Chapter 38 – Support

Early the next morning, Chen Baolan packed his bags and left.

He left behind a book of insights from his Foundation Establishment period and gave a jade pendant to Chen Xinglan. The pendant had the effect of calming the mind and, when worn, could increase the spiritual consciousness of a Qi Refining cultivator by twenty to thirty percent.

This was equivalent to a quarter of the effect of taking a Spirit Ascension Pill. It was a chance opportunity that Chen Baolan had obtained during an excavation of ancient ruins.

Chen Xinglan accepted it without any pretense. After all, it was a gift from his own younger brother. However, he also said that after his Foundation Establishment, whether he succeeded or failed, he would return it to Chen Baolan, who laughed and nodded in response.

As for Wang Jianyuan and Chen Yulan, they gave a big gift.

It was directly eight hundred thousand Good Deeds. They originally planned to buy one of the three treasures of Foundation Establishment as a gift, but they couldn’t get it, so they could only give Good Deeds.

However, Chen Xinglan and his wife naturally refused to accept it. Even if they were siblings, they felt ashamed to accept such a large amount of Good Deeds.

Tang Pancui got up early in the morning to return the eight hundred thousand Good Deeds, which she had reluctantly accepted at the theater entrance the night before.

“Son, go buy some hangover medicine for your dad. I’m going to your aunt’s house first.”

After seeing Chen Baolan off, Tang Pancui hurriedly took the bus.

Chen Xinglan had drunk too much the night before and his alcohol tolerance was average, so he was still not sober.

“Got it.”

Chen Mobai had a casual breakfast, then asked his homeroom teacher for a day off.

Chai Deyun was very responsible. After seeing the message, he specifically called to ask what was going on. After all, the college entrance examination was imminent, and every day was important. However, after learning that Chen Mobai was taking his father, Chen Xinglan, to Chixia Academy for Foundation Establishment preparation, he politely congratulated him and approved the leave.

He went to the Evergreen Pharmacy at the street corner again.

Chen Mobai had experience this time. He walked in and waited for a while, and the young girl in a white nurse’s uniform came out. However, this time she didn’t have a large iron pot in her hand. It seemed that she was still busy extracting the medicinal liquid, and fine sweat beads were visible on the edge of her mask.

“What do you need this time?”

After two transactions, the two were familiar with each other. The girl first removed the medicinal smell from herself, then came over and asked.

“Hangover medicine.”

“How much do you need?”

“One box.”

“30 Good Deeds.”

Chen Mobai took the Spirit Water for hangover relief that she took out from the medicine cabinet and immediately took out his phone to pay by scanning the code.

“I think I saw you packaging ‘Qi Supplementing Spirit Water’ last time?”

Seeing that the girl was about to go back to the back room, he finally couldn’t help but ask.

“You’re talking about that. It was refined by my teacher. It’s exclusively supplied to Baoping Pharmacy. Even if you want to buy it, I can’t sell it to you.”

Qing Nv obviously knew what Chen Mobai wanted to ask, and directly blocked his idea.

“Isn’t there any surplus? I heard online that every time an alchemist refines, they make an extra ten percent just in case they can’t meet the quota.”

But Chen Mobai was still not giving up. If there was enough Qi Supplementing Spirit Water, his father might be able to reach the ninth level of Qi Refining within two years on the third-grade inferior spiritual vein.

“There is a surplus, but my teacher sells it to his old customers who he has known for many years. Even I can’t get a share.”

Qing Nv shook her head, saying something that made Chen Mobai have to give up the idea of buying Qi Supplementing Spirit Water from here.

“That’s a real pity.”

Holding the packaged hangover medicine in his hand, Chen Mobai thanked Qing Nv and turned to leave.

“If you trust me, I can actually refine this Qi Supplementing Spirit Water.”

At this moment, a soft voice came from behind him, making him turn around immediately.

“You! Can you refine it?”

“I should be able to refine the first-grade one. Although I haven’t passed the official assessment of the Immortal Gate’s alchemist, I have learned most of the basic knowledge.”

“But alchemists rely on practice to gain true knowledge. No matter how well you grasp the knowledge, you still need to refine it before you can use it.”

“Oh, okay then.”

Qing Nv was just talking. Seeing Chen Mobai looking at her with a face full of distrust, she didn’t explain any further.

“Wait, can you really refine it?”

Seeing Qing Nv lifting the curtain to the backyard and about to turn around and leave, Chen Mobai couldn’t stand still. He asked with a desperate hope.

“Except for the final step of blending the medicinal liquid, which my teacher always does personally, I have gone through the basic steps and processes more than a dozen times. The success rate can reach eighty to ninety percent.”

“What do I need to do to cooperate with you?”

After recovering from his shock, Chen Mobai’s high EQ returned. He didn’t ask any further about how confident she was about the final step, but humbly asked what he could do.”You provide the materials, I’ll practice with them. If I succeed, they’re all yours. If I fail, the loss is on you.”

Qing Nv’s words plunged Chen Mobai into deep thought.

After all, they had only conducted three transactions, and their trust foundation was not deep.

With Wu Wan’s previous experience as a lesson, Chen Mobai was now wary of anyone who opened their doors for business.

“I’m a bit busy today. Are you free after school tomorrow?”

Chen Mobai decided to think it over carefully. The opportunity was rare, but Qing Nv seemed to be about his age. Even if she had been refining pills from a young age, her skills couldn’t be too high. Although he had some Good Deeds now, he didn’t dare to waste them.

Everyone knew that supporting an alchemist’s cultivation was the most expensive!

If the refining failed, the raw materials could still be partially extracted by a machine for reuse.

But if a batch of pill refining failed, it would be completely scrapped and utterly unusable. However, the Spirit Water replenishment method of pill refining, as long as the process of extracting the medicinal liquid didn’t go wrong, even if the final blending step failed for the first time, it could be slowly experimented with. It had a much higher tolerance than the fire method of pill refining.

“I’m not too free either, I have to complete the task assigned by my teacher.”

The last time Qing Nv saw Chen Mobai buying a spirit testing instrument without bargaining, she thought he must come from a wealthy family. She was planning to apply for the first-level alchemist of the Immortal Gate and needed to practice the water method of pill refining in advance. Hearing that Chen Mobai needed to buy Spirit Water, she subtly brought it up.

However, this was her first time asking for support, and she was a bit unfamiliar with it.

As things came to a head, seeing Chen Mobai’s lack of enthusiasm, she also began to back off a bit.

“I have two tickets to the Jade Phoenix troupe, for Meng Huang’er and Jiang Yuyuan’s Moon Stepping Melody, front row seats, considered the best seats outside of the box.”

Chen Baolan had given him ten tickets, seven of which were used by his family yesterday. He promised to give one to his cousin Wang Xinying, leaving him with exactly two. He thought that the girl in front of him, who was about his age, would be interested in the Jade Phoenix troupe.

But he completely underestimated Jiang Yuyuan’s appeal to all the young girls in the Immortal Gate.

As soon as Chen Mobai finished speaking, Qing Nv’s eyes lit up.

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