Chapter 27 – Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky

From the first to the fifth stage, the “Pure Yang Scroll” is divided into five major chapters, corresponding to the five major realms of Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core Formation, Elemental Infant, and Deification.

Moreover, the most valuable aspect is that the “Pure Yang Scroll” does not require high spiritual root attributes for cultivation.

However, there is one prerequisite.

That is, it requires the cultivation of a corresponding Daoist body.

This Daoist body is called the “Pure Yang Daoist Body”!

The cultivation of the “Pure Yang Daoist Body” is also divided into levels, ranging from One Yang to Nine Yangs, with every three Yangs forming a threshold. Only when it is fully cultivated can it be considered “Pure Yang”.

For example, to establish a foundation, one must first cultivate a Three Yang Body.

To form a golden core, a Six Yang Body is required.

For the Elemental Infant realm, a Nine Yang Body must be cultivated in advance.

Upon reading this, Chen Mobai found something familiar.

Wasn’t the Three Yang Body the technique that Old Man Ding painstakingly cultivated to enhance his spiritual root when he was young? No wonder after he succeeded, the Pure Yang Academy directly recruited him without an examination.

Unfortunately, Old Man Ding ultimately failed to establish his foundation.

But isn’t the Three Yang Body a Daoist body? What does it have to do with enhancing the spiritual root?

Chen Mobai, puzzled, wanted to continue reading, but found that he didn’t have enough points. He could only view the outline and table of contents of the Pure Yang Scroll, and couldn’t see the specific method of cultivating the Three Yang Body.

Cursing inwardly, he found another way.

He opened the “Assisted Cultivation” software and entered “Pure Yang Daoist Body” to search.

As expected, all laws lead to the same conclusion.

Over two hundred pages appeared in a flash. It seemed that there were quite a few in the Immortal Gate who cultivated the Pure Yang Scroll, providing so many reference examples.

Chen Mobai opened a video at the top of the search page. It was from a Golden Core Taoist master, who signed his name as “Shaoyang”.

“This Pure Yang Daoist Body, although it is the cultivation of a Daoist body, is based on the spiritual root.”

“The difficulty of cultivating the ‘Pure Yang Scroll’ is actually on par with the ‘Jade Purity Scripture’. However, after Yuan Yang Ancestor achieved Deification, he felt the difficulty of the Dao and thus created the cultivation method of the Pure Yang Daoist Body for the ‘Pure Yang Scroll’, greatly lowering the threshold for cultivation.”

“This Pure Yang Daoist Body, from the birth of One Yang to the sublimation of Nine Yangs, requires 27 points of wood attribute spiritual root, 27 points of water attribute spiritual root, and it’s best if the fire attribute spiritual root is above 20 points. In this way, when it is fully cultivated, it can basically be confirmed to be a 100-point fire attribute Immortal Spiritual Root.”

After listening to the explanation of this Shaoyang Taoist master, Chen Mobai understood why the Three Yang Body is also a technique for enhancing the spiritual root.

It turns out that the original version of the “Pure Yang Scroll” also had a high threshold for cultivation. It required a baby born at a Yang year, Yang month, Yang day, and Yang hour, with a pure Yang Eight Characters, that is, a Pure Yang Body, to cultivate.

Since the Immortal Gate established its Daoist lineage on the Earth Origin Star, the upper echelons have calculated the time and birth Eight Characters, encouraging the cultivators below to procreate. There have been quite a few Pure Yang Bodies.

One of them who achieved great success was Yuan Yang Ancestor, the founder of the Pure Yang Academy.

However, he was also a great sage who was devoted to cultivating the younger generation and immersed in the education industry. In order to spread the Pure Yang Daoist lineage widely in the world and make it accessible to most cultivators, he created the cultivation method for the Pure Yang Body.

That is the “Pure Yang Daoist Body”!

Yuan Yang Ancestor was born in the Mending the Sky Daoist Academy and had personally experienced the power of the “Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky”. He was inspired by it.

