them would be useless.

Therefore, it was best to repair the Formation and hide the underwater mansion again.

However, Formation was notoriously difficult to master. Among the four subjects of techniques, pills, artifacts, and formations, Chen Mobai had worked hard in all of them, but his results were average.

He walked to the flag that he had broken and wrapped it with a rope, standing it up again.

But it didn’t work.

With a sigh, Chen Mobai saw the black flag that the old man had crushed earlier. A flash of inspiration struck him, and he used his levitation technique to control the black flag from a distance, replacing the broken one.

After waiting for a quarter of an hour, there was still no response.

Chen Mobai racked his brains, recalling all the knowledge he had learned about formations in the classroom.

Finally, he thought of an example that his teacher had mentioned.

Formations were like intricate machines. After fixing a problem and replacing a part, they needed to be reactivated by injecting spiritual power, just like powering up a new device for a test run.

Chen Mobai hesitated for a moment. After all, he was not a professional Formation master, and he was afraid that the activation step would be dangerous.

However, thinking of the tremendous help the second-order mid-grade spiritual land had provided for his cultivation during these three days in the underwater mansion, he gritted his teeth and decided to take the risk.

He injected spiritual power into the black flag.

Still no response.

No, the activation should be at the main flag.

Chen Mobai remembered another piece of knowledge and walked to the central formation base in the front hall, pouring in his spiritual power.


Then, to his delight, the hole in the Formation began to slowly shrink, eventually disappearing completely.

It really worked.

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