Chapter 90 – Master! I’ve encountered a very bad and dangerous warrior! Please come quickly!

“The Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique” is the ancestral martial arts technique of the Qingcheng Guo family, and every disciple of the Guo family will start practicing it from the age of six.

In the entire martial arts world, it is also one of the top techniques.

Before, Guo Yuanming sold it to the country for two hundred million Hua Yuan.

At first, the higher-ups also suspected that this martial arts technique might have been tampered with.

After all, in today’s decline of martial arts, every martial arts technique is the foundation of a martial arts force.

Guo Yuanming’s easy sale to the country was obviously unreasonable.

But after more than half a month of testing and experiments.

It was confirmed that this “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique” could indeed greatly accelerate the absorption of spiritual energy by biotics, and no side effects have been found so far.

Only then did the country reluctantly let down its guard and allowed all S-level biotics to start practicing.

And now, Chen Xiaobai suddenly came out and said that there was a problem with this technique?

“What’s the problem?”

Old Hua frowned and asked. He, who didn’t quite believe Guo Yuanming, immediately took it seriously.

Wang Yunlong and the others also looked at Chen Xiaobai, full of doubt.

They were also practicing the “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique” at the moment, and the effect was quite good!

It was at least twice as fast as natural upgrading, the converted alien energy was also purer, and there was no discomfort at all.

Guo Yuanming narrowed his eyes, feeling a little nervous.

But Chen Xiaobai was stunned.

What’s the problem?

How would I know what the problem is!

I just feel that there is a problem!

But what exactly is the problem… is still a problem!

Chen Xiaobai was quite confused at the moment.

His Thunder Eucharist remembered Chu Yi’s Xuanjie technique, and it became an instinct.

But he himself was not clear about the process of practicing the Xuanjie technique.

And when he was tasked with trying to practice the “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique,” he gradually discovered that the way of practicing this technique was very wrong! He couldn’t specify it.

It seemed that instinct was telling Chen Xiaobai that if he continued to practice this martial arts technique, his dantian would be scrapped sooner or later!

This thought became more and more intense in his mind, and the more he thought about it, the more flustered he became.

So he rushed into the meeting room to report.

And now, facing Old Hua’s inquiry.

Chen Xiaobai was at a loss for a moment, stammering for a long time, and said, “Uh, anyway, I just feel that there is a problem with it… If I continue to practice, there will definitely be a big problem!”

This answer was equivalent to not answering.

Everyone was puzzled.

Old Hua furrowed his brow. If this person was not Chen Xiaobai, but another SS-level biotic, he would have been kicked out by now.

But Chen Xiaobai had taken the Evergreen Sword Saint as his master and received his guidance.

What he said might have some credibility.

Guo Yuanming breathed a sigh of relief and smiled kindly, “This young friend, please don’t talk nonsense. The ‘Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique’ is the ancestral technique of our Guo family, and I myself am practicing it. How could there be a problem?”

“Moreover, now all S-level or higher biotics in the Biotics Management Bureau are practicing the ‘Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique,’ and no one feels that there is a problem with this technique. Why do you feel that way?”

Wang Yunlong and the others looked at each other, inevitably feeling some doubt about this technique.

Like Old Hua, they did not believe Chen Xiaobai, but they had some trust in the Evergreen Sword Saint behind him.

“But I really feel that there is a problem!” Chen Xiaobai suddenly became a little anxious.

Guo Yuanming smiled faintly, “Then please give a reasonable explanation, young friend.”

At this point, he was not worried at all, as this scene was exactly as he had predicted.

Some highly perceptive biotics could indeed vaguely perceive that there was a problem with the “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique.”

But he had been extremely subtle in his actions regarding this technique.

The first-time practitioners of the technique could at most perceive that something was not quite right.

But before the real problem arose, they could not possibly figure out what the problem was.

After all, all biotics had no experience in practicing the technique, and they had no way to compare it with other normal techniques, so how could they figure out what the problem was?

Chen Xiaobai stood at the door, at a loss, his face turning red with anxiety.

In the end, he could only say, “I can’t tell what the problem is, but! If my master were here, he would definitely be able to see it!”

“Your master? The Evergreen Sword Saint?”

Guo Yuanming narrowed his eyes.

He had naturally heard that the Evergreen Sword Saint seemed to have mastered the method of teaching biotics, and Chen Xiaobai had broken through to SS-level under his guidance.

But Guo Yuanming sneered at this rumor.

The speed of the Evergreen Sword Saint’s advancement was indeed beyond belief, but this only indicated that his innate immortal body was top-notch.

To want to master the method of teaching biotics? Wasn’t that equivalent to creating a martial arts technique? Or even creating a whole martial arts training system?

How could Guo Yuanming believe that?

Almost every martial arts technique and training system in the martial arts world had been passed down from ancestors.

From ancient times to the present, which martial artist who could create their own martial arts technique and training system was not a top genius in both comprehension and talent?

And it would definitely take a lifetime, as well as drawing on a lot of previous experience.

The Evergreen Sword Saint, even if he was a top genius in both comprehension and talent, had only awakened three years ago, and had not practiced any martial arts technique, let alone understood any martial arts training system.

How could he create a martial arts technique or even a training system?

You haven’t even been a student, and you can teach and guide others?

It’s simply a fantasy!

As for Chen Xiaobai breaking through under his guidance.

Guo Yuanming felt that there must be some misunderstanding in this, most likely just a coincidence.

In short, he was absolutely impossible to believe in something that exceeded his understanding.

Even in the entire martial arts world, there would definitely not be a single person who would believe it!

So, facing Chen Xiaobai’s words.Guo Yuanming spoke with a calm and light tone, “Very well, young friend, then have your master come and see if there’s anything amiss with the martial arts of our Qingcheng lineage.”

Old Hua frowned in deep thought.

Observing Guo Yuanming’s fearless demeanor, he couldn’t discern who was telling the truth between him and Chen Xiaobai.

The key issue was that other S-rank Biotics Men who had practiced the “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique,” including Wang Yunlong and a few others, hadn’t noticed anything wrong.

Only Chen Xiaobai claimed there was an issue, yet he couldn’t provide any evidence, relying solely on the reputation of the Evergreen Sword Saint for corroboration.

However, in matters of martial arts, Guo Yuanming, as a martial artist, certainly had more authority to speak than the Evergreen Sword Saint, who was a Biotics Man.

Could it really be a misunderstanding?

Or was it because Chen Xiaobai was too distrustful of Guo Yuanming that he felt there was something wrong with the technique under the influence of psychological suggestion?

Old Hua was undecided for a moment. After some thought, he turned to Chen Xiaobai and asked without much hope, “Can you contact your master and ask him to come over now?”

The fact that the Evergreen Sword Saint possessed psychic Alien Abilities was no longer a secret.

The minds of Wang Yunlong and the others bore the psychic imprints left by the Evergreen Sword Saint, allowing them to contact him at any time.

Throughout the week, they had tried to reach out to him multiple times, but to no avail.

Chen Xiaobai, on the other hand, had always flatly refused requests to contact the Evergreen Sword Saint.

But this time, Chen Xiaobai hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement, knowing the seriousness of the situation.

He immediately communicated with the psychic imprint in his mind: “Master! Please come quickly! I’ve encountered a very bad martial artist! It’s urgent! Extremely urgent!”

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