Chapter 36 – Divine Consciousness

Chen Xinglan and Wang Jianyuan had another squabble, but under the pacification of siblings Chen Baolan and Chen Yulan, they started a drinking contest.

At the dinner table, the adults formed one circle, while Chen Mobai and his sister Wang Xinying formed another.

“What do you think this is?”

Chen Mobai presented the tickets to the Jade Phoenix Troupe’s performance. Wang Xinying, being at the age of idolizing stars, was infatuated with Jiang Yuyuan. She screamed with excitement on the spot.

“Brother, you’re the best! Even my dad couldn’t get these tickets. Lili was bragging about having tickets today…”

Wang Xinying jumped up from her chair and snatched the tickets from Chen Mobai’s hand.

“These were given by Uncle Er. If you want to thank someone, thank him. I’ve already booked tonight’s show. Dad, Uncle, you should drink less.”

Chen Mobai knew that once Chen Xinglan and Wang Jianyuan started drinking, they would drink a lot, so he had already booked the Jade Phoenix Troupe’s performance.

“You two youngsters go ahead. We old folks are past the age of chasing stars.”

Wang Jianyuan directly picked up the wine bottle and filled Chen Xinglan’s empty glass. Tang Pancui and Chen Yulan were chatting on the side, too lazy to interfere, and let them be.

“This Jade Phoenix Troupe is Master Bian’s place. Tonight is the first show, maybe he will also perform.”

Chen Baolan understood Chen Mobai’s intentions and spoke with a smile.

“Master Bian? Which Master Bian?”

“Who else could it be? It’s Bian Yiqing, the dreamer of the dragon!”


Before Chen Xinglan and Wang Jianyuan could react, Tang Pancui and Chen Yulan, who were eating sunflower seeds on the side, couldn’t sit still.

“What time does it start? Eat quickly. If you miss Master Bian’s opera, see how I’ll deal with you when we get back.”

Tang Pancui’s words were directed at Chen Xinglan. Although Chen Yulan didn’t say anything, her narrowed eyes and the look she gave Wang Jianyuan carried the same meaning.

In less than half an hour, the whole family was rushed out the door by the three women.

At the entrance of the Danxia Theater, there was already a long line of carriages.

Their group of seven people queued for more than ten minutes before they could finally enter.

“We actually got front row seats, thank you Uncle Er.”

Wang Xinying, led by Chen Mobai, was the first to find their seats. She immediately pulled her brother to sit in the middle.

“The tickets given by Master Bian should have the best view, except for the few boxes above.”

Chen Mobai looked around and indeed saw a circle of boxes on the second floor. However, only two of them had lights on. One of them had the curtains open, and he could vaguely see two figures.

“Hey, isn’t that Master Bian?”

Chen Baolan recognized one of the people in the box as Bian Yiqing.

“I wonder if it’s the Red Robe Taoist Master or Master Shi Qingzhen who could make Master Bian pay a personal visit?”

In the entire Danxia City, only these two Golden Elixir Taoist masters could make Bian Yiqing, the grandmaster of opera, pay a personal visit.

“It’s a man, it should be the Red Robe Taoist Master.”

As they were guessing, the theater suddenly darkened.

Then a young actor came on stage and gave an opening speech.

Chen Mobai listened for a moment and found that the actor was indeed extraordinary. His voice was clear and crisp, and he seemed to be a female actor. She first apologized.

“Tonight, due to the fatigue of travel, Teacher Meng and Teacher Jiang have some problems with their voices and are unable to perform.”


As soon as her words fell, the people in the theater who had waited in line to get in couldn’t sit still. They stood up and made a commotion.

“What are we here to watch then?”

“***, refund!”

Amidst the cursing, a handsome young man descended from the sky, like a dragon soaring through the air, stunningly beautiful.

“I’m really sorry for this incident.”

“In order not to disappoint the audience, I, Bian, will perform tonight.”

“If you insist on listening to the ‘Moon Walk’ by my two disciples, then the tickets for this show can be postponed to the twenty-first day.”

Bian Yiqing’s appearance instantly silenced the audience.

Except for a few young people who insisted on seeing Jiang Yuyuan and Meng Huang’er, most of the older people were excited.

“It’s actually Master Bian!”

“We hit the jackpot. Master Bian hasn’t performed in twenty years, right?”

“No, he performs a few lines at the annual celebration of the Dance Instrument Academy. You can find the videos online.”

“It’s worth the trip!”

In the theater, only a dozen young people didn’t understand their parents’ enthusiasm and insisted on refunding their tickets for a later show.

“I want to see Brother Jiang Yuyuan…”

Wang Xinying was the same, pouting her lips. Although Bian Yiqing was also handsome, her heart was already taken by her brother.

“Don’t worry, I have more tickets.”

Chen Mobai immediately comforted her. As Bian Yiqing began to sing, the song “Spring Banquet” was like a clear and lively stream, graceful and pleasing to the ear; sometimes poignant, sometimes deep, like the first ray of sunshine after a cold winter, penetrating the heart. It instantly captivated the somewhat restless Wang Xinying.

“What is this…”

Chen Mobai, who had been casual, felt the Qi in his body begin to flow and tremble with the song “Spring Banquet”. It was like lying on a massage chair, being gently stroked by the music, feeling a tingling pleasure, and he couldn’t help but indulge in it.

He felt as if his soul had left his body, like a feather, fluttering in the wind.

It was like a dream, yet he had a clear self-awareness.

He seemed to have touched a different realm under the guidance of the opera.

In this realm, all the content of the Qi Refining chapter of the Five Elements Technique that Qingping Shangren had taught him was integrated in his mind.

The Qi in his body rose with the opera, but he firmly controlled it, following the path of the Five Elements Technique, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, all at his will.

After one song, another followed. After twelve songs, Bian Yiqing had already left the stage, but the people in the theater were still in a daze.

By the time Chen Mobai woke up, his parents were already waiting for him.

Wang Xinying had fallen asleep and was being carried by Wang Jianyuan.

“How do you feel? Not everyone has the opportunity to hear Master Bian’s Dream Song.”Chen Xinglan asked, Chen Mobai took a moment to sense his spiritual power. It hadn’t increased much, he was still at the realm of the sixth level of Qi Refining.

However, something was different.

“Close your eyes and try to see yourself!”

Chen Xinglan suggested.

Chen Mobai, suspecting something, immediately closed his eyes. Then, amidst the darkness, he saw a myriad of colors.

This was the Five Elements spiritual power within his Dantian Qi Sea.

“How is this possible, this is the ‘Divine Consciousness’ that only appears in the late stage of Qi Refining!”

Chen Mobai opened his eyes, his face full of disbelief.

The bottleneck of the seventh level of Qi Refining was the stage that trapped the most cultivators, Tang Pancui had been stuck at this stage for thirty years without any progress.

The reason was that to break through to the late stage of Qi Refining, one needed to grasp their own ‘Divine Consciousness’.

He had grasped it just by listening to a tune?

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