Chapter 7 – Complex prohibition

However, the Five Elements Technique is not omnipotent.

For cultivators like Chen Mobai, whose spiritual root attributes are not significantly different, the Five Elements Technique is a supreme mystical technique. The spiritual power cultivated not only matches their own constitution but also progresses at a decent pace.

But for those cultivators with superior spiritual root attributes, it is quite mediocre.

For instance, cultivators with Heavenly Spiritual Roots only need to cultivate a single attribute of spiritual power. This not only doubles their efficiency, but their magical power is also pure, and they face fewer bottlenecks when breaking through realms.

Generally speaking, every cultivator is born with 100 points of spiritual root attributes.

Within the territory of the Immortal Gate’s blessed land, every cultivator needs to undergo a precise spiritual root examination at a third-grade hospital before starting Qi Refining. They must confirm their spiritual root attributes and receive a spiritual root evaluation report from the hospital before they can enroll in school.

Take Chen Mobai for example: Gold 23, Wood 27, Water 23, Fire 17, Earth 10.

The Immortal Gate stipulates that as long as one’s spiritual root attribute exceeds 20, it means they possess that attribute’s spiritual root. Chen Mobai has Gold, Wood, and Water spiritual roots, and he is barely classified in the sequence of “True Spiritual Roots”.

This is what makes his desk mate, Lu Hongsheng, quite disgruntled. Lu Hongsheng’s spiritual roots are: Gold 8, Wood 25, Water 23, Fire 22, Earth 22.

In reality, there is little difference between him and Chen Mobai. However, because his spiritual root attributes are more evenly distributed, the hospital classified him as having four attributes of “False Spiritual Roots”.

As for the so-called “Heavenly Spiritual Roots”, it means that one of the five elements’ spiritual root points exceeds 80!

This means that even Heavenly Spiritual Root cultivators will have the other four types of spiritual roots in their bodies, but they are extremely rare.

As for the theoretically perfect Heavenly Spiritual Root with 100 points, there has been no record of it in the countless years of the Immortal Gate.

The spiritual power cultivated through the Five Elements Technique will automatically match each cultivator’s spiritual root attributes. Even for Heavenly Spiritual Root cultivators, the cultivated spiritual power will be mixed with some other four elemental attributes, like some unnecessary impurities.

The same principle applies to cultivators with different spiritual roots.

However, all of this is completely unimportant to Chen Mobai.

He operates the Five Elements Technique taught by the school, infusing his Five Elements spiritual power into the glass bead, causing the bead to emit a rainbow light, as if a halo was floating up from his palm.

This glass bead is a small toy for exercising control over spiritual power. At the first level of Qi Refining, one can control one bead. With Chen Mobai’s current strength at the fifth level of Qi Refining, he should be able to control five beads at the same time, at will.

However, he had just entered the fifth level of Qi Refining, and his realm was not yet stable, so he didn’t push himself.

According to the information given by Old Man Ding, he controlled four glass beads to fly towards the right side hall.

With a splash.

A ripple of water appeared, bouncing the first arriving glass bead away. Then a second ripple, a third ripple, each bouncing away the glass beads that flew in…

Chen Mobai held his phone, looking at the three spell descriptions given by Old Man Ding, with a worried expression.

He found that the water ripple prohibition in this side hall actually had the characteristics of the Flowing Water Shield, the Surge Curse, and the Scale Wave Technique. With his current realm, to break this complex prohibition, unless he used a powerful talisman, he could only wait until he reached the later stage of Qi Refining to try.

“Forget it, I should focus on cultivation first. There will be plenty of time to explore this Water Mansion in the future.”

In the end, Chen Mobai checked the time and decided not to waste this second-grade medium-quality spiritual land. He sat cross-legged in the center of the main hall and began to meditate and cultivate.

Today, he had sent a text message to his parents in advance, saying that he was going to retreat in his room and not to disturb him.

