Chapter 26 – SS-level biotics man who can fly with a sword?!

Under the night sky, in the deep forest, the flames soared and the black mist surged.

Fear and despair gripped the hearts of every member of Combat Team 3.

Half of them had already been injured by touching the black mist, some losing their arms or legs, and others losing half of their bodies, dying on the spot.

But not a single person followed the captain’s orders to retreat because of their injuries.

Everyone gritted their teeth and persisted, unleashing their most powerful alien abilities.

As long as they could hold the alien beast for one second, just one second!

Before the reinforcements arrived, they couldn’t let the alien beast completely break free from the spatial rift!

Behind them was the school!

The Bureau of Alien Abilities had only been established for less than three years, and most of the members in the combat team were actually biotics awakened in the military.

The biotics recruited from ordinary people, like Mu Lengyu, mostly worked in grassroots work groups as reserves for the combat team.

All members of Combat Team 3 were former soldiers from three years ago, and they naturally wouldn’t forget their duty to protect the people.

They couldn’t take a step back from their duty!

“Brothers, it seems like we’re going to die here today.”

Wang Tianchuan continued to launch attacks, but he was already struggling. The flames around him gradually extinguished, and his calm gaze carried a hint of heroism as he looked at the alien beast not far away.

Its last hind leg had already broken free from the spatial rift and was now swaying, trying to stand up.

In the hollow vertical pupils of the alien beast, there was boundless anger as it stared fiercely at all the members of Combat Team 3.

Once it became familiar with this new world and adapted to the dizziness caused by crossing the spatial rift…

All the humans below would die!

“Captain, when the damn reinforcements coming!?” someone roared.

Wang Tianchuan shook his head slightly. “The S-level biotic stationed at the main city’s spatial rift will take at least ten minutes to arrive.”

“Ten minutes?! Damn it!”

Someone anxiously shouted, “Damn it, in another ten minutes, this beast will be able to flatten the school!”

Wang Tianchuan simply said, “There’s no other way, we’ll buy time with our lives.”

Then he looked at Mu Lengyu, who was trembling in fear on the side, and commanded his team members, “Two injured soldiers, take Mu Lengyu to a safe place!”

The fragile seedlings of the reserves still needed to be protected as much as possible.

Mu Lengyu had long been frightened, as one of the few B-level biotics in the entire field, she hadn’t contributed anything and had been trembling in fear the whole time.

Her eyes were vacant, and her ears were filled with roaring sounds. She didn’t hear what Wang Tianchuan was saying at all.

An S-level alien beast… an S-level alien beast…

So an S-level alien beast is this terrifying…

Mu Lengyu was now filled with fear and regret.

Why did I have to come here with Combat Team 3?!

She just wanted to take a few pictures of the majestic spirit beasts.

Then she would go back and share them with her biotic sisters, and also show off on the Biotics Forum, proving that she was not inferior to male biotics of the same level.

She didn’t want to die here with them!

At this moment, two C-level biotics with missing arms and legs rushed over and immediately dragged Mu Lengyu out of the battlefield without saying a word.

Her legs had long gone weak and she couldn’t exert any force, so she could only let the two of them drag her away.

“Alright, continue the fight.”

Wang Tianchuan finally felt relieved. His pupils lit up with flames, and his aura forcibly rose, as if he was ready to burn his life.

The team members were also on high alert, even those with broken legs stood straight, their gazes solemn and determined.


Finally, the alien beast stood up and let out a thunderous roar as if venting its anger.

Visible sound waves spread in all directions from its center!

The sound waves carried terrifying power.

Along the way, trees were shaken and bent, even uprooted, and patches of grass were lifted up!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wang Tianchuan and the others didn’t even have time to react before they were lifted up by the sound waves and heavily fell on the ground or on trees.

When they struggled to get up, their eyes were filled with shock.

An S-level… it’s this powerful?

Even if they risked their lives, they couldn’t hold on for half a minute!

Mu Lengyu and the two soldiers dragging her were also lifted up by the sound waves and flew several meters away.

