Chapter 11 – Harvest

Seeing the formation start to operate again, Chen Mobai finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He wanted to sit down and rest, but the sight of the two corpses in the mansion made him lose his mood.

Every time he closed his eyes, he could see their faces, eyes wide open in death.

However, Chen Mobai had no experience in dealing with corpses. He paced back and forth in the hall, saw the fish that was burping, and wondered if he should throw the bodies into the water outside the formation for the fish to clean up.

But after careful consideration, Chen Mobai shook his head.

Although he didn’t know where this wilderness was, he had been obsessed with various detective dramas since he was a child and felt that the fish here should not be so fierce as to completely destroy the bodies.

To prevent the bodies from floating to the surface and being discovered by the cultivators of this wilderness, Chen Mobai felt that it would be safest to completely erase the traces of the two people in this mansion.

But how to erase them?

Chen Mobai walked around with a worried look on his face, thinking about burning them. But even if the temperature was high enough in this enclosed space, he, an ordinary high school student, couldn’t bring himself to cremate the bodies.

In the end, he walked over to the old man’s shattered corpse, suppressed his body’s instinctive reaction, and was about to turn around and leave when he saw the sealed stone door of the side hall.

“Right, I can use the restrictions here.”

Thinking back to the first time he used a coin to test and was vaporized by the blue electric light, Chen Mobai felt that his idea should work.

Without delay, he took action.

Mainly because Chen Mobai really didn’t want to stay with the corpses any longer.

He used his most proficient levitation technique to lift one of the old man’s arms, then threw it towards the stone door of the middle side hall.

With a “hiss” sound!

Sure enough, without the protection of spiritual power and shield, the blood-stained arm was directly turned into a large cloud of blood mist under the impact of the blue electric light, slightly staining the floor tiles red. The blood stains splashed on the stone door triggered the power of the restriction.


Next, the entire mansion was immersed in the constant flashing and extinguishing of the electric light.

After going back and forth five times, the old man’s corpse was finally cleaned up.

Chen Mobai was surprised to find that the restrictive power on the stone door of the side hall seemed to have weakened a bit.

“It seems that the restrictions of the side hall and the spiritual veins of the entire mansion are not connected, which makes it much easier to break the restrictions.”

A good formation master would link the important buildings to the spiritual vein formation when setting up the defensive formation. As long as the formation is not broken and the spiritual veins are not scattered, the restrictive power on the building will immediately recover even if it is worn away.

This Bishui formation is not bad, but it’s clear that the person who set it up just bought the formation disk and flags and copied them.

After dealing with the old man’s corpse, Chen Mobai found a blood-stained cloth bag on the floor tiles. Following the principle of caution, he used the levitation technique to lift the cloth bag into the air, then poured out everything inside.

A pile of stuff.

In addition to more than a dozen neatly cut pieces of gold, there were two books, three bottles of elixir, a short knife, and a set of robes for changing clothes.

Chen Mobai’s breath quickened when he saw the gold. Although its value was not as high as in the previous civilization, it was still a cultivation material in the Immortal Gate. Whether it was used as gold powder for writing and drawing symbols after special processing, or as gold essence after refining, it had a big market.

These more than a dozen pieces of gold, roughly estimated, were worth more than 800 Good Deeds. If handled well, they could yield nearly a thousand Good Deeds.

Chen Mobai, who had never had so much money since he was a child, was a little unsettled.

He picked up the two books and flipped through them. One was the old man’s cultivation method, called “Black Water Technique”. Chen Mobai put it down after a glance, as it was not the time to study it.

The other book made him breathe heavily when he saw the title.

“Detailed Explanation of the Bishui Formation – From Beginner to Expert”

This was actually the instruction manual for the defensive formation of the entire mansion. Chen Mobai had originally thought that the old man was lying when he said he was the disciple of the master of this mansion, but now that he saw this book, he thought it might be true.

However, this formation book was a bit thick, and Chen Mobai looked at his phone and saw that there was only an hour left before class, so he didn’t study it in detail.

At this time, he thought of another problem, which was whether he could take these things with him when he returned to the city.

With this question in mind, he began to deal with the body of the brown-robed youth.

With experience this time, he first used the levitation technique to flip it up and down, and sure enough, he found six hidden pockets in the cuffs of the brown-robed youth.

A bottle of elixir, two pieces of white jade, a foldable hand crossbow, and a handbook for disciples of the Flying Probe Sect.

After opening the palm-sized needle box in the brown-robed youth’s hand and collecting his scattered earth-yellow flying needles, Chen Mobai happily brought over the things in the old man’s cloth bag and piled them together.Subsequently, Chen Mobai treated the corpse again with the stone door prohibition, turning it into gas. He used the old man’s spare robe as a rag, wiping all the blood-stained areas in the water mansion.

The floor tiles in front of the side hall were meticulously cleaned of blood stains using the robe and a levitation technique. He even collected the fish.

Everything was restored to cleanliness, and Chen Mobai felt a sense of accomplishment as if he had tidied up his own home.

He sat down in the middle of the main hall, in front of the pile of spoils he had painstakingly collected.

The old man’s cloth bag was also stained with some blood. Chen Mobai found it unlucky and didn’t use it. He took off his own top, spread it on the floor tiles, and then placed the items on it one by one.

Finally, he touched the two jade-white stones. A gentle and pure spiritual energy flowed into his body through the meridians in his palm, like a warm current. Chen Mobai couldn’t help but shiver, almost crying out in comfort.

“Could this be… a spirit stone!”

If the previous items had only excited Chen Mobai, then these two jade-white stones completely made him lose his composure.

You must know, these things in the Immortal Gate were as valuable as gold in the civilization on the Earth Origin Star.

However, due to the scarcity of resources on the Earth Origin Star, all the spirit stone mines had been fully explored and were not allowed to be mined except during wars.

Even so, according to the latest financial report of the Immortal Gate, the storage of spirit stones on the entire Earth Origin Star was already precarious.

If it weren’t for a genius who emerged from the Immortal Gate two thousand years ago, who invented a unique technique to infuse depleted spirit stones with spiritual energy, making them reusable at eighty percent of their original state, the Good Deed system of the Immortal Gate would have completely collapsed due to the lack of enough spirit stones for exchange.

Even so, only during wars would the Immortal Gate allow cultivators to exchange spirit stones at the bank with Good Deeds.

Ten thousand Good Deeds were equivalent to one lower-grade spirit stone.

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