Chapter 28 – Elemental Yang Sword

Although the planet Di Yuanxing had entered the era of cultivation civilization, and everyone’s lifespan had significantly increased, there was still a limit.

The Medical Palace had conducted extensive research on lifespan.

After sampling the lifespan of a hundred thousand normal cultivators, they concluded the lifespan limit for cultivators at each realm.

Qi Refining cultivators generally lived for two Jiazi, which is 120 years.

Foundation Establishment cultivators lived for four Jiazi, 240 years.

Golden Elixir cultivators lived for eight Jiazi, 480 years.

Elemental Infant cultivators doubled that, sixteen Jiazi, which is 960 years.

Of course, these data were not absolute and varied from person to person, but this was the average lifespan of normal cultivators.

If one practiced special techniques, properly maintained their health, or consumed life-extending elixirs, it was possible to live an extra one or two Jiazi.

As for Deification cultivators, due to the scarcity of examples and lack of sufficient samples, the Medical Palace did not publish this information.

However, according to the previous lifespan pattern, it should be thirty-two Jiazi, which is 1920 years, a lifespan of two thousand years.

Chen Mobai’s biggest dream was to successfully reach Foundation Establishment before the age of 60.

The Medical Palace had also conducted research on the success rate of cultivators breaking through major realms, concluding that the success rate was highest before half of one’s lifespan had passed.

For example, if a Qi Refining cultivator wanted to reach Foundation Establishment, it was best to do so before the age of 60. This was the peak of the human body. After this age, no matter how well one maintained their Qi Refining, all bodily functions would begin to decline significantly.

Originally, Chen Mobai felt that he had only a one percent chance of reaching Foundation Establishment before the age of 60. Now, even with the opportunity of the mysterious turtle shell, he felt that the possibility was only ten percent.

In the Immortal Gate, where everyone cultivated, there were three hundred million cultivators.

Among them, only one in a hundred could reach the ninth level of Qi Refining.

Among those at the ninth level of Qi Refining, only one in a hundred could successfully reach Foundation Establishment. The Medical Palace found that over ninety percent of those who successfully reached Foundation Establishment were young people who did so before the age of 60.

Once past 60, with insufficient Qi, blood, and essence, those who successfully reached Foundation Establishment either had opportunities or were favored by heaven.

Foundation Establishment was already this difficult, and reaching Golden Elixir was even more challenging. The success rate for this realm was one in a thousand.

As for the higher realm of Elemental Infant, it was needless to say, an era might not even produce one.

The current Elemental Infant cultivator in the Immortal Gate was an old antique accumulated over a thousand years and a hundred eras.

Chen Mobai, with his average aptitude, originally had little confidence in reaching Foundation Establishment before the age of 60. If he spent another ten or so years cultivating the Three Yang Body, he felt that he would basically have no chance.

So even though he was very interested in the “Pure Yang Scroll”, considering many factors, he felt that he should honestly practice the “Five Elements Technique”.

The good example of Qingping Shangren was right in front of him. If he could reach Elemental Infant by charging all the way with this most popular Qi Refining technique, and then switch to cultivating the Jade Purity Scripture, it would not be a bad path to immortality.

Old Ding was a bad example that should serve as a warning.

After persuading himself a few times, Chen Mobai suppressed the impulse to exchange the “Pure Yang Scroll·Qi Refining Chapter” with a large number of Qing Emperor points after going out.

However, even though he thought so, he couldn’t help but download the video of the Shao Yang Taoist master explaining the cultivation of the “Pure Yang Body”.

At least it could kill time during class today.

“It just so happens that today is Old Ding’s class, I can ask him about the Three Yang Body.”

Murmuring to himself, Chen Mobai pressed the return key.

In the office.

“Teacher Ding, you are a disciple of the Pure Yang Academy. What’s the difference between the University Palace and the Four Taoist Academies?”

After class, Chen Mobai, as usual, lagged behind. When he turned into the office to ask how to crack the thunder method prohibition, he casually asked out of curiosity.