After rolling on the ground for several rounds, Mu Lengyu raised her head in a daze, staring at the 30-meter-tall alien beast in fear, trembling all over! She was paralyzed and couldn’t move! Her brain had short-circuited!

The two injured soldiers immediately rushed over and pulled her up, continuing to retreat.

But at this moment…

Suddenly, everyone looked up in astonishment at a certain place in the sky.

They saw a brilliant green light flying at an extremely fast speed.

Within the green light, there was a slender figure.

Under his feet, there was even a three-foot-long sword that was completely green!

This… flying with a sword?!

The members of Combat Team 3 were all dumbfounded.

“Who is this?” Wang Tianchuan was astonished.

“Oh my god! So powerful…” Mu Lengyu also stared blankly at the green light.

Even the alien beast was stunned for a moment, looking at the green light with vertical pupils filled with fear and dread.

All the members of Combat Team 3 could feel that the figure in the green light exuded an incredibly powerful aura, like an ancient tree that had existed for thousands of years, vast and profound.

Such an aura, they had never felt it even from the S-level biotics in the branch!

Everyone was shocked.

Could this person be above S-level?

An SS-level biotic?!

How could he appear in Shuzhou City?

Weren’t the SS-level biotics stationed at the most dangerous spatial rifts within China’s borders?

But no matter what, with a powerhouse of this level, they should be able to turn the tables.

“Is he here to help us? That’s great! We’re saved!” Mu Lengyu quickly broke free from the two soldiers pulling her and patted the bloodstains they left on her body, excitedly asking Wang Tianchuan.

“Probably… I guess,” Wang Tianchuan furrowed his brows, although he was somewhat puzzled, he still breathed a sigh of relief.At this moment, the figure enveloped in green light, flying on a sword, was already hovering above the Alien Beast’s head.

Wang Tianchuan and the members of the combat team 3 couldn’t help but tense up.

They had never seen a battle between an S-class Alien Beast and an SS-class Biotics Man!


Mu Lengyu suddenly froze as if struck by lightning.

She faintly saw the clothes on the figure in the green light.

Chu… Chu Yi?!

Why would this powerful figure’s clothes be exactly the same as Chu Yi’s?!

The height and figure seemed to match, and the location was just near North Hill high school…

A ridiculous idea emerged in Mu Lengyu’s mind, could this SS-class powerhouse be Chu Yi?!

Impossible, she had just tested Chu Yi’s Alien Abilities level last week, he was clearly just a weak D-class…

Just as Mu Lengyu was in doubt.


The Alien Beast moved, it actually initiated an attack.

Its right claw violently swung into the air, stirring up a large amount of black fog, which then condensed into the shape of a black arrow, its aura eerie and dangerous, shooting towards the green figure!

“Watch out!”

Wang Tianchuan and the others were all shocked.

The terrifying power of the black fog had already left a huge psychological shadow on them, they almost instinctively cried out in alarm.

They even instinctively worried about the safety of the green figure.

The size of this Alien Beast was too terrifying, as tall as a ten-story building, the green figure hovering above its head, as tiny as a green bug.

Even the arrow condensed from the black fog was ten meters long!

Visually, it subconsciously gave people a sense of the green figure being incredibly weak.

For a moment, everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

“Heh, you damn dare to strike first?”

The green figure coldly shouted, not afraid at all.

He saw him make a hand seal with one hand, the green sword under his feet trembled, and flew into his hand.

The next moment, the green figure released an incredibly powerful pressure, his aura became even more grand, and the green light suddenly surged!

It was as if a green sun had appeared in the sky!

Under the shocked gaze of Wang Tianchuan and others.


The green figure lightly shouted, and casually swung out a sword.

Suddenly, the sky full of green light was like the Milky Way reversing, the green sun rolled like a helium flash.

Then it quickly transformed into a ten-meter-long green sword!

He slashed down at the Alien Beast below!

The arrow condensed from the black fog was instantly shattered!

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