Chapter 35 – Jade Phoenix Opera Troupe

Chen Mobai looked around and immediately understood the reason. Many young male and female cultivators were holding different styles of cheering signs, each with different names, but Chen Mobai saw two names he knew: Meng Huang’er and Jiang Yuyuan.

“It’s actually the Jade Phoenix troupe that has come. They are the number one drama troupe in the Immortal Gate.”

The Immortal Gate inherits the previous civilization, so naturally there are many entertainment activities, and with the blessing of cultivation, there are countless handsome men and beautiful women. Those who have emerged as stars in this civilization are the drama masters.

Among them, the Jade Phoenix troupe is the most outstanding drama troupe in the Immortal Gate in the past ten years.

Meng Huang’er, who sings Qingyi, and Jiang Yuyuan, who sings Xiaosheng, performed the drama “Stepping on the Moon” on last year’s Spring Festival Gala, which instantly became popular throughout the Immortal Gate. The Jade Phoenix troupe, centered around them, has been singing and performing in various parts of the country in recent years, harvesting one wave of faith after another.

“Nephew, wait a while.”

Just as Chen Mobai was thinking about whether to join the crowd and join in the fun of chasing stars, a gentle and familiar voice sounded in his ear.

Turning his head, a middle-aged man in a gray suit with slightly white sideburns came from not far away, carrying two suitcases.

It was his uncle, Chen Baolan.

“Uncle, we haven’t seen each other for two or three years, right?”

Chen Mobai immediately ran over and helped with the luggage.

“Two years, three months, and eighteen days. Big brother has finally reached the ninth level of Qi Refining and reached this step.”

Chen Baolan only let Chen Mobai carry one piece of luggage. The relationship between the uncle and nephew is also very good, and they chatted and walked outside the airport.

“Their flight has arrived.”

“Hurry, hurry, at Terminal 2!”

“Finally, I can see the real male god.”

“Meng Huang’er, the eternal Taiyin fairy.”

At this moment, the young men and women waiting for the Jade Phoenix troupe inside the airport suddenly became active and ran towards another terminal. If it were not for the prohibition of spells inside the airport, many cultivators would have jumped up.

“Why, do you also want to see them?”

Chen Baolan saw Chen Mobai’s footsteps stop and couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

“Who wouldn’t want to see the male and female gods of the entire Immortal Gate.”

Faced with his relatives, Chen Mobai naturally wouldn’t be coy and admitted generously.

“Look at what this is.”

Chen Baolan took out a stack of things from his pocket and handed it to Chen Mobai. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

“It’s the drama tickets of the Jade Phoenix troupe. This thing is harder to grab than the three treasures of Foundation Establishment. Where did you get it from?”

“Boss Bian happened to be on the same flight as me, and our seats were together. We chatted quite happily, and he gave me these tickets.”

“Who is Boss Bian?”

“Bian Yiqing, the leader of the Jade Phoenix troupe, the number one actor in the Immortal Gate thirty years ago, and also the master of Meng Huang’er and Jiang Yuyuan.”

After Chen Baolan finished speaking, Chen Mobai remembered that Bian Yiqing was the childhood male god of his parents’ generation. His song “Wandering Dragon Startling Dreams” was even invited to perform at the Immortal Celebration Ceremony, and the playback volume of that video is still in the top three on the entire network.

“Uncle, your luck is too good.”Chen Mobai couldn’t help but sigh. Bian Yiqing was a national master and a renowned expert in the Immortal Gate. He was also a teacher at the Dance and Instrument Academy, and was recognized as a grandmaster within the Immortal Gate.

“It’s not really luck. A few days ago, our school unearthed some artifacts from an ancient ruin that needed an expert from the Dance and Instrument Academy to identify them. Bian Boss’s Jade Phoenix Opera Troupe happened to be performing in nearby Taibai City, so he came over and we got to know each other.”

“Then today on the plane, we met again and had a good chat. He gave me ten tickets.”

Chen Mobai immediately checked the ticket platform and found that the Jade Phoenix Opera Troupe would be performing twenty shows in Danxia City. His tickets could be redeemed at any time as long as he registered his seat online.

“We have three people in our family, three in my little aunt’s family, and one for you, uncle. That’s seven tickets. Can I sell the remaining three?”

Chen Mobai immediately booked a show for tonight, as his whole family was present. However, he had ten tickets, which was too many. He thought about selling them on his personal store.

“It’s up to you. I already gave you the ten tickets.”

Chen Baolan laughed and walked out of the airport.

In the evening, Chen Xinglan and Chen Baolan had already started drinking at the dinner table, while Tang Pancui was still cooking. When Chen Mobai heard the doorbell ring, he knew it was his cousin’s family.

“Brother, I’ve reached the fourth level of Qi Refining.”

At the door, a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl saw Chen Mobai and her eyes lit up. She had a pretty face, fair skin, and a head of black hair tied up in a Ling Snake bun, which was the most popular hairstyle in the Immortal Gate recently. She looked lively and agile.

She was Chen Mobai’s cousin, Wang Xinying.

“Oh, that’s impressive. It won’t be long before you surpass your brother, right?”

Chen Mobai couldn’t help but reach out and touch her Ling Snake bun.

“It looks good. My mom helped me tie it.”

Wang Xinying was happy to receive her brother’s praise.

“Uncle, aunt, come on in.”

There were two more people at the door, Wang Xinying’s parents. The man had a muscular body and a face full of flesh, while the woman wore a purple-red jacket and a high bun, looking rich and plump.

They all smiled when they saw Chen Mobai.

“Little Bai is so polite, unlike your father.”

When Uncle Wang Jianyuan pursued Chen Yulan, Chen Xinglan mistook him for a street thug harassing his sister and beat him up with a broom after school in a back alley. After beating each other up, they started to curse at each other.

As they cursed, Chen Xinglan realized he had beaten the wrong person, but the fight had already happened. Wang Jianyuan also realized that this person was his uncle, so he could only admit defeat.

Even after Chen Yulan got married, the two still had a bit of a grudge and would argue every time they met.

“Alright, today is my big brother’s big day. Let’s go in and say less.”

Chen Yulan looked at her husband with a hint of complaint.Wang Jianyuan was good at everything, but he held grudges. He still remembered the incident where Chen Xinglan had beaten him up and mentioned it every day, probably never forgetting it until the day he died.

“Hmph, isn’t it good to be an honest Qi Refining cultivator? Some people just can’t recognize their own place and insist on going for Foundation Establishment.”

However, Wang Jianbai completely ignored him and began mocking as soon as he entered the room.

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