Chapter 29 – Shuzhou City Branch of the Alien Abilities Management Bureau Shocked!

A few minutes ago.

Biotics Management Bureau Shuzhou Branch.

In a conference room, the high-level members of the branch were sitting around a table.

On the projection screen in front, the image of the S-class Alien Beast in Dongchuan District was playing, captured in real-time by satellites.

In the footage, due to the dense forest and the towering flames and black mist, the figures of the members of Combat Team 3 were completely invisible.

Only the spatial crack and the terrifying body of the S-class Alien Beast could be seen.

Lin Zhiwu stared at the projection screen, restless. His once elegant and easy-going face was now filled with anxiety and worry.

“How could this happen? How could… a second spatial crack appear in Shuzhou City?”

“An S-class Alien Beast! Captain Wang of Combat Team 3 is only A-class!”

“Will Mu Lengyu be okay?”

Lin Zhiwu was filled with regret.

He thought it was just a B-class spirit beast, and it would be safe for Combat Team 3 to lead the mission. That’s why he allowed Mu Lengyu to go with them.

The original intention was indeed to train her.

Who could have expected this situation?

That’s an S-class Alien Beast!

In the entire Shuzhou Branch, there is only one S-class Biotics Man!

Because the situation with the spatial crack in the main city area of Shuzhou was not too critical, the country did not allocate too many powerful individuals to them. After all, there were not many powerful Biotics Men to begin with.

There are only about a hundred S-class Biotics Men in the whole country!

And at this moment, Combat Team 3 urgently needed an S-class Biotics Man to support them, otherwise they would be wiped out by the S-class Alien Beast in less than five minutes!

But the S-class Biotics Man of the Shuzhou Branch was still guarding the spatial crack in the main city area and couldn’t leave!

Fortunately, a young S-class Biotics Man named Chen Xiaobai was sent here to learn combat experience by the neighboring Chuan Province Branch a while ago.

This person awakened the thunderous Biotics Ability that represented dominance and destruction, and his strength was quite formidable.

Although his combat experience was lacking, it was more than enough to wait for support from other S-class Biotics Men from different branches.

“Team Leader Lin, don’t worry. Chen Xiaobai from the Chuan Province Branch is already on his way to support us. He will arrive in ten minutes at most.”

Li Xiu, the overall leader of the Shuzhou Branch Combat Team, looked at Lin Zhiwu and reassured him.

Lin Zhiwu smiled bitterly, “Ten minutes?”

Can Combat Team 3 survive for five minutes in front of an S-class Alien Beast?

The others in the conference room naturally understood the meaning behind Lin Zhiwu’s rhetorical question, and their expressions dimmed.

They didn’t even dare to look at the cruel image on the projection screen anymore.

Everyone felt a deep sense of powerlessness and despair.

The number of powerful Biotics Men was really too few.

In this emergency situation, they were unable to provide timely and effective support. They could only sit here helplessly, waiting for news of the sacrifice of all members of Combat Team 3.

In the past three years, the number of Biotics Men sacrificed in the fight against Alien Beasts in the country has almost reached three thousand.

The awakened Biotics Men in the military were almost exhausted.

The next ones to step up would be the reserves.

In the face of the increasingly severe crisis of Alien Beasts, the country and the Biotics Management Bureau have already made the greatest efforts to ensure the continued peaceful and safe lives of the majority of ordinary people for three years.

“Let’s discuss the problems we will face next.”

Li Xiu’s calm gaze swept across the crowd. As the overall leader of the combat team, he was also filled with grief and sorrow in the face of the imminent sacrifice of all members of Combat Team 3.

But Li Xiu knew that now was not the time for grief.

“I will only speak the facts. The location of the spatial crack and the S-class Alien Beast in Dongchuan District is only about 1 kilometer away from a high school called North Hill.”

“After that S-class Alien Beast kills all the members of Combat Team 3, it will definitely be attracted to the vast life force of North Hill High School and carry out a massive slaughter.”

“Although we have already notified the leaders of North Hill High School to evacuate the students as soon as possible under the pretext of an exercise, the time is too short and most of the students cannot leave.”

“Therefore, there will inevitably be a large number of casualties at North Hill High School. What we need to discuss now is how to handle the aftermath…”

Everyone listened in silence, and a strong sense of sadness spread in the conference room. Some people were already choked up.

This is a natural disaster!

Humans are truly fragile in the face of Alien Beasts.

The atmosphere in the conference room was heavy and oppressive.

However, at this moment, someone suddenly pointed at the projection screen and exclaimed, “Look! What is that?!”

Everyone was stunned and subconsciously looked at the image on the projection screen, their faces filled with shock.

In the sky, a brilliant green light streaked across!One could vaguely make out a human figure!

“Levitation? An S-class Biotics Man!”

Someone excitedly asked, “Is that Chen Xiaobai arriving? The combat team 3 is saved!”

“No, it’s not Chen Xiaobai.” Li Xiu immediately denied, “Chen Xiaobai has thunder abilities! This person clearly doesn’t!”

Lin Zhiwu exclaimed in shock, “Then who is this S-class? A Biotics Man from another division?”

Before anyone could guess,

In the screen, a blue light sword, ten meters long, suddenly appeared above the Alien Beast’s head!

In the next instant, it astonishingly extended to a hundred meters long!

The sky was filled with blue light, as if the Milky Way was reversing!

Grass withered! Trees grew!

Then, the sword slashed down!



Many people in the conference room were so shocked that they stood up, staring wide-eyed at the scene.

The S-class Alien Beast, under this blue light sword, had no resistance at all, and was directly annihilated by a single stroke!

Moreover, its death was extremely tragic, not only was it stripped of countless years of life by this sword, but its massive body was also directly cut in half!

This sword, was so powerful that it was suffocating!

Then, the sky full of blue light quickly converged into the blue figure, who flew into the woods for a while, then quickly left.

From his appearance, to the killing of the S-class Alien Beast with a single sword, to his departure, the whole process did not exceed one minute!


The conference room was deathly quiet.

Everyone was stunned.

A group of high-level executives who had seen big scenes were all stunned by the terrifying power of this blue figure!

“Is this… an SS-class?” Li Xiu managed to speak.

“Yes… it must be.” Lin Zhiwu murmured in response.

At this moment, the satellite phone by Li Xiu’s side rang. He subconsciously answered it, listened for a while, and his face suddenly changed.

“What happened?” Lin Zhiwu quickly asked.

Li Xiu answered in a daze, “The deputy director of the Chuan Du Province division told me that he checked the information of this blue figure and found nothing. He should be a strange SS-class Biotics Man, and may even have reached SSS-class.”

“Moreover, he might be a dual-system Biotics Man with wood and time abilities, his power is unimaginable.”

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp.

When did such an awesome character appear in their Shuzhou City?

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