Chapter 28 – Girl, how do you know Ji Bodada?

“Hahaha! Struck by thunder! All destroyed!”

Chen Xiaobai shouted with full adolescent delusions, bathed in thunder descending from the sky, like a missile, directly smashing onto the corpse of the S-class Alien Beast!

Electricity swept through, with a grand momentum!

After a moment, the deep forest returned to calm.

Then, Chen Xiaobai’s arrogant laughter came, “Is this it? This is an S-class Alien Beast? It’s over! One move and it’s done! What’s there to say?!”

Chen Xiaobai stood with his hands behind his back, looking at Wang Tianchuan and the others with a carefree appearance, but the admiring gazes he imagined from the group of people did not appear.

The members of Operation Team 3, at this moment, were receiving urgent treatment from the medical team that came to support them, while looking at him with dumbfounded expressions.

S-class Biotics Man, indeed quite strong, and can even fly.

But he doesn’t seem very smart.


Chen Xiaobai lightly exclaimed, feeling surprised.

He defeated the S-class Alien Beast with one move, yet the reactions of these people were so indifferent?

Although this S-class Alien Beast was much weaker than he had imagined, it was still an S-class!

At this moment, a furious roar from his superior came through his special earpiece, “Chen Xiaobai! Are you damn mocking me? How many times have I told you to stop! Are you blind?!”

“What? Mocking?”

Chen Xiaobai was stunned, and then carefully looked at the corpse of the Alien Beast on the ground.

Suddenly, his expression changed drastically, and he quickly took several steps back, “This is incredible! Such a strong Wood-type Alien Abilities aura! It’s SS-class! Definitely SS-class!”

Only then did Chen Xiaobai react, and he asked his superior in shock, “So, did an SS-class Biotics Man arrive to support before me?”

His superior laughed in anger, “How many times do you think I told you?”

Chen Xiaobai apologized, “Ah, sorry leader, the lightning was too dazzling just now, it blinded my eyes, I didn’t hear!”

Then he excitedly asked, “Leader, who is this? Who is this SS-class Biotics Man? A master from which branch?”

His superior fell silent for a moment, and his tone became serious:

“It should be a dual-element SS-class Biotics Man, Wood and Time, and the weapon is a long sword… I couldn’t find any information about this person, most likely not from the Biotics Management Bureau.”

Chen Xiaobai furrowed his brows, “A newly awakened SS-class Biotics Man? Or… has this person awakened their abilities a long time ago, and we just didn’t discover it?”

Chen Xiaobai also became serious, which means what does an uncontrolled SS-class Biotics Man mean?

It’s almost equivalent to a non-nuclear missile falling into civilian hands, and the owner of the missile can use it at will.

The level of danger is self-evident.

His superior said firmly, “Not sure, but an unfamiliar SS-class Biotics Man has appeared in Shuzhou City, and we must find him.”

“This person is very strong, killing an S-class Alien Beast with one sword, and is also a dual-element Biotics Man. I even suspect that his strength is close to SSS-class!”

Chen Xiaobai was shocked, “No, it can’t be?”

SS-class Biotics Men, currently there are no more than 20 in the whole country.

And SSS-class, there are even fewer, they are called human nuclear weapons! They are strategic-level existences!

Every one of them is a top-tier powerhouse guarding the most dangerous spatial rifts.

Like the Kunlun Rift, Hengshan Rift, Qingcheng Rift, East China Sea Rift…

His superior said firmly, “Even if this person is only SS-class, they are among the top of the SS-class. If we can find and recruit them into the Biotics Management Bureau, it will undoubtedly add a general who can independently guard a region for us!”

Chen Xiaobai pondered for a moment and said, “But this powerful person should be from Shuzhou City, so if we want to recruit them, it should be the Shuzhou branch, right? Our Chuan Du branch…”

His superior impatiently said, “Don’t you know how to snatch people?!”

Chen Xiaobai was stunned, “No, isn’t that inappropriate?”

“What’s inappropriate about it? It’s every man for himself! Besides, it’s not certain that person is from Shuzhou! What if they’re from our Chuan Du Province and just visiting Shuzhou?”

Chen Xiaobai’s eye twitched, wow, for the sake of snatching people, you don’t even care about your dignity!

But it’s understandable.

SS-class Biotics Men are now too rare, and in some spatial rifts within China, S-class and even SS-class Alien Beasts have begun to appear frequently.

Various high-level spirit beasts are also continuously being born in deep mountains and old forests.

The pressure on the branches of the Biotics Management Bureau is very high, and they all want to recruit as many and as strong Biotics Men as possible.

Of course, there is also pressure from the country.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so desperate as to implement that absurd reform of the college entrance examination.

Chen Xiaobai looked up at the hundred-meter-long spatial rift, its depths were terrifying and dark.

Although a large amount of spiritual energy surged out, he didn’t feel any comfort, but rather a creepy feeling.

Who knows if an SSS-class Alien Beast will suddenly emerge from inside?

“This is already the 103rd spatial rift in China. In the past six months, there have been more than sixty, more than the previous two and a half years.”

Chen Xiaobai’s gaze slightly condensed, he had a feeling that the revival of spiritual energy might not be able to be concealed for much longer.

He then turned his head to look at the deep forest beside him, as if he could see North Hill high school not far away through the woods.

With such a big commotion, and so close…

How should they deceive the students and teachers of North Hill high school this time?At this point, Wang Tianchuan and the others had already been taken away by the emergency rescue team, leaving only Mu Lengyu, who was still staring blankly at the corpse of the Alien Beast, the image of that stunning sword strike replaying in her mind.

Standing next to the corpse, Chen Xiaobai thought she was looking at him and flashed a mischievous smile, “What are you looking at, girl?”

Mu Lengyu: “……”

She didn’t want to bother with this adolescent delusionist and turned to leave.

But then she seemed to remember something and turned back to ask him, “Um, Mr. Chen, do you know that SS-level Biotics Man?”

“Girl, you’re too polite, just call me Xiaobai.” Chen Xiaobai chuckled, feeling extremely pleased with himself.

She’s talking to me! That means she’s thinking about me!

Chen Xiaobai replied with a smile, “I don’t know him, my superiors don’t know him, and he’s not in the database, so he must be a stranger…”

Before he could finish, Mu Lengyu’s face changed, “How could that be? That man clearly said he was a Biotics Man from the Magic City branch!”

“Huh? Well… he probably made that up because he didn’t want to reveal his identity.” Chen Xiaobai, trusting his superiors, asked curiously, “Did he say anything else?”

Mu Lengyu blurted out anxiously, “He also said he was Ji Bochang!”

“Oh… Ah?!”

Chen Xiaobai looked shocked.

Damn, was this powerful guy so straightforward in hitting on girls?

But, it seemed like this girl was quite into it?

In that case, why couldn’t he do the same?

Chen Xiaobai immediately put on a triumphant smile like a dragon king, “Girl, how did you know I’m Ji Boda?”

Mu Lengyu: “……?”

Superiors: “???”

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