Chapter 89 – The ambition of the martial arts world, reclaiming the glory of China!

Old Hua discreetly looked at Guo Yuanming.

From their recent interactions, it seemed that Master Guo was friendly and responsible, never shirking his duties to the country. It appeared that he had truly let go of the grudges between the martial arts world and the nation, and was genuinely here to cooperate with the country.

However, one’s heart is inscrutable.

Old Hua still harbored some wariness towards him.

But with the current situation becoming increasingly dire, he was the only martial force willing to come out of seclusion to help the country. Moreover, the “Qi Refining Technique of Qingcheng” provided by Guo Yuanming had been tested multiple times and confirmed to accelerate the advancement of biotics practitioners. This was currently the only plan for establishing an education system for biotics in the country.

Old Hua had no other choice but to temporarily trust Guo Yuanming.

Of course, if they could find the Evergreen Sword Saint and confirm that he also possessed the method to teach biotics practitioners, and if he was willing to cooperate with the country, Old Hua would be more inclined to believe in this National-level biotics practitioner.

After all, the Evergreen Sword Saint had no old grudges with the country, and the possibility of him having ulterior motives was much smaller than that of Guo Yuanming.

But the key issue now was that they couldn’t find the Evergreen Sword Saint.

And Chen Xiaobai, who claimed to be the disciple of the Evergreen Sword Saint, was unwilling to disclose any information about his master.

Therefore, Old Hua could only resort to this last resort and let Guo Yuanming, a martial artist of a higher level than the Evergreen Sword Saint, go and find him. Perhaps they would be able to locate him.

There was a sudden silence in the meeting room.

Everyone’s expressions were calm, but their thoughts were different.

Guo Yuanming lowered his eyes, silently contemplating whether he could eliminate the Evergreen Sword Saint without attracting the country’s attention.

What the outside world didn’t know was that the Evergreen Sword Saint, or any powerful biotics practitioner, had long been regarded as a thorn in the side by the major martial forces. This was because the growth speed of biotics practitioners was too terrifying.

In the practice of martial arts, even those with outstanding talent would need at least thirty years to become a Martial Arts Grandmaster, which was equivalent to the Town level internationally. It would take at least sixty years to advance to the Celestial Realm, which was equivalent to the National level.

And Wang Yunlong? In just three years, his level had already reached that of a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

The Evergreen Sword Saint was even more terrifying, advancing to the Celestial Realm in just three years!

If they were given another ten years… how terrifying would the biotics practitioners’ growth be?

How could the martial arts world possibly sit still?

It should be noted that they had previously maintained a delicate balance with the country.

Some martial forces did not hide in the deep mountains and forests, but rather concealed themselves within the cities.

The country feared that they would cause mass casualties in the cities, a situation in which the military would be helpless. The martial artists, on the other hand, feared that the country would use heavy weapons or even nuclear weapons against them.

The relationship between the two sides had always been a balance of deterrence.

The emergence of biotics practitioners was highly likely to break this balance.

If the country’s official biotics power completely surpassed that of the martial arts world, combined with their technological power, what qualifications would the martial arts world have to negotiate with the country? Or even to exist?

Therefore, the martial arts world had decisively decided to nip the country’s biotics power in the bud.

Thinking of this, Guo Yuanming raised his eyelids and glanced at Wang Yunlong and the others, a hint of killing intent flashing in his eyes once again.

When biotics practitioners first appeared, some martial artists secretly investigated their abilities and were shocked to discover that the “alien energy” in the biotics practitioners’ dantian was actually the same as a martial artist’s inner strength and vigor!

These ordinary people who had not practiced martial arts suddenly became martial artists overnight!

And they progressed rapidly without the need for rigorous training!

Several major martial forces immediately thought of the “naturally gifted physique” recorded in ancient texts.

It was rumored that thousands of years ago, when the Blue Star’s spiritual energy was still abundant, there were often some extraordinary talents who could generate internal energy without the need for training, ascending to great heights in a single bound.

These people were called “naturally gifted physiques.” Not only were they self-taught, but their progress was extremely rapid, and they hardly encountered any bottlenecks.

The martial arts world had always passed down a saying: at the peak of martial arts, one becomes a terrestrial immortal.

This meant that reaching the peak of martial arts was no different from becoming an immortal, traveling the world freely.

But from ancient times to the present, the vast majority of martial artists who reached the realm of terrestrial immortals were “naturally gifted physiques.”

Later on, as the spiritual energy of the Blue Star gradually dried up, the conditions for awakening the “naturally gifted physique” disappeared.

The martial arts world also had no means of discerning the “naturally gifted physique,” so it gradually became a legend.

It wasn’t until three years ago, when spatial fissures appeared and an abundance of spiritual energy surged forth, that the spiritual energy of the Blue Star was restored.

People with the “naturally gifted physique” awakened once again and were appointed as biotics by modern countries.

During these three years, there were also many people in the martial arts world who awakened with the “naturally gifted physique,” and their absurdly rapid progress left the senior members of the martial arts world speechless.

However, there were too few people in the martial arts world, and there were only a few with the “naturally gifted physique.” But the country was excavating biotics from a population of 1.4 billion, which was terrifying.

If the martial arts world did not intervene, martial artists would soon lose all dignity in the face of modern powers.

The killing intent in Guo Yuanming’s heart grew stronger.After the resurgence of spiritual energy, the cultivation speed of martial artists greatly increased, and naturally, their ambitions swelled. They even roughly outlined a three-step rebellion plan.

The first step was to destroy China’s Biotics Man power and education system.

The second step, to assist Alien Beasts in wiping out the technological system.

The third step, to take in Biotics Men who harbored animosity towards the state as disciples, to revive the martial arts! To regain control of China!

And now, what Guo Yuanming was doing was the first step of the plan.

He could already imagine the scene of despair and suffocation when China, having lost all its powerful Biotics Men, faced the Alien Beasts immune to conventional weapons.

At that time, for the martial arts world to kick them while they were down… Regaining control of China would be as easy as flipping one’s hand!

Just as Guo Yuanming was indulging in the bright future of the martial arts world.


The conference room door was suddenly pushed open with force.

Everyone’s gaze turned in unison.

They saw Chen Xiaobai anxiously shouting, “Leaders, there’s a problem with the ‘Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique’!”

Upon hearing this, a flicker of panic flashed across the depths of Guo Yuanming’s eyes.

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