Chapter 29 – Insufficient points

“Can spiritual stones shorten the cultivation time of the ‘Pure Yang Body’?”

Chen Mobai widened his eyes in disbelief.

“The ‘Pure Yang Body’ is actually a type of cultivation technique, and any cultivation technique cannot be without spiritual energy. The reason why it took me twenty years to cultivate the Three Yang Body is because I wasted time refining spiritual energy when transforming my spiritual root. If I had spiritual stones to assist me, I could at least save ten years of hard work.”

Old man Ding did not hide anything and shared his twenty years of experience studying in the academy with Chen Mobai.

So, when cultivating the Pure Yang Body, spiritual energy is also needed to transform the spiritual root. Without spiritual stones, once one’s own spiritual power is exhausted, one needs to transform and absorb spiritual energy at the same time, which is twice the effort for half the result.

Why didn’t Taoist master Shaoyang mention this in his video?

Chen Mobai was puzzled after hearing this, but he quickly realized.

The spiritual stones on Earth were basically nationalized, and ordinary cultivators didn’t have any.

Since they didn’t have any, there was no need to mention it.

In that case, the “Pure Yang Scroll” was not unattainable for Chen Mobai.

There was indeed no way to obtain a large amount of spiritual stones in the Immortal Gate, but it was different in the Tianhe Realm.

According to the account book of Bi Bo Lake that Chen Mobai had read, the cultivation world there didn’t seem to lack spiritual stones. Even a third-rate sect like the Flying Probe Sect could distribute spiritual stones to each disciple as benefits.

However, if he wanted to obtain spiritual stones, he would have to leave the Water Mansion and get in touch with the real cultivation world in the Tianhe Realm.

Thinking about this, Chen Mobai hesitated again.

He thought of the two cultivators from the Tianhe Realm who had died in the Water Mansion not long ago. Their ruthless betrayal and backstabbing seemed to be the norm, and their words also spoke of the chaos and disorder in the East Wilderness.

The Tianhe Realm seemed to be a dark age of cultivation still in the feudal civilization, and dangers might be everywhere.

He wouldn’t be killed as soon as he left the Water Mansion, would he?

Chen Mobai muttered to himself, then asked how many spiritual stones were needed to cultivate the “Pure Yang Body”.

“I’m not sure about that. After all, I only heard about this from my senior, and I haven’t experienced it myself. It might be necessary to look up some ancient books to confirm.”

Old man Ding frowned and shook his head.

About five thousand years ago, spiritual stones were still circulating normally in the market. In that era, there were cultivators who used spiritual stones to cultivate the Pure Yang Body. However, it might take some effort to find such ancient information.

Chen Mobai nodded, deciding to go back and look for it. If the required spiritual stones were not many, he would consider cultivating the “Pure Yang Scroll” after the late stage of Qi Refining.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

As soon as Old man Ding’s voice fell, his disciple Song Zheng opened the door.


Song Zheng first bowed to Old man Ding at the door, very respectful, then looked at Chen Mobai, his eyebrows slightly furrowed, seemingly puzzled as to why he was here.

“Old man Ding, I’ll come to ask you about the prohibition of thunder magic next time.”

Chen Mobai was very observant and didn’t stay any longer, not wanting to disturb the master and disciple’s conversation.

Although they were classmates, his relationship with Song Zheng was just average, mainly because the latter was devoted to cultivation and basically didn’t waste time on socializing.

The two nodded at each other, which was considered a greeting.

After leaving the office, the first batch of senior students in the cultivation room had not yet come out, so Chen Mobai returned to the classroom, opened his phone, typed in keywords, and searched for the relationship between the Pure Yang Body and spiritual stones.

In the end, he found a related post on a forum.

The title of the post was: “How long does it take to cultivate the Pure Yang Body?”

It seemed to be a new student of the Pure Yang Academy asking for advice from his seniors.

There were over fifty replies to the post, one of which was from a Pure Yang student with good family conditions, mentioning that using spiritual stones could shorten the cultivation time of the Pure Yang Body.

【My ancestors participated in the opening war and left some spiritual stones in the bank. After I was admitted to the Pure Yang Academy, my family was very excited and took them all out for me to use for cultivation. Based on my own experience, here are some data for reference.】

【For the One Yang Body, if you want the best effect in transforming the spiritual root, you need 9 spiritual stones. These 9 stones should be used in the order of spiritual root transformation for the best effect, and in the end, you can basically increase 9 points of fire spiritual root. This stage takes one month.】

【The Two Yang Body requires many more spiritual stones. Since my family didn’t have enough, I had to refine some spiritual energy myself to get through this stage, which took a year and three months in total.】

【The Three Yang Body was cultivated purely through hard work without spiritual stones, and it took six years to achieve some results.】

This anonymous cultivator, in the process of the Three Yang Body, was five years shorter than the shortest time of cultivating the Pure Yang Body without using spiritual stones, compared to Taoist master Mingyang.

Chen Mobai was instantly tempted.

“First, go outside the Water Mansion to see if I can get some spiritual stones. If I can, I’ll try to cultivate.”

Chen Mobai, who had originally planned to stay out of trouble, still couldn’t resist.After all, there were only two months left until the college entrance examination. His hope of breaking through the late stage of Qi Refining was very slim. If he could cultivate into a body of pure Yang, he might receive an admission notice from the Pure Yang Academy.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but log into his account at the National Library, only to be told that he didn’t have enough points to exchange for the Qi Refining section of the “Pure Yang Scroll”.

“Huh, why does the Qi Refining technique require so many points?”

In Chen Mobai’s memory, the Qi Refining section of the Five Elements Technique only required 500 points. He had over 3000 points in his account, which should be more than enough to exchange for the Pure Yang Qi Refining section.

But when he checked, he found that it required 10,000 points.

Looking at the following four sections, good lord.

The Foundation Establishment section required 100,000 points, the Elemental Infant section required 1,000,000 points, the Divine Transformation section required 10,000,000 points, and the Deification section required a whopping 100,000,000 points. Moreover, each section required the corresponding cultivation level to download.

For example, Chen Mobai’s account at the National Library, Qing Emperor, was verified as a Qi Refining cultivator. Even if he had 100,000,000 points in his account, he could only download the “Qi Refining” section of the “Pure Yang Scroll”.

“I’ll sell that spirit stone first. The Jumang Dao Academy has been stocking Spirit Water every day recently, which I can buy with the Good Deed points from the sale. Then, I can use the Spirit Water to increase my cultivation while using the points earned from spending to exchange for the Pure Yang Qi Refining section.”

Although Chen Mobai was usually not very proactive, he was always decisive when it came to his own cultivation.

A spirit stone in hand was just firewood, but it became a treasure when used.

He decided that, under the primary premise of breaking through the late stage of Qi Refining, if possible, he would also cultivate the Pure Yang body.

Of the two spirit stones he obtained from the Water Mansion, one was consumed when he broke through the sixth layer of Qi Refining. The other, which was still intact and unopened, could be exchanged for 10,000 Good Deed points at the National Bank.

If he put it on the market, due to the demand exceeding supply, he could at least make an extra one or two thousand Good Deed points.

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