Chapter 8 – Beating someone to the ground, you call this weak and introverted, physically weak and prone to illness?

"What are you doing?! What are you all doing?!"


The headmaster shouted angrily as he rushed forward.


The students were startled, and the crowd parted like a tide, making way.


Chen Huaiyu stepped forward with a gloomy face, looking at the scene where one student was pinning another student to the ground and beating him. He was almost furious!


"Get down from there!"


Chen Huaiyu shouted loudly.


But the student who was beating the other seemed to be oblivious, continuing to beat him.


The student being beaten had a swollen face and his gaze was already hazy, clearly in a semi-conscious state.


"Eh? Chen Hao?!"


Suddenly, Chen Hao's homeroom teacher exclaimed in shock.


Chen Huaiyu's angry expression froze, and when he took a closer look, his eyes widened in disbelief. It really was Chen Hao!


He looked at the homeroom teacher with a puzzled expression, "What's going on?"


The homeroom teacher replied, "I don't know!"


Chen Huaiyu pointed at Chen Hao and angrily questioned, "Is this what you call weak and introverted personality?!"


The homeroom teacher replied, "Indeed!"


Chen Huaiyu asked again, "Is this damn called physically weak and sickly?!"


The homeroom teacher suddenly became a little unsure, "Uh… indeed…"


Chen Huaiyu became furious, "I f*cking knew it!"


"Chen Hao… he… he really is…"


The homeroom teacher broke out in a cold sweat, completely dumbfounded by the absurd scene before him.


Chen Huaiyu waved his hand abruptly, knowing that the urgent matter was not to question, and quickly pointed to several sports students over there, "What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and pull him away!"


The sports students' expressions changed, and they shook their heads repeatedly.


"No, no, no!"


"No way, Principal! We just tried, and it's completely impossible!"


"That person is not right, Principal! I saw him just now, his whole body was red and even had a hint of green. Has he mutated?!"


Chen Huaiyu had a black line on his forehead.


What nonsense were these brats talking about?


If you don't dare to go up, then don't stand here and talk nonsense!


Unable to do anything, Chen Huaiyu had to let several homeroom teachers go up and pull Chen Hao away.


But the enraged Chen Hao had already started attacking indiscriminately!


Whoever dared to come up, he would punch them!


The homeroom teachers approached with a fierce momentum, but they all came back with black eye circles, looking very aggrieved.


Damn it!


Chen Huaiyu and the school leaders' eyes revealed fear.


This… this isn't right, is it?


Could this kid have really mutated?!


"What should we do?" Chen Huaiyu was truly panicked.


Li Zicheng had already fainted. If Chen Hao continued to attack, something bad would really happen!


Just as everyone was at a loss and hesitating whether to hit Chen Hao with a brick.


"Damn it! Damn it! Something's wrong!"


An anxious and regretful voice came.


Everyone turned to look, only to see Chu Yi running from a distance, hastily pushing through the crowd and rushing directly to Chen Hao.


Then, in the shocked gazes of everyone.


Chu Yi directly pulled Chen Hao off Li Zicheng with one hand!


Chen Hao, who had lost his target, looked confused, but with the remaining strength in his body, he quickly became irritable and flailed his limbs.


Chu Yi slapped his forehead speechlessly, looked around, and his gaze fell on the horizontal bar. He walked over with Chen Hao, placing his hands on the bar.


Chen Hao grabbed the bar and immediately started doing pull-ups without saying a word!


Swish swish swish!


The speed was extremely fast!


Almost leaving afterimages!!


Chu Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Damn it, he was careless!


He didn't expect the effect of the Orient Loong Spirit Liquid's tempering to be so outrageous! He only used a drop!


Chen Hao at most only consumed half a drop!


What kind of effect is this? It's even more amazing than Viagra!


【Of course, what do you think the Orient Loong Spirit Liquid is?】 The system proudly replied.


