Chapter 30 – Spirit stone exchange

But in the end, Chen Mobai decided to go to the bank for the exchange.

Not for any particular reason.

Because when you exchange spirit stones at the bank, the Immortal Gate gives you points.

The more you exchange, the more points you get. The point system was originally developed by the Immortal Gate to nationalize all the spirit stones from the public.

A piece of spirit stone, after being exchanged, the bank gives 10,000 points. After spending it, another 10,000 points are credited, which is double the profit.

After school, he walked into the branch of the national bank in Danxia City.

“Hello sir, how can I assist you?”

In the bank, a sweet-smiling short-haired lady in uniform saw Chen Mobai standing in front of the ticket machine, looking a bit hesitant, and immediately came over to ask warmly.

“It seems that the service I want to handle is not listed here.”

“May I ask what service you need, sir?”

“Spirit stone exchange.”

“I’m sorry, sir, our service for exchanging spirit stones is not yet available.”

The short-haired lady kept her smile, looking apologetic.

“No, you misunderstood, I said spirit stone exchange, not exchanging for spirit stones.”


Chen Mobai shrugged when he saw her smile stiffen as she realized her mistake.

It took her a few seconds to recover, then she cautiously confirmed.

“So, is it to exchange spirit stones for Good Deeds?”


“I’m sorry, please sit here for a while, I’ll call the manager.”

The short-haired lady immediately raised her hand, guiding Chen Mobai to a small cubicle separated by transparent glass. After he sat down, she even poured him a cup of tea.

At this time, a gentleman in a suit who had received the news came over. After entering the door, he first extended his hand to Chen Mobai and introduced himself.

“Hello sir, I am…”

An hour later, Chen Mobai walked out of the bank with a satisfied expression.

The business of spirit stone exchange has always been the bank’s top priority. Chen Mobai took out his spirit stone for the other party to appraise first, confirming that it was unused, and the rest was much easier.

First, he explained the origin of this spirit stone.

Chen Mobai brought up his ancestors again, saying it was saved during the war of opening up, and now it has been passed down to him.

The bank just recorded it and didn’t really investigate.

After confirming that Chen Mobai was a good citizen with no credit issues, the process began.

Although Chen Mobai just sat there and had someone handle everything for him, it still took a full hour for the Good Deeds and points to be credited to his account.

Chen Mobai originally wanted to exchange the used shell of his spirit stone as well. The Immortal Gate has the technology to infuse spirit energy, so he thought they should also buy it.

However, the man in the suit told him that this service was the same as exchanging spirit stones, only available during the war of opening up.

Chen Mobai could only feel regret.

But looking at the five-digit balance shown in the latest text message on his phone, Chen Mobai couldn’t help but laugh.

He had never had so many Good Deeds before.

But he didn’t get carried away. After being happy, he first exchanged for the Pure Yang Qi Refining chapter from the national library using his large Emperor Green account. But it was not convenient to read on the way, so he could only glance at it roughly.

When he was almost home, he saw the pharmacy where he bought the spirit power test paper last time.

The Three Yang Body cultivation would transform the spiritual root, and the degree of transformation depends on the spirit energy and luck, so it’s best to monitor the value at all times.

Chen Mobai thought for a moment and walked in.

“Hello… Oh, you’re here?”

He was about to call out when he saw no one at the counter, but he didn’t expect the white nurse-dressed girl he saw last time to come out from the back door carrying a large iron pot and a large box of small glass tubes.

“Um, I set up a small Formation at the door. When someone comes in, it will automatically prompt in the back pharmacy.”

The girl saw that it was Chen Mobai, remembered the last time, first put the things in her hand on the counter, then performed a cleaning spell to remove the medicinal smell from her body, before coming over to greet him.

She was still wearing a mask, her face was not clear, but her eyebrows were delicate, her eyes clear. After making eye contact with her, Chen Mobai felt calm, and the restlessness in his heart due to sudden wealth unknowingly dissipated.

“What are you buying? Spirit power test paper again?”

“No, do you have a spirit measuring instrument here?”

“This thing is expensive, are you running a tutoring class?”

The girl looked at Chen Mobai with confusion in her eyes. Spirit power test paper is a disposable product, but a spirit measuring instrument is different, it can be used continuously. Generally, only those who run a tutoring class for young cultivators would buy this thing, because it needs to be used in large quantities, teaching according to their aptitude.

“I need to practice a technique to enhance my spiritual root, and I need to constantly monitor my spiritual root attribute points.”

For some reason, facing the girl’s clear eyes, he didn’t want to lie.

“Technique to enhance the spiritual root? Is there such a technique?”

The girl seemed to be about the same age as Chen Mobai, and hadn’t gone to college yet, so she didn’t know about the technique to enhance and purify the spiritual root.

“Yes, my spiritual root aptitude is average, and the college entrance examination is coming soon. The hope of breaking through to the late stage of Qi Refining is slim. I can only see if I can make some progress on the spiritual root, hoping to get extra points to enter the top ten college palaces.”

After listening to Chen Mobai’s words, the girl nodded, squatted in front of a medicine cabinet, and then took out a well-packaged spirit measuring instrument from the drawer.

“580 Good Deeds.”Upon hearing the price, Chen Mobai’s mouth twitched, wondering if he had acted impulsively.

The spiritual power test paper cost five Good Deeds each, and with the price of this spiritual testing instrument, he could have bought over a hundred of them.

However, after some thought, he realized that if he were to cultivate a Pure Yang Body, this instrument would be indispensable. Always using disposable spiritual power test papers wasn’t very environmentally friendly. Gritting his teeth, he paid for it.

Seeing Chen Mobai’s struggle to pay, Qing Nv realized that he wasn’t from a wealthy family, and a thought crossed her mind.

“Why doesn’t he haggle?”

She had initially planned to give him a discount of 10 Good Deeds if he haggled.

However, she wouldn’t voluntarily give a refund to a generous customer. Hearing the ding of the payment notification on her phone, her clear eyes squinted in a smile.

After confirming that Chen Mobai had no other needs, she walked to the counter, picked up the large iron pot with one hand, and poured the freshly brewed Spirit Water from the spout into small glass bottles. She then sealed the bottles with wooden stoppers and cast a “Sealing Spell” to ensure that the Spirit Water wouldn’t leak.

“Is it the Rejuvenating Spirit Water again?”

Chen Mobai thought of what she had said last time and wondered. He didn’t ask, as they had only interacted twice and weren’t very familiar with each other.

Holding the spiritual testing instrument, he walked straight out of the pharmacy.

However, he couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity from the scene of the young girl pouring the Spirit Water.

What was it that felt so familiar?

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