“Actually, in terms of student scale and teaching strength, the top-ranked University Palaces are not much different from the Four Taoist Academies.”

Old Ding, who loved to teach, shared what he knew after hearing Chen Mobai’s question.

“So, the difference lies in the techniques?”

Chen Mobai asked again, trying to steer the conversation towards the “Pure Yang Scroll”.

“The Taiyuan Academy and the Pure Yang Academy also have Deification techniques, which are not inferior to the inheritance of the Four Taoist Academies.”

Old Ding shook his head.

“So what’s the difference?”

Chen Mobai didn’t dare to directly mention the Pure Yang Body, so he could only follow Old Ding’s words.

“The Four Taoist Academies have the oldest inheritance, and each has a Deification foundation. The founders of the Ten University Palaces are basically from the Four Taoist Academies, so even if they surpass them for a while, they all keep their place and dare not claim to be the fifth Taoist Academy.”

“What are the Deification foundations of the Four Taoist Academies?”

These things were all speculated on the internet, with various opinions. Chen Mobai thought that Old Ding knew, and in order to bring the topic back to the Pure Yang Academy, he continued to ask.

“These are top secrets, only the top masters know the exact situation. However, the two Deification ancestors of the Immortal Gate, one came from the Weapon Taoist Academy, and the other studied in the Mending the Sky Taoist Academy when he was young, and is now the honorary dean of that academy.”

The origins of the two Deification ancestors were known to all.

“However, I do know that the Pure Yang Academy has a fifth-grade top-tier Yuan Yang Sword, which can also be classified as a Deification foundation!”Just as Chen Mobai was worrying about how to steer the conversation back, Old Man Ding began to talk about his time at the Pure Yang Academy.

“In the entire Immortal Gate, there are only three flying swords of the fifth order superior grade. This Elemental Yang Sword was created by the Elemental Yang Ancestor before his Deification, burning all his life’s Dao fruits. It has already become sentient.”

“The Elemental Yang Ancestor’s eldest disciple once wielded this sentient flying sword. Below the Deification, it could be slain with a single sword.”

“However, to cultivate this sword, one needs at least the cultivation of an Elemental Infant. Moreover, if one cultivates it for many years, it will greatly deplete one’s essence and energy, which is not conducive to cultivation. Therefore, when I entered the academy, this sword had already been sealed and enshrined in the hall. I was fortunate enough to pay my respects once.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Mobai felt a sense of sorrow.

A grand fifth order superior grade flying sword was sealed away simply because no one was cultivating it.

“Isn’t it said that those who cultivate the Pure Yang Body are full of essence and energy? Why can’t they cultivate an Elemental Yang Sword?”

“That’s only if the Pure Yang Body is fully cultivated. Even an Elemental Infant with the Nine Yang Body can’t withstand the Elemental Yang Sword’s constant absorption of spiritual energy. If they are struggling with their own cultivation, how could they possibly spare half of their daily cultivation for the flying sword?”

Old Man Ding rolled his eyes, his words making Chen Mobai feel empathetic.

If it were him, before achieving the Dao, he would never agree to give half of his daily hard-earned spiritual energy to the Elemental Yang Sword, even if this sword was a Deification treasure.

Moreover, only an Elemental Infant could cultivate the Elemental Yang Sword, and all Elemental Infants aimed for Deification as their first goal. How could they waste half of their cultivation time on a single sword?

“Isn’t it said that if a magical treasure doesn’t receive spiritual energy for a long time, it will fall in grade? In this case, wouldn’t the sacrifice of the Elemental Yang Ancestor be wasted?”

“Don’t worry, every fifth order magical treasure is a material cultural heritage of the Immortal Gate. Every year, the Immortal Gate will allocate a batch of spirit stones from the national bank to the Pure Yang Academy to nourish the Elemental Yang Sword so that it does not fall in grade. It’s just a pity that these spirit stones are earmarked and can only be used for this specific purpose. Otherwise, the Pure Yang Academy could at least save half of the cultivation time for the students who are cultivating their bodies.”

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