"… " Chu Yi was truly speechless. He should have known better than to use this thing.


Fortunately, the system reminded him just now, otherwise, if he hadn't come, the others wouldn't have been able to deal with Chen Hao in his blood rage state.


Chu Yi looked at the unconscious Li Zicheng and felt a tightness in his heart. "He won't be beaten to death by Chen Hao, right?"


【No, the tempering effect of the Orient Loong Spirit Liquid gradually strengthens. Chen Hao's punches weren't too powerful, at most causing a concussion!】


"O K E Y."


Chu Yi breathed a sigh of relief. It's good that nothing serious happened.


Then he forced a smile and turned to Chen Huaiyu and the others, "Haha, Principal Chen, this… this is just a small accident…"


But the school leaders and students ignored him, everyone was dumbfoundedly looking at Chen Hao.


He had already done 90 pull-ups in a row…


And he was still going…


Is this… is this guy even human?!


Everyone couldn't help but look at the unconscious Li Zicheng, their gazes filled with a hint of pity.


This guy… is really tough!


He was beaten by this monster for several minutes and still didn't die?


Finally, Chen Huaiyu reacted and shouted, "Quick! Quickly take the one on the ground to the infirmary!"


Everyone suddenly woke up.


Several sports students hurriedly approached, lifting Li Zicheng in a fluster and running towards the infirmary.


But before leaving, they all cast a terrified glance at Chen Hao.


He had already done 200 pull-ups!


In less than two minutes!


He had crushed the world record!!


He had mutated! This guy had definitely mutated!


Some students even secretly took out their phones and started recording Chen Hao.


How could they not record it?!


Could you resist recording such an amazing thing?


And Chen Huaiyu's gaze swept back and forth between Chen Hao and Chu Yi, his expression suddenly becoming more serious, as if he had thought of something.


He immediately turned his head and instructed the stunned school leaders, "Clear the playground immediately! Let the students return to their classrooms, and no one is allowed to enter the playground!""Alright… alright…"


The school leaders nodded stiffly, unable to resist taking another look at Chen Hao before going to do what the principal had ordered.


Chu Yi furrowed his brows, looking at Chen Huaiyu's shocked yet somewhat anticipatory expression, he couldn't help but suspect that the other party knew something.


Chen Huaiyu also gave him a deep look, then pulled the dean of instruction aside and said, "I just saw a few students secretly taking photos with their phones. Later, you should check their phones, inspect their albums, and delete any photos of Chen Hao."


The dean of instruction was a bit stunned, "This… isn't it inappropriate, Principal? It infringes on the students' privacy."


Chen Huaiyu said seriously, "This matter is very important and must be done. Even if you call the police, they would do the same… First, bring out the signal jammer, don't let them post the videos online."


"Alright, alright…"


The dean of instruction nodded uncertainly, glanced at Chen Hao, and realized that this matter seemed a bit unusual.


Chu Yi's eyes were slightly confused.


The principal's reaction… something was off.


Very, even extremely off!


Ten minutes later, the playground was cleared.


Only Chu Yi, Chen Huaiyu, and Chen Hao, who was still crazily doing pull-ups, were left.


"Principal, this…"


Chu Yi tentatively started.


Chen Huaiyu, however, directly asked seriously, "Chu Yi, have you recently felt like you suddenly possess some… supernatural abilities?"


As expected, Principal Chen must know some inside information about the resurgence of spiritual energy.


Chu Yi's mind was spinning, and to be cautious, he put on a puzzled look, "Supernatural abilities? What?"


He paused, then pointed at Chen Hao with a shocked face, "Principal Chen, you're not saying that he… he has supernatural abilities, are you?"


Chen Huaiyu said speechlessly, "Stop pretending, I saw it. You just lifted Chen Hao up with one hand. Is that the strength of a normal person?"


Chu Yi scratched his head, "That's because I was so concerned about the students that I burst out with potential…"


Chen Huaiyu: "…"


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