Chapter 12 – Chan Si

Chen Mobai’s parents worked hard for a year, but in the end, they only earned about 100,000 Good Deeds.

And now, the two spiritual stones in his hand were equivalent to his mother’s income for a year and a half.

No wonder he was a little overwhelmed.

In fact, Chen Mobai had never touched spiritual stones in his life. If it weren’t for the detailed descriptions of spiritual stones in textbooks and movies, he might not even recognize them.

At this moment, Chen Mobai felt that this water palace might no longer be within the jurisdiction of the Immortal Gate.

He suppressed his trembling hands and placed the spiritual stones on his clothes. Then he took out his phone and took photos of the first thirty pages of “Detailed Explanation of the Azure Water Formation.”

Chen Mobai was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to bring these things back when he returned to the city.

By taking photos of the book with his phone, he could at least study the knowledge in school.

He tied up his clothes and hugged them in his arms, then Chen Mobai opened the “Turtle Treasure” app on his phone and pressed the return to city button.

After a flash of silver light, Chen Mobai opened his eyes and found himself sitting on his bed.

Looking at the clock on the wall, there was still half an hour before class.

The heavy feeling in his hands made him even more excited.

He brought everything back!

He opened his clothes and laid out the items on the floor one by one. After confirming them again, Chen Mobai couldn’t contain his excitement and couldn’t help but jump on the bed and do a somersault.

Fortunately, the soundproofing prohibition was set up when the house was being built, otherwise the noise alone would have definitely awakened his parents.

After venting his excitement, Chen Mobai opened his closet and pushed the spiritual stones, crossbow, and short knife to the back where they wouldn’t be easily noticed.

Then he took out his backpack that he hadn’t used in a long time and put the gold and books in it.

Finally, there was the needle case used by the brown-clothed youth.

Chen Mobai hesitated. This thing was undoubtedly a real magic weapon, but he didn’t know what grade it was.

He also didn’t know how to use it. The best way was to sell it online directly.

But for the Immortal Gate’s online market, the trade of second-hand magic weapons required a certification.

Over eighty percent of cultivation items, especially magic weapons, were second-hand goods.

In order to ensure the order of the magic weapon market, the Immortal Gate issued certificates to cultivators who passed the magic weapon appraisal qualification exam, and stipulated that a certification from an appraiser was required before each magic weapon trade.

Each trade required a new appraisal to determine the wear and tear of the magic weapon and its usage period.

Of course, official regulations were one thing, and actual trades were another.

Especially for first-grade magic weapons, some inferior ones were not even worth the cost of hiring an appraiser, so there were still some “three-no” products circulating in the market.

But the appraisal step was essential if one wanted to trade magic weapons and sell them at a high price.

Especially for second-grade and above magic weapons, due to their enormous value, most cultivators would only dare to buy them after an appraiser had examined them.

That was why “appraiser” was one of the most studied professions among cultivators.After purchasing three Green Arrow Talismans, Chen Mobai was broke and couldn’t afford to hire a certified appraiser with Good Deed points. So, he could only put the needle case aside for now and deal with it later when he had more money or when he had figured out how to use it.

However, despite his initial thoughts, Chen Mobai still brought the needle case with him to school. It was the first true magical tool he had ever owned in his life.

With his backpack full of wealth, Chen Mobai went downstairs, threw the fish into the water tank, heated up two pieces of wotou for breakfast, and headed straight to school.

Today happened to be the day when the teacher who taught Formation came to class.

The teacher’s surname was Chan, and she was a young intern teacher. It was said that she was also a cultivator at Danzhu University.

Although this teacher’s qualifications were the lowest in the entire fifth high school of the Immortal Gate, Chen Mobai felt that her teaching level was one of the best… if not the best.

If it weren’t for the fact that the school had a principal at Foundation Establishment level teaching, Chen Mobai wouldn’t have added the “if not the best” part.

Perhaps because of her young age and her level of thinking that was similar to that of her students, at least every time she explained Formation, she did so in a way that was easy to understand, with vivid examples.

It was precisely because of this that even though Chen Mobai didn’t usually pay much attention to Formation, he could basically remember everything that Chan had taught.

Thanks to this, Chen Mobai was able to repair and restart the Azure Water Formation.

Chan was not bad-looking, and had a good figure, but she didn’t smile much and was quite serious when she taught. Otherwise, she would have been even more popular.

However, among cultivators, there were basically no ugly people.

After all, for generations, they had been cultivating immortality and their bodies had evolved to become almost perfect. Spiritual roots were something that Heaven arranged, purely based on luck, and there was no way to control it. But having a beautiful appearance would only delay a few years of Qi Refining practice.

Some cultivators even deliberately went to hospitals to have plastic surgery to prove their firm belief in cultivating immortality, making themselves extremely ugly to show that they had no other distractions besides the Dao.

For example, Chen Mobai had an uncle from his family who was exceptionally handsome in his youth. When he was selling things on the street, someone accidentally filmed him and posted the video online, making him an overnight internet celebrity.

But he was determined to cultivate, and in the face of countless film and television companies that came to him, he went directly to the hospital and had his face made ordinary and unremarkable.

Although his spiritual root aptitude was ordinary, he was admitted to the Ling Shu University in the top 120, and now he buried himself in the mountains and veins, excavating the relics of ancient cultivators and conducting protective research.

The morning Formation class quickly passed as Chen Mobai focused on reading “The Azure Water Formation Detailed Explanation”. After class, he pretended to lag behind and slipped into Chan’s office.

Using the same excuse, he said that his parents had hired a private tutor for his high school entrance exam, and he had a few post-class assignments on Formation renovation and maintenance that he needed to complete independently. However, he was a slow student and couldn’t figure it out, so he had to come to the teacher for help.

But Chan was different from Old Man Ding. After listening to Chen Mobai’s words, she took the Azure Water Formation grade that he had written on the draft paper and furrowed her brows slightly.

“With your level of ability, would a private tutor dare to leave you with a second-grade Formation assignment?””However, regarding the issue of the formation’s maintenance and renovation, and its operation after that, my private tutor has actually taught me everything about the whole formation.”

Chen Mobai tried to explain.


Chan Si glanced at him and smiled meaningfully, but she didn’t say much. She picked up her pen, ready to answer all the questions on the draft paper, showing off her strength as a teacher.

However, after reading through the entire paper, she found that she was at a loss with her own knowledge base.

“Huh, the formation your private tutor taught you, why is it contrary to the mainstream of the Immortal Gate? It’s almost like two different systems.”

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