Chapter 7 – Very angry!

The onlookers subconsciously turned their gaze towards Chen Hao.


Upon hearing the discussions of the athletes, a tinge of pity and sympathy appeared in their eyes.


This academically strong but physically weak student was truly pitiful.


After years of hard work and burying himself in his studies, he had finally managed to improve his grades to the top of the class.


But now… it was truly tragic.


Not only that, he also had to face the mockery of the students who used to be academically weak but physically strong.


Watching these athletes openly revel in his misfortune.


The students felt a surge of anger.


"Li Zicheng, don't go too far! Chen Hao worked harder than you before! You were just lucky to encounter the new college entrance examination reform! Don't be so arrogant!"


One of Chen Hao's classmates from the cultural class couldn't help but speak up.


Li Zicheng raised an eyebrow and slowly approached the person who spoke, taunting, "Say that again?"


He had been practicing sports since the age of 14, with a height of 189 cm and a strong muscular build, he looked like a little green giant, exuding a strong sense of oppression.


The inexperienced students naturally felt a bit intimidated.


The student who spoke up for Chen Hao's face had changed, he took two steps back in panic, his lips moved but he couldn't say a word.


"Is that all you've got, little dog?"


Li Zicheng scanned everyone with a mocking gaze, looking at their angry and fearful expressions, feeling an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.


He loved seeing people who looked down on him but didn't dare to challenge him.


In middle school, Li Zicheng enjoyed bullying others. That sense of power and control really made him feel good. However, after entering high school, he became more cautious about causing trouble.


Even the reason he chose to practice sports was just to make others fear him more and satisfy his own pleasure.


The athletes behind him couldn't help but look at Li Zicheng with admiration.


In their eyes, his behavior was really awesome!


He was so cool!


What does it mean to be unbeatable by anyone?


Simply put, he was awesome!


The students felt very frustrated, but also helpless.


What could they do? Rush up and fight Li Zicheng and his friends? They wouldn't stand a chance!


Tell the teacher?


These athletes were now the apple of the school leaders' eyes. The undergraduate admission rate this year depended on them, so it would be useless to report them.


Sigh, they could only endure it.


"Li Zicheng."


Just as Li Zicheng was feeling pleased with himself, Chen Hao's voice, filled with suppressed anger, suddenly rang out.


"Hmm? What's up, little mouse?"


Li Zicheng sneered down at him, towering over Chen Hao by a head, as if he could easily crush him with one hand.


But as he looked, Li Zicheng's expression changed.


Because Chen Hao's skin and eyes visibly turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if blood could drip from them, and even a strange shade of blue seemed to seep through.


"You… Chen Hao… you!"


Li Zicheng's face turned pale, pointing at Chen Hao in shock and taking two steps back.


Everyone was stunned, looking at Chen Hao with puzzled eyes.


But before they could see clearly.


Chen Hao, like a mad dog, rushed towards Li Zicheng at an extremely fast speed and punched him directly in the face!




A dull thud rang out.


Li Zicheng's sturdy body was actually knocked back two meters by this punch!


His eyes were filled with confusion, fear, and disbelief.


"Damn! You've really pissed me off!"


Chen Hao roared, completely losing his sanity, wanting nothing more than to vent all his strength and anger.


He swiftly moved, pinning Li Zicheng down and raining down punch after punch!


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The dull sound of punches landing on flesh continued without pause!


He had gone completely crazy!


The red and blue colors on Chen Hao's skin quickly faded, unnoticed by most people.


Because the surrounding students and athletes were already in a daze.


There was only one thought in their minds – Chen Hao, pinning Li Zicheng down and beating him up?




The whole scene fell silent!


As if the air had frozen!


Only the sound of punches, one after another, "bang, bang, bang".


Li Zicheng was filled with fear, but the pain on his face and the gazes of the people around him quickly turned his fear into anger.


He desperately tried to resist, to push Chen Hao away.


But the other party was like a mad beast, with an unimaginable strength. Li Zicheng couldn't move at all!


If he hadn't practiced boxing and had a strong resistance to being hit, he would have been knocked unconscious by these repeated heavy punches!


But Li Zicheng would rather be knocked unconscious right now!


Because it was so damn embarrassing!


Being pinned down and beaten up?


I, Li Zicheng, being pinned down and beaten up by a little mouse?


He felt that his self-esteem had been shattered into pieces.


Wuwuwu! Mom! I don't want to live anymore!


"What the fuck!"


Someone shouted, but no one knew who it was.


As if a chain reaction had occurred.


"What the fuck!"


"What the fuck?!"


"What the fuck?!"


The sound of "what the fuck" echoed one after another, leaving everyone shocked and speechless!


"What are you doing?!"


"Chen Hao! Let go of Brother Cheng!"


"Damn it!"


The athletes who reacted instinctively rushed over, trying to pull Chen Hao off Li Zicheng.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Chen Hao swung his arms wildly, carrying immense strength.


Several athletes who approached him were thrown several meters away!


They fell to the ground, clutching the areas where Chen Hao had hit them, crying out in pain.


The remaining athletes instantly dared not move.Faces filled with shock and disbelief were everywhere.


The surrounding students were also dumbfounded, their mouths agape.


Who could explain what the hell was going on?!


Wasn't Chen Hao supposed to be physically weak?


Wasn't he a weakling?


What was going on with him pinning Li Zicheng to the ground and beating him?!


And how did he manage to fling several athletes several meters away?!



On the other side.


Several senior year homeroom teachers were strolling on the other end of the field with a few school leaders, including the principal.


"Ah, the new college entrance exam policy really has made things difficult for us!"


Principal Chen Huaiyu sighed heavily.


The other school leaders also wore bitter expressions.


North Hill High School's college acceptance rate was already pitifully low, so they had been extremely strict with the students' discipline. Anything unrelated to improving grades was forbidden, including physical education.


The heavy academic load coupled with the lack of physical education had resulted in North Hill High School students having poorer physical fitness than other schools.


Now with the new college entrance exam policy, the school leaders were at their wits' end.


Perhaps this was the so-called trend of the times?


Anyway, they had no hope for this year's college acceptance rate.


Chen Huaiyu suddenly turned to the homeroom teachers behind him and asked, "How are those students with excellent academic performance doing now?"


Someone responded with a bitter smile, "Principal Chen, two-thirds of the students who ranked in the top hundred for academic performance have very poor physical fitness. They basically have no hope of getting into a top-tier university."


Chen Huaiyu's face darkened even more.


At this moment, Chen Hao's homeroom teacher couldn't help but speak up:


"Principal Chen, that kid in our class, Chen Hao, is really pitiful. He worked hard for three years, finally improving his grades from the bottom of the class to the top ten, only to be assigned to the physical education class 20! His life is ruined!"


The homeroom teacher was truly distressed. Thinking back to Chen Hao's abnormal reaction when they met earlier, he was worried that Chen Hao might have been too shocked and had a mental breakdown.


"Chen Hao?" Chen Huaiyu felt like he had some impression of the name, but couldn't recall it at the moment.


The homeroom teacher said, "He's the thin and weak boy in my class, quite introverted. Chen Hao has been frail and sickly since he was young. This new college entrance exam policy is really unfriendly to him! It's completely ruining his future!"


Only then did Chen Huaiyu remember what Chen Hao looked like. He felt very distressed and didn't know what to say, so he could only sigh helplessly.


"Eh! Principal Chen! What are those students doing huddled together over there?"


One of the school leaders suddenly pointed in the direction of the equipment area, his face changing dramatically, "There's a fight!"




The faces of the others also changed, and the group of school leaders and senior year homeroom teachers hurriedly ran towards the commotion.


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