Chapter 37 – Dream Shocking Melody

"You are still under the effect of the 'Dreaming Song' for now, but it will degrade soon," Chen Xinglan's words were like a bucket of cold water poured over his head, making him feel disappointed.


"But you can take this opportunity to feel your divine sense. When you break through next time, you can follow this feeling and it will be much easier," he continued.


"Can I download this Dreaming Song online and listen to it every day? That way, I can always be practicing my divine sense," Chen Mobai thought of a good idea, his face full of hope.


"You are thinking too much. The Dreaming Song is not just music, it is an auxiliary cultivation method passed down by the Immortal Gate. It evolved from the 'Shocking God Song.' Only by listening to it in person and with the singer's wholehearted dedication can it have such an effect," Chen Baolan shook his head. Chen Mobai was not the first to have this idea.


"What is the Shocking God Song?" Chen Mobai asked again.


"It is the Immortal Gate's top auxiliary divine skill. After listening to this song, a great cultivator in the Elemental Infant stage can experience the realm of self-deification. Unfortunately, no cultivator has been able to practice it for two thousand years. Master Bian is the closest to mastering it among the sound path grandmasters, but his spiritual root is not good enough, and his cultivation is limited to mastering the Dreaming Song," Chen Baolan explained.


After hearing Chen Baolan's explanation, Chen Mobai gasped in shock.


"Then why not use the Immortal Art of Mending the Sky to refine Master Bian's spiritual root? A grandmaster who masters the Shocking God Song would be invaluable to our Immortal Gate, and might even produce more deified ancestors," Chen Mobai suggested, thinking of what the upper echelons of the Immortal Gate might be thinking.


"The Immortal Art of Mending the Sky can only be performed by deified ancestors, and the two deified ancestors have been in seclusion for more than three hundred years," Chen Baolan said, and Chen Mobai understood.


Master Bian was a sound path genius who emerged only fifty years ago. Compared to the deified ancestors who lived for thousands of years, he was insignificant.


"Meng Huang'er and Jiang Yuyuan spiritual roots are said to be very excellent. Their talents in sound path are not inferior to Master Bian. They are the true Dao seeds that the Immortal Gate found after searching through the thirty-six cave heavens and seventy-two blessed lands," Chen Baolan continued.


"If they can reach the Elemental Infant stage, the Immortal Gate's Shocking God Song can be played again."


"The upper echelons of the Immortal Gate are waiting for them to grow up, so they let Master Bian lead the Jade Phoenix troupe on a national tour. While helping the cultivators across the country, they are also accumulating blessings and merits for the future. The goal is for one of them to reach the Elemental Infant stage," Chen Baolan, who often followed the Spirit Pivot Academy's scientific expedition team, knew more than Chen Xinglan and the others.


"Helping cultivators across the country?" Chen Mobai caught the key point and looked at Chen Baolan in confusion.


"Why do you think the Jade Phoenix troupe is working so hard to tour the country, and why do they have to perform twenty shows in every cave heaven and blessed land? Do you think they are just doing it for a few Good Deeds?" Chen Baolan asked rhetorically, and Chen Mobai nodded subconsciously. Wasn't that the case?"The layout of the upper level of the Immortal Gate is huge. Just think about it, since Master Bian's song 'Startling Dream' can allow you to grasp the divine sense that can only be cultivated in the later stage of Qi Refining, how could it be kept a secret? With such a blessing, it should naturally benefit the masses and all living beings."


"After Master Bian became famous thirty years ago, he was arranged by the Immortal Gate to tour the country. He worked hard alone and helped most of the talented Qi Refining disciples of the Immortal Gate to awaken and comprehend their divine sense."


"Otherwise, why do you think that Master Bian, a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, can become a teacher at the Dance Instrument Academy and be respected by everyone? It's because most of the mid-level Foundation Establishment cultivators in the Immortal Gate today were awakened by his 'Startling Dream' during his eight-year national tour."


"After hearing Chen Baolan's explanation, Chen Mobai felt a deep respect for Bian Yiqing, the master of opera. Although the Immortal Gate promoted him, Bian Yiqing spent eight years touring the thirty-six heavens and seventy-two blessed lands just to awaken the Qi Refining disciples of the Immortal Gate of his parents' generation thirty years ago. His great achievements can be considered those of a saint in the world."


"In that case, Meng Huang'er and Jiang Yuyuan are also following in Master Bian's footsteps, awakening us disciples of the Immortal Gate."


Chen Mobai thought of this and realized that he had underestimated his sister Wang Xinying's enthusiasm for chasing stars. His own vision was too narrow.


"Their cultivation is still shallow, but with Master Bian's guidance, they will eventually become accomplished cultivators. Last year, they were admitted to the Dance Instrument Academy without an exam and are now studying while touring. I hope that one of them will be able to cultivate the 'Startling God Song' in the future."


While saying this, Chen Baolan lacked confidence. The Elemental Infant realm was too difficult to achieve, even for those with spiritual roots. Although Meng Huang'er and Jiang Yuyuan had outstanding spiritual roots, the possibility of them cultivating the Elemental Infant was considered slim according to the predictions of the observatory.


If it were not for a few Elemental Infant cultivators who were too eager for the 'Startling God Song', the Immortal Gate would not have invested such a huge amount of resources in them.


Of course, Chen Baolan did not tell Chen Mobai these things, as he did not want to discourage his nephew's enthusiasm for cultivation. If Chen Mobai knew that Meng Huang'er and Jiang Yuyuan's chances of cultivating the Elemental Infant were slim, he, an ordinary True Spiritual Root cultivator, would have even fewer opportunities in the future.


"If one day, I could listen to Meng Huang'er sing to me every day, that would be great."


Chen Baolan had no idea what his nephew was thinking now. If he knew about Chen Mobai's wish, he would definitely roll his eyes. Even the three main hall masters of the Immortal Gate might not have such treatment.


Chen Mobai knew that he was being too idealistic, but he was still a young man. Although his will to cultivate was firm, some worldly desires had not dissipated with the passage of time and the improvement of his cultivation level. Perhaps when he was in his seventies or eighties, he would look back on his thoughts today and laugh at his youthful fantasies."Let's go, it's rare that we got to hear the Dream Shocking Melody today, let's go celebrate."


At this moment, Chen Xinglan had already called for Chen Baolan and Wang Jianyuan to have a few more drinks. Chen Baolan gladly agreed, but Wang Jianyuan shook his head, indicating his daughter who was already asleep on his back.


"You guys go ahead and drink, I'll take Xinying home to rest."


Wang Xinying's cultivation was only at the fourth level of Qi Refining. Although she had also experienced the Dream Shocking Melody, she certainly hadn't grasped the divine sense. However, the benefits were not small. After a good night's sleep, her realm, which she had forcibly broken through with the help of medicinal pills, might become stable.


Chen Mobai helped call a taxi and sent his uncle's family on their way.


Before Chen Yulan left, she handed the prepared gift to Chen Xinglan.


"Big brother, this is a little token of appreciation from Jianyuan and me for your breakthrough to the ninth level of Qi Refining. Don't mind his usual rudeness towards you, he's actually quite happy for you."


"Let's go, why are you talking so much!"


Wang Jianyuan, feeling a bit embarrassed, closed the front door of the car while holding his daughter.

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