Chapter 8 – Blue Arrow Talisman

The Immortal Gate inherited many systems from the civilization of the previous generation on the Diyuan Star. For example, any medicine put on the market must indicate all the ingredients contained in the medicine on the packaging.

In other words, the prescription for each medicine must be attached to it.

But if one wants to rely on the prescription attached to the medicine instructions to produce the finished product, it is basically impossible.

The combination of modern pharmaceutical technology and alchemy is so complicated that it cannot be explained even if one talks about it for three days and three nights. Therefore, although the prescriptions for medicines are public knowledge, the pharmaceutical industry is still a monopolized industry.

However, each major university and academy spends enormous resources to research and develop new medicines, and they deserve to make money. Otherwise, there would be no one willing to invest in the pharmaceutical industry just relying on the subsidies from the Immortal Gate.

The Purple Fire Pill of the Chixia Academy is a medicine specifically designed for breaking through the mid-stage of Qi Refining.

Among them, the success rate of taking the Purple Fire Pill is the highest when breaking through from the fourth layer of Qi Refining to the fifth layer, with a success rate of about 60-70%. However, when breaking through from the fifth layer to the sixth layer, the success rate is directly cut in half, with only about 20-30%.

Moreover, if a cultivator with a lot of water spiritual roots takes it, the effect is reduced by another half, while if a cultivator with more wood and fire spiritual roots takes it, the success rate can be increased by another 10%.

But even so, the Purple Fire Pill is still the most popular medicine among the same level of medicines.

Because of its mild nature, the Chixia Academy has been constantly improving the production process of the Purple Fire Pill for hundreds of years and has achieved the perfect level of no toxicity.

After taking it, it only takes ten days to half a month to dissolve the sequelae of forced breakthroughs by using the Immortal Gate’s popular Qi cultivation technique.

Chen Mobai was lucky.

Because the Purple Fire Pill is mainly made from the “Ziyang Kui” unique to Danxia City, which contains a trace of Yang Fire Purple Qi. If it is dissolved with water spiritual Qi, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

This Water Mansion happened to be built on a second-grade medium-grade water spiritual vein, where the water spiritual Qi was the most abundant.

Two days later.

Chen Mobai opened his eyes with a look of surprise.

Feeling the spiritual power in his body as agile as his fingers, he confirmed that his Qi Refining fifth layer realm had been completely stabilized.

It was even earlier than he expected, which could only mean that he had underestimated the water vein’s spiritual Qi of the second-grade medium-grade.

But he couldn’t blame himself. After all, he was just an ordinary child from an ordinary family and had never practiced in a spiritual land of this level before.

He took out the box of glass beads he had bought before.

One, two, three… until the fifth one emitted a dazzling light and flew slowly from his palm, Chen Mobai showed a happy smile.

Now, he might really be able to practice to the sixth layer of Qi Refining before the college entrance examination.

He stood up and stretched lazily.

Chen Mobai once again looked at the Water Mansion.

It was still the same as usual, with no change.

In the past two days, he had consulted Old Ding again, using the excuse that his private tutor saw his rapid progress and increased the difficulty of his coursework, and came up with this complex ban problem.

Old Ding thought that he had been very helpful in teaching Chen Mobai and was even more pleased after inquiring carefully about the characteristics of the complex ban, combining his teaching experience, and giving two ways to crack it.The first method is similar to what Chen Mobai had in mind. It uses powerful ban-breaking talismans to strike at the weakest point of the restriction and break it with force.

The second method is to use cleverness to break the complex restriction. Although it is powerful, it is a combination of multiple spells that are interlinked and very precise. If one of them is broken, the others will be stuck due to the disappearance of one of the spells.

If the person who set the restriction is of average level, even if one of the spells is broken, the remaining ones will conflict with each other and automatically collapse.

Old man Ding was quite proud and gave Chen Mobai the second solution. He needed to use a magical tool infused with wood attribute spiritual power to cut off the supply of spiritual energy from the water veins of the water palace. Then, after the compound restriction was revealed, he could use the corresponding method to break it one by one.

However, Chen Mobai was broke and the only magical tool he had was the children’s version of the demon-slaying sword hanging in his room. Because it was enchanted with a light spell, it barely qualified as a low-grade ornamental tool.

After looking at the trading market on the Immortal Gate website, he found that the cheapest wood attribute magical tool that met the requirements cost 500 Good Deeds. He could only resort to the first method of breaking the restriction.

Chen Mobai took out three talismans with blue long arrows engraved on them from his pocket, feeling distressed. This was a mid-grade first-tier “Blue Arrow Talisman” worth 35 Good Deeds each.

After consulting with Old man Ding for two days, Chen Mobai knew that the best way to deal with unfamiliar water attribute restrictions was to use wood attribute spells or talismanic magical tools to break them. According to the Five Elements, using fire to attack water was the most effective.

However, once the power of the water attribute restriction exceeded the initial estimate, the violent reaction of the water and fire spiritual energies would affect the ban-breaker. If one was not careful, they would be in trouble.

Wood restrains water, and the stimulation of water attribute spiritual energy is not as intense as that of fire attribute spiritual energy. Even if the restriction’s power is abnormal, the aftermath will not be too intense.

The power of the “Blue Arrow Talisman” was not much different from the “Water Sword Talisman” that Chen Mobai had previously put in his shopping cart. After casting it, the “Water Sword Talisman” would condense into a transparent flowing long sword, flexible and versatile, and could last for up to fifteen minutes. After the “Blue Arrow Talisman” was released, blue long arrows would be condensed according to the caster’s cultivation level, and up to six could be released in one breath. Chen Mobai was at the fifth level of Qi Refining, so he could release five long arrows.

Although it was a bit wasteful, he had no choice. This was the most suitable talisman for breaking the restriction.

In order to achieve success in one fell swoop, Chen Mobai not only used up all his savings but also sold all the blank talisman paper he had accumulated in his spare time, just to barely gather enough Good Deeds to buy these three “Blue Arrow Talismans.”

“If there is nothing valuable inside after breaking the restriction, I will be bleeding losses.” Chen Mobai muttered to himself, gathering the spiritual energy in his body. He even took out his “Wood Armor Talisman” and infused it with spiritual energy to pre-activate it, in case of any accidents during the ban-breaking, and to prevent being impacted by the aftermath.


Just at this moment, the sound of water rushing and splashing came. In Chen Mobai’s incredulous eyes, the spherical light shield that enveloped the entire water palace opened a gap and two figures fell down.An old man and a young man.

The old man had gray hair, holding a black flag, but his eyes were full of sharpness.

The young man had an ordinary appearance, wearing a brown robe, and as soon as he landed, he kept a two-meter distance from the old man.

The two of them and Chen Mobai, who was standing in the front hall, formed a triangle, each looking at each other.

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