Chapter 31 – A word of true teaching is worth a thousand books of false teaching

Returning home, Chen Mobai unwrapped the spirit-testing instrument, activated it with a surge of spiritual power, and after confirming that it was functioning properly, he tucked it into his small backpack.

However, he didn’t rush to the Water Mansion today.

Instead, he took out his phone and ordered some clothes.

Since Chen Mobai planned to interact with the cultivators of the Tianhe Realm, the first step was naturally to blend in with them, and his attire couldn’t be too conspicuous.

Although his school uniform was quite plain, it was a completely different style from the old man and the young man who died in the Water Mansion last time. Recalling their outfits, Chen Mobai chose a set of gray and white ancient clothes online.

After ordering the ancient clothes, he didn’t forget about the shoes.

Finally, he looked in the mirror and found another inconsistency.

His neat buzz cut was completely incompatible with the ancient clothes, so he had to order two long wigs and some hair accessories. Finally, his equipment was complete.

However, it would take at least two more days for the delivery to arrive at his home.

Today, Chen Mobai could only meditate and practice Qi Refining in the Water Mansion, he couldn’t go out.

In a flash of silver light, he returned to the Tianhe Realm.

Feeling the spiritual energy of the water veins around him, which was several times denser than at home, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath and sat down on the cushion.

He took out his phone and began to read the Pure Yang Qi Refining Chapter.

The document began with a page of “Viewing Instructions”.

Although all the techniques in the National Library are exchanged by cultivators using points, they can only be practiced by oneself and cannot be taught to others. If you agree with this view, you can check the box and continue reading.

Chen Mobai naturally agreed, which was a small oath of Dao heart.

If a cultivator breaks the rules and gives the downloaded techniques to others to practice, it will go against their own heart.

The more it spreads, the more obstacles there will be in the Dao heart in the future.

It doesn’t matter much when the realm is low, but once it comes to major barriers like Golden Elixir or Elemental Infant, it is very likely to trigger inner demons, and all efforts will be wasted.

Therefore, although it is easy to acquire techniques and knowledge in the Immortal Gate, it is basically the cultivators themselves who exchange points or Good Deeds for them.

Chen Mobai first read the Pure Yang Qi Refining Chapter from beginning to end, compared it with the Five Elements Technique he practiced, and found that it was indeed more profound, and he couldn’t understand it all at once.

Of course, this could also be because Chen Mobai had watched Qingping Shangren’s lecture videos several times recently, and his understanding of the Five Elements Technique was very thorough.

He still needed to attend classes seriously.

He opened the “Assisted Cultivation” app, selected the column of the Shaoyang Taoist master, and began to systematically learn and understand the Pure Yang Qi Refining Chapter with his annotations.

Like the Black Water Technique, the Pure Yang Qi Refining Chapter comes with three accompanying spells and the Three Yang Body for transforming the spiritual root.

The spells are Ignition Technique, Flame Manipulation Technique, and Fireball Technique.

The first thing to talk about is naturally the Three Yang Body, which is the foundation of the foundation and the most important.

After listening to it once, Chen Mobai suddenly realized.

Indeed, a word of true teaching is worth a thousand books of false teaching. The parts he didn’t understand when reading the book became clear after listening to the detailed explanation of the Shaoyang Taoist master.

The transformation of the Three Yang Body’s spiritual root first requires the water spiritual root to be transformed into the wood spiritual root, and then the wood spiritual root to be transformed into the fire spiritual root. The subtle differences between these two steps, if not for the explanation of the Shaoyang Taoist master, even if Chen Mobai figured it out by himself and succeeded, the efficiency of the final transformation would definitely not be high.

Old Ding’s transformation of the One Yang Body’s spiritual root was like this, and in the end, the increased fire attribute of the spiritual root was only 6 points. Although it was only 3 points away from the maximum of 9 points, perhaps it was this 3-point deviation that led to his failure in Foundation Establishment.

So after listening, Chen Mobai, in order to make sure he didn’t miss anything, found two more videos of Golden Elixir Taoist masters explaining the Pure Yang Scroll, and after comparing them, he gained a lot.

“If I can break through to the late stage of Qi Refining, it’s not impossible to practice the Pure Yang Scroll.”

Chen Mobai muttered to himself. Among the 84,000 Daoist scriptures in the Immortal Gate, although the Pure Yang Scroll is not the best in combat and its cultivation speed is only average, it is a broad and straight path, and it has rich experience from predecessors. Many obstacles and bottlenecks in cultivation have experience to follow, which is most suitable for people like him with high authority.

With this thought, his determination to leave the Water Mansion became even stronger.

He must earn enough spirit stones in this Tianhe Realm.

“But the most important thing next is to advance to the seventh level of Qi Refining.”

Perhaps because he used spirit stones to break through, after Chen Mobai advanced to the sixth level of Qi Refining, he didn’t feel his spiritual power was floating like when he took the Purple Fire Pill before.

But he was always cautious, so he used the Qi Nourishing Technique to cultivate for two days, until today when he felt the spiritual power in his meridians was at his command, he decided to take the “Qi Replenishing Spirit Water”.

Opening the compartment of his backpack, he took out two glass tubes as long and thick as his fingers.

The tubes were corked, and inside was a colorless liquid, the Qi Replenishing Spirit Water.

Chen Mobai uncorked it and drank it in one gulp.

It tasted like plain water, but it contained a faint bitter medicinal taste, which he found hard to accept.

After drinking it, he closed his eyes and began to sit cross-legged.

The Five Elements Technique was activated, and instantly, a sense of hunger for spiritual energy came from all the meridians and acupoints in his body. The dense spiritual energy in the Water Mansion, like strands of smoke, rushed into various parts of Chen Mobai’s body.

Chen Mobai felt that his efficiency in cultivating spiritual power had increased nearly tenfold. The spiritual energy of the water veins gathered around him continuously, faintly turning into mist, making him look hazy, but there was a warm and colorful treasure light emanating from his skin, which was a sign of profound cultivation of the Five Elements Technique.

Ordinary cultivators in the late stage of Qi Refining didn’t have this kind of aura when they activated the Five Elements Technique.

It was thanks to this place being a second-order medium-grade spiritual vein treasure land that the spiritual energy was abundant.

If it were at home, at least half of the medicinal power of the Qi Replenishing Spirit Water would be wasted.

Six major cycles later, the misty aura of Spirit Water around Chen Mobai began to slowly dissipate, and the efficiency of refining the aura returned to normal levels.

This indicated that the medicinal power of the Spirit Water had been completely exhausted.

He circulated two more cycles, but he couldn’t bear the tortoise-like cultivation efficiency compared to before, so he stopped and opened his eyes.

“It’s a pity that this thing needs to be snapped up. Although I have exchanged spirit stones for Good Deed, I don’t know if I’m still lucky enough to grab it.”

Chen Mobai still had a bottle of Spirit Water, but he could only take one bottle a day, so he planned to put it back in his backpack.

Just as his hand touched the glass tube containing the Spirit Water, his eyes suddenly widened.

Wasn’t this glass tube the same model that the girl in the white nurse uniform at the pharmacy used to fill with a large iron pot?

No wonder he felt that the scene was very familiar, it turned out that he was familiar with this glass tube.

She wasn’t packaging “Return Spirit Water”, but “Spirit Water”?

Aren’t these things all directly sold by the Sentence Mang Dao Academy? How could her small pharmacy be able to refine it?

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