The pure water-element spiritual energy turned into blue light particles, which were refined by the Five Elements Technique. After the cycle of the Five Elements generating each other, it turned into the spiritual power most suitable for Chen Mobai’s spiritual roots and constitution, slowly circulating throughout his body, nourishing the meridians and acupoints that were forcibly opened due to taking the elixir.

Within the Immortal Gate, although resources are scarce, thanks to thousands of years of management, plus the resources plundered from wars, the variety of spiritual herbs is basically complete. Moreover, according to the geomantic omen of the blessed land, they are cultivated to be quite good.

Alchemy, as one of the four major sciences of the Immortal Gate, combined with medicine, allows the properties of medicinal materials to be perfectly utilized. This is the foundation for the Immortal Gate to support three hundred million cultivators with a single star of earth element.

The Immortal Gate has basically all types of elixirs.

However, there is one type of elixir that is rarely refined, and that is the Foundation Establishment Pill.

This ancient pill formula is also collected by the Immortal Gate, but it was banned from being refined by the Immortal Gate five thousand years ago. Not because there is a problem with the pill, but because it is too wasteful.

The Foundation Establishment Pill is a third-grade inferior spiritual medicine, and the main ingredient for refining the Foundation Establishment Pill, the Jade Marrow Golden Mushroom, is a third-grade superior. Using it to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill is simply a waste of resources.

Moreover, the Jade Marrow Golden Mushroom can be used to refine a pill called “Golden Liquid Jade Return Pill”, which can assist Foundation Establishment cultivators in forming their Golden Elixir.

If the Immortal Gate had abundant resources, and the Jade Marrow Golden Mushrooms were continuously grown in the medicinal garden waiting to be harvested, then it would be acceptable to use a small amount to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill while refining the “Golden Liquid Jade Return Pill”.

But the problem is that the Immortal Gate does not have many resources. Although the variety of spiritual herbs is complete, only two blessed lands can cultivate the Jade Marrow Golden Mushroom. It’s not enough to refine the “Golden Liquid Jade Return Pill”, so how could they waste it on refining the Foundation Establishment Pill?

Although the lower-level cultivators disagree with this rule of the Immortal Gate, the biggest difference between the cultivation civilization and the mechanical civilization is that the upper echelons decide everything.

The value of a Golden Elixir Taoist master exceeds ten Foundation Establishment cultivators. Given a single Jade Marrow Golden Mushroom, should it be used to refine the “Golden Liquid Jade Return Pill” or the “Foundation Establishment Pill”?

The answer is obvious.

It is for this reason that for cultivators of the Immortal Gate, the difficulty of Foundation Establishment is even greater than ascending to heaven.

In ancient times, at least there was the Foundation Establishment Pill to look forward to. But now, 99% of cultivators can only rely on themselves to break through.

This is why the cultivators of the Immortal Gate all want to enter the Dao Academy.

Because in the Dao Academy, although they also do not refine the Foundation Establishment Pill, they can refine the next level of auxiliary pills for Foundation Establishment. Moreover, there are many secret methods to increase the success rate of Foundation Establishment, not to mention the experience of Foundation Establishment, which is countless. They can always find one that matches themselves.The Purple Fire Pill that Chen Mobai used to break through to the fifth level of Qi Refining was produced by the Chixia Academy in Danxia City, and only a hundred pills were released each month.

Chen Mobai was able to secure the purchasing qualification because he had established a relationship with a senior student from the Chixia Academy while selling talisman papers. This senior student happened to work part-time as a customer service representative at the Chixia Academy’s online flagship store and managed to pull some strings internally.

Every type of pill requires corresponding instructions for consumption and a credit endorsement.

In the ancient times before the Immortal Gate, many cultivators suffered worse than death because they recklessly consumed pills.

Now, if a pill is not produced by a reputable pharmacy, no cultivator would dare to consume it if it lacks instructions, a signature from a pill refining master, and a qualification certificate.

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