This “Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky” was comprehended by an ancestor of the Immortal Gate from the Heavenly Book of the Upper Realm. Once used, it can reshape a cultivator’s spiritual root attributes, which is truly against the heavens.

For example, Chen Mobai’s spiritual root attributes before he ate the Green Blood Carp.

Metal 23, Wood 27, Water 23, Fire 17, Earth 10.

The sum of these five elemental spiritual root attributes is exactly 100, which is allocated by heaven and depends on luck.

However, the “Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky” can artificially change this allocation.

In layman’s terms, it’s like re-rolling the points.

If Chen Mobai were to be affected by the “Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky”, he could specify one attribute and then distribute the points of the other four elemental attributes to the selected one.

For example, if he likes wood the most, he can wash Metal 23, Water 23, Fire 17, and Earth 10 all into non-attribute, and then distribute them all to the Wood Spiritual Root, directly possessing a perfect 100-point Wood Attribute Heavenly Spiritual Root.

This kind of 100-point spiritual root has another name in the Immortal Gate, called the “Immortal Spiritual Root”.

No one with this kind of spiritual root has ever been born, only the “Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky” can achieve this.

Yuan Yang Ancestor received the baptism of the “Immortal Technique: Mending the Sky”, reshaping his spiritual root into a 100-point fire attribute Immortal Spiritual Root.

The “Immortal Spiritual Root” combined with the “Pure Yang Body” makes cultivation incredibly fast.

In just five hundred years, he achieved the Elemental Spirit, making him the fastest Deification Ancestor recorded in the Immortal Gate.

Unfortunately, this Immortal Technique can only be used by Deification Ancestors, and it consumes a lot of vitality.

Therefore, in the past thousand years, no one has had this kind of fortune.Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Chen Mobai finished watching the video of Taoist Master Shaoyang explaining the Pure Yang Method. Only then did he understand why it required 27 points of wood spiritual root, 27 points of water spiritual root, and ideally more than 20 points of fire spiritual root.

The way of heaven is to reduce the surplus and supplement the deficiency.

The cultivation of this Pure Yang Method is precisely to reduce “water and wood” and supplement “fire”.

According to the theory of the five elements generating each other, one’s water spiritual root points are transformed into wood spiritual root, which is then transformed into fire spiritual root, ultimately achieving an effect similar to the “Immortal Technique·Mending the Sky”.

The cultivation of each Yang depends on the cultivator’s talent, comprehension, and resources. At most, 3 points of water spiritual root and 3 points of wood spiritual root can be reduced, but in the end, 9 points of fire spiritual root can be increased through the Pure Yang secret method.

If the Nine Yangs are sublimated, and each time the luck is good, and 9 points are added, then in the end, even a cultivator without a fire spiritual root will eventually have 81 points of heavenly fire spiritual root.

If one originally has 20 points of fire spiritual root, the two combined would directly soar to 100, elevating one’s spiritual root to the Immortal Fire Spiritual Root.

Upon seeing this, Chen Mobai couldn’t help but feel excited, and he glanced at his spiritual root attributes.

His wood spiritual root was exactly 27 points, and his water spiritual root was originally 23. After eating the Green Blood Carp, it had become 30 points, perfectly meeting the requirements for cultivating the Pure Yang Method.

Then he looked at his fire spiritual root, 17 points.

This was a bit of a disappointment.

When the Nine Yangs are sublimated, the total would be exactly 98 points, just 2 points short of the Immortal Spiritual Root.

Chen Mobai had already imagined himself cultivating the Pure Yang Method, achieving Deification, sweeping across the world, and becoming a supreme ancestor.

Then he watched a few videos on cultivating the Three Yang Body, and it was like a bucket of cold water poured down, chilling him to the bone.

“The fastest cultivator to achieve the Three Yang Body was a cultivator named Mingyang. He spent 12 years. He then spent another 39 years to cultivate the Six Yang Body, and finally spent another 86 years to cultivate the Nine Yang Body. But by that time, his lifespan was insufficient, and he lacked the strength to break through to the Elemental Infant realm, and eventually died of old age.”

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