Chapter 25 – Space Rift, S-Class Alien Beast



The four disciples who left the gym were walking back to North Hill.


"Damn!  What kind of garbage school is built halfway up the mountain? Do they want me to die?!"


Chen Hao had already put on a mask of pain. Overtraining his legs, he was now crawling up the mountain with trembling legs.


Xu Guanghui and Su Ying were not doing well either.


The former had no intention of arguing with Chen Hao anymore.


Although the recovery ability of cultivators was strong, these three little brats were training without restraint, obviously overexerting themselves.


Chu Yi walked slowly behind, not in a hurry, his eyes filled with the joy of seeing fun.


At the same time, he was organizing the items in the system backpack in his mind. During this period, he actually obtained many rewards, but most of them seemed useless, just miscellaneous items.




Suddenly, a deafening sound came from a distance.


Followed by the violent shaking of the ground.


The windows of the houses on both sides rattled!


Various potted plants and vases fell and shattered on the ground!


"Fuck! An earthquake?!"


Chen Hao and the others' faces changed drastically.


Chu Yi's gaze condensed, already sensing something, and looked up into the distance.


In the sky over there, there were towering flames and electric rays.


If you looked closely, you could also see waves of dense and eerie black mist churning madly, barely perceptible against the dark night background.


What a grand scene!


What happened?


System prompt: [Host, please note! A spatial rift has appeared 1.3 kilometers southeast! An S-class alien beast is crawling out!]


[Combat Team 3 of the Shuzhou Branch of the Biotics Management Bureau is fighting the alien beast, but their strongest member is only an A-class biotics man. They will definitely be wiped out by the alien beast within two minutes!]


Spatial rift? S-class alien beast?!


Damn, isn't that equivalent to Foundation Establishment Seventh Level?


Chu Yi frowned. His first reaction was whether he should take his three disciples and run away.


But the location of the anomaly was very close to North Hill High School, less than a kilometer away, in a deep mountain.


Shuzhou City, also known as the Mountain City, had many mountains, and 90% of the city was built on mountains.


Chu Yi glanced at the rows of residential buildings on both sides of the road, feeling a tightness in his heart.


If this S-class alien beast wasn't stopped, how many students would die? How many residents would die?


What is the Biotics Management Bureau doing?


Sending A-class biotics men to fight an S-class alien beast?!


"Just by looking at Mu Lengyu's appearance, you can tell that this department is unreliable."


Chu Yi couldn't help but comment, his thoughts quickly turning: "System Brother, I should run away, right? I can't beat a Foundation Establishment Seventh Level alien beast, can I?"


[You, a cultivator who has cultivated two Iron Level techniques, one Heaven Level sword technique, and possesses an Earth Level magic tool, can't beat a low-level alien beast that fights on instinct?!]


[Tch! How embarrassing! Don't ever say that you are my host in the future!]


Chu Yi: "……"


He was just trying to find a justified excuse to escape. Unless absolutely necessary, he really didn't want to take action.


But now there was really no way he could avoid it.


As a teacher, he couldn't just stand by and do nothing.


"Master… Master, what's going on? What should we do?"


Chen Hao was a little panicked.


Xu Guanghui and Su Ying also had pale faces, obviously frightened.


After all, they were just students. Where had they seen such a scene before?


"You guys stay here and don't move. I'll go and see what's going on."


Chu Yi left these words behind and immediately disappeared into the night with a flash of green light, crossing hundreds of meters in an instant.


Then, a green sword, completely green, appeared out of thin air under his feet, flying on the sword, disappearing into the night.


Chen Hao and the others stared blankly as his figure disappeared into the night, their eyes filled with shock.


Flying… flying on a sword?!


Is this the strength of a master?




In the depths of the forest.


A hundred-meter-long spatial rift stood in the middle of the gorge, with the edges reflecting like a crystal, clear and translucent.


The inside was incredibly deep and dark, as if it could capture one's soul.


Thick black mist emanated from it, carrying a terrifying aura that made one's heart tremble.


A terrifying alien beast covered in black scales and half-crawling out of the spatial rift, waving its strange claws randomly, stirring up a sky full of black mist.


Just half of its body was already ten meters long.


The pressure was extremely strong!




The members of Combat Team 3 of the Biotics Management Bureau's Shuzhou Branch looked shocked and frightened as they desperately launched electric spears, fireballs, and ice cones at the alien beast.


But most of them were C-class biotics men, and only three of them were B-class biotics men.Even the strongest team leader was only at A-level!


Facing an S-level Alien Beast, their attacks were undoubtedly like trying to put out a fire with a cup of water, they couldn't even break its defense!


Not only that, they had to constantly dodge the deadly black fog, which had an extremely corrosive nature.


Ordinary people would be corroded to nothingness instantly upon contact with a wisp of black fog!


Even a B-level Biotics Man would suffer significant injuries.


"Ah! My hand!"


A C-level Biotics Man suddenly let out a shrill scream. He had obviously been hit accidentally, his right hand that had touched the black fog had lost half of its palm, flesh and blood blurred!


The blood he shed was half a bizarre black color, terrifying and tragic.


"Those who are injured, retreat! Wait for support from the division!"


Team leader Wang Tianchuan shouted, no longer able to take care of the wounded.


His arms were ablaze with surging flames, each punch he threw into the air would condense into a huge fireball, containing a high temperature capable of melting gold and forging iron.


Its power was no less than a grenade!


It smashed hard onto the scales of the Alien Beast!


But these scales seemed to be made of fine steel, the fireball could at most make them slightly deform and turn red, completely unable to cause substantial damage!


Wang Tianchuan's face was extremely grim.


This situation was something no one had anticipated.


The division's detector had detected the spiritual energy fluctuations of a B-level spirit beast here.


In reality, a spatial rift had appeared! And an S-level Alien Beast had crawled out of it!


This was the 103rd spatial rift in China!


The intense spatial energy fluctuations interfered with the detector!


"Captain Wang, what should we do?!"


Mu Lengyu, shrouded in thunder and lightning, had a face full of terror and panic, and asked shakily.


She was regretting coming here now.


Wasn't it supposed to be a B-level spirit beast? How could it be an S-level Alien Beast?!


If it was an S-level spirit beast, it would be fine, just let the army support with a missile.


But for an S-level Alien Beast, thermal weapons were almost completely useless!


Alien Beasts were not carbon-based life forms!


They could only wait for the S-level Biotics Man from the division to come and support!


But the situation now…


Mu Lengyu looked at the dozen or so injured or dead members of Combat Team 3 around her, a touch of despair appeared in her eyes.


The S-level Alien Beast was almost completely out of the spatial rift!


One swipe of its claw could kill them all!


They probably wouldn't be able to wait for support!

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