Chapter 6 – Five Elements Technique

Chen Mobai checked the time. There was still over an hour before the first batch of students in the cultivation room finished, so he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he began to ask more about the purification and enhancement of spiritual roots.

“Yan Bingxuan’s family must have a master who knew that her spiritual root could be transformed into an Ice Spiritual Root through the ‘Condensation Frost Technique’. Therefore, she started working towards this goal from the beginning of her cultivation.”

“The lower the realm, the less time and resources are consumed in the purification and enhancement of spiritual roots.”

“She is already in the late stage of Qi Refining at a young age. It is conservatively estimated that she can attempt Foundation Establishment three times, so she wants to transform into an Ice Spiritual Root before reaching the perfection of Qi Refining.”

“Once successful, she can enter the Natural Academy of the Ten Great Academies without examination. If she goes a step further, she may not be unable to pass the assessment of the Four Great Taoist Academies and rise to the heavens in one step.”

The Four Great Taoist Academies were founded by the five Deification ancestors who established the Immortal Gate.

Every graduate is a high-ranking member of the Immortal Gate’s future.

Over the past thousands of years, the success rate of Foundation Establishment among students of the Four Great Taoist Academies has exceeded 80%.

For Danxia City, a blessed land on the edge of the Immortal Gate, the last person to be admitted to the Four Great Taoist Academies was the Red Robe Taoist master Yu Tianguang a hundred years ago, who has now successfully formed his Golden Core.

After leaving Old Man Ding’s office, Chen Mobai waited for about ten minutes and became the second batch of people to enter the cultivation room.

After placing his phone and turning on the auxiliary cultivation recording mode, he sat quietly and began to operate the Qi Nourishing Technique again, refining the spiritual power enhanced by the elixir for his own use.

Time slowly passed, and the Soul Calming Mantra woke Chen Mobai up as usual.

He walked out of the door of the cultivation room, and only a dozen unlucky ones from the third batch were left outside.

Looking around, he saw his desk mate Lu Hongsheng and a few classmates he usually got along with. They greeted each other and then went home separately.

Usually, these close friends could have some spiritual tea and play some small games to practice magic after school.

But after entering the third year of high school, all these recreational activities were cancelled.

The intense pressure of further studies made Lu Hongsheng, who was usually lazy due to his inferior spiritual root, start to work hard.

Before going home, Chen Mobai bought a box of glass beads for practicing spiritual power rotation at a convenience store on the roadside.

After getting home, while waiting for the food to cook, he cut some more small talisman papers and logged onto the online trading platform, only to find that there was only one fellow city cultivator bidding.

18 Good Deeds.

It was a bit low, but Chen Mobai would have agreed to the deal as usual, as his products were made in a small workshop and were definitely cheaper than those in regular stores.

But today he wanted to explore the water mansion from the turtle shell teleportation again, so he didn’t rush to do business.

After eating and cleaning up, Chen Mobai returned to his room.

He took the turtle shell in his hand and observed it carefully, but it was still the same as last night, just an ordinary old turtle shell, full of traces of smoke and fire, without any spiritual energy.

If it weren’t for yesterday’s magical journey, Chen Mobai would never believe that this thing was actually a space artifact.

He put the turtle shell in the drawer of the bedside table, took out his phone, and clicked on the app called “Turtle Treasure”.

After exploring it all night yesterday, he had some understanding of this “Turtle Treasure”.

There are three functions. “Town Portal” is self-explanatory, it’s to return here.

As for whether this town refers to his room or the place where the turtle shell is, it remains to be verified.

Another function closely related to “Town Portal” is “Teleportation”, which, according to Chen Mobai’s understanding, was the culprit that sent him to the mysterious water mansion yesterday.

The last one, “Proxy”, he had no clue about.

Obviously, the three functions can’t be used unlimitedly. Only when the virtual buttons of these three functions in the software are raised can they respond when touched. Now only “Teleportation” is lit.

Last night, Chen Mobai waited until three o’clock in the morning and found this. He used teleportation again and went to the water mansion.

However, he still got nothing, but after cultivating in the second-order spiritual land for a night, the aftereffects of taking the elixir had been worn away by five or six tenths.

Chen Mobai estimated that if he closed himself off and cultivated in the water mansion for another two or three days, he could almost eliminate the hidden dangers of breaking through by taking the elixir, and then practice the Five Elements Technique again to enhance his Qi Refining realm.

It was for this reason that Chen Mobai plucked up the courage to go to the water mansion again and even tried to break the prohibition in the back hall.

This is a second-order medium-grade spiritual land. To rent such a level of earth vein spiritual energy in the Immortal Gate, it costs 160 Good Deeds per month.

Converted, every day Chen Mobai cultivates in the water mansion is equivalent to freeloading 5.33 Good Deeds. Poor him, working hard to cut talisman papers, he only earns twenty or thirty Good Deeds a month.

Thinking about it this way, it’s no wonder Chen Mobai looks down on the small business of his online workshop.

“According to the time of the two round trips yesterday, the cooldown time of this ‘Teleportation’ should be 6 hours, while ‘Town Portal’ is longer, requiring 10 hours. The cooldown start time is from the last use…”

Chen Mobai calculated the time points of his two experiences last night in his heart and came to a preliminary conclusion.

Half an hour later, exactly ten hours had passed since he teleported back in the morning, and the “Town Portal” button lit up in his eyes.

This way, if he finds something wrong, he can come back immediately.

Chen Mobai immediately hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door, locked the door from the inside, took a deep breath, and clicked on the raised “Teleportation” button on the Turtle Treasure app on his phone.

“Do you choose to teleport to location 1 (unnamed)?”

Chen Mobai clicked “Yes”.Then, a silver light flickered, and he seemed to turn into light, disappearing from the room after about five or six seconds.

He looked up.

Chen Mobai found himself in a familiar underwater environment, suppressing the joy from his heart.

Although he didn’t know where he was, at least, he now had a secret base of the second-order middle grade.

He took out a box of glass beads he had prepared in advance, and poured his spiritual power into it. The originally transparent beads began to glow with a variety of colors. This was because Chen Mobai practiced the Five Elements Technique, and his spiritual power was a fusion of five attributes.

The Five Elements Technique was a foundational method created by a Deification ancestor of the Immortal Gate after a thousand years of contemplation. Any cultivator who practiced it would automatically transform it into the spiritual power attribute most suitable for themselves. It was like a tailor-made Qi Refining technique for each cultivator, perfectly matching their physique and spiritual root.

For example, Chen Mobai’s spiritual root attributes were: Metal 23, Wood 27, Water 23, Fire 17, Earth 10.

Therefore, the spiritual power he generated from practicing the Five Elements Technique would be 23% metal attribute, 27% wood attribute… perfectly adapted to his spiritual root attributes.

Moreover, these Five Elements spiritual powers would cycle and generate each other, promoting the advancement of his cultivation level during practice. This was the biggest reliance for the Immortal Gate to enable everyone to cultivate in the resource-poor land of Di Yuan Star.

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