Chapter 11 – Where there is a hidden dragon, there must be a phoenix!

“That student, extend your hand.”

Mu Lengyu shouted at Chen Hao, her tone showing impatience.

Chen Hao’s test results also came out quickly.

“F-level biotics man…”

Mu Lengyu’s eye twitched twice.

One F-level, one D-level.

You guys are really talented!

It seems like there hasn’t been an F-level biotics man awakened in half a year, right?

At least it should be E-level!

The country is even considering whether to delete the F-level biotics level.

Mu Lengyu felt a headache. She spent the whole night doing so much work, thinking that she could recruit a new colleague for the branch.

But this?

The Biotics Management Bureau only recruits biotics men of D-level and above because those below D-level are too weak and useless.

Mu Lengyu stared at the instrument in her hand, feeling depressed and looking frustrated.

Chen Hao couldn’t help but ask, “Sister, is this for checking if someone has biotics?”

Mu Lengyu casually replied, “Yeah.”

Chen Hao’s eyes lit up, “So do I have biotics? Are they strong?”

Mu Lengyu was a bit speechless, “Yes, but very weak.”

Chen Hao was stunned, suddenly excitedly grabbing Chu Yi’s arm, “I knew it! I’m useless!”


Mu Lengyu and Chen Huaiyu looked at him in confusion.

What… are you excited about?

What’s there to be excited about?

Chu Yi had a black line and quickly grabbed Chen Hao, smiling awkwardly, “It’s okay, he… he’s just more… optimistic!”

“This is confidence.” Chen Hao corrected seriously, proud, “I said I’m useless! Even awakening biotics is so useless! Damn!”

“Stop talking!” Chu Yi gritted his teeth.

Damn embarrassing!

Don’t you know what shame is?

Mu Lengyu looked at the two of them coldly, her thoughts in chaos.

The ancients were right.

Where there is a hidden dragon, there must be a phoenix!

Chen Huaiyu wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at Chen Hao with a strange look.

Does awakening biotics also affect the brain?

Mu Lengyu sighed and just wanted to finish this terrible overtime. She took out two documents and handed them to Chu Yi and Chen Hao, saying:

“These are two confidentiality agreements. Please read them carefully. They explain what happened to you. After reading them, sign them.”

“Oh, okay.”

Chu Yi and Chen Hao took the documents and read them carefully.

The general content of the documents was:

Three years ago, the first spatial crack appeared on Blue Star. Until now, there have been 102 spatial cracks within China’s borders.

The cracks released a large amount of spiritual energy and many powerful alien beasts, which were hardly affected by conventional weapons.

But nourished by the spiritual energy, many humans with supernatural powers emerged.

The country named these people “biotics men” and established the Biotics Management Bureau to recruit powerful biotics men, responsible for eliminating alien beasts and handling matters related to the revival of spiritual energy to ensure the safety of the people.

Considering that the public would find it difficult to accept such news and to avoid causing panic and maintaining social stability, it is temporarily not disclosed to the public.

Those who intentionally spread information related to the revival of spiritual energy will be charged with endangering public safety…

Those with serious offenses will be sentenced to death!

“Oh my god! Sentenced to death! Then I’m done for!”

Chen Hao’s face suddenly changed.

Mu Lengyu looked at him speechlessly, “Did you do it on purpose or was it an accident?”

“It was an accident!”

“Ignorance is not a crime.”


Chen Hao breathed a sigh of relief, confirmed it was correct, and picked up a pen to sign his name on the document.

Chu Yi also signed and handed it back.

Mu Lengyu checked it and finally smiled, “Okay, just remember to keep it confidential.”

It’s done!

Finally, she could get rid of these useless teacher and student!

Off work!

Before leaving, Mu Lengyu gave her contact information to Chu Yi and Chen Hao, and told them the address of the Shuzhou City branch of the Biotics Management Bureau.

They could go there anytime to test their biotics level. If they reached C-level, they could work at the branch with an annual salary of one million and a position.

She also gave them a website address, saying it was a forum for Chinese biotics men, where they could learn some information.

“Annual salary of one million! A position!” Chen Hao’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

Today, his worldview had been refreshed twice in a row, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He was filled with excitement.

Chu Yi couldn’t be bothered to deal with this fool. He looked at Chen Huaiyu, who had a complicated expression, and asked, “Principal Chen, did you already know about the revival of spiritual energy?”

Chen Huaiyu nodded, “The principals of every high school in the country should know.”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow, “So, is the reform of the college entrance examination because of…?”

“That’s right, because those who awaken biotics, more than 90% of them have excellent physical fitness, so the country decided to attach importance to physical education.”

“So we are the 10%?” Chen Hao asked.

Chen Huaiyu thought for a moment, “Maybe, maybe awakening biotics has nothing to do with physical fitness?”

“How do you mean?” Chu Yi asked curiously.

Chen Huaiyu shook his head, “Just a random thought, but I feel like there’s a sense of desperation in the higher-ups. Many parents and schools opposed the new college entrance examination reform, but they still went ahead with it.”

“Maybe they really urgently need biotics men… Maybe they can’t control those alien beasts anymore?”

“That’s possible.” Chu Yi nodded seriously.

If it wasn’t really desperate, the higher-ups would obviously not go against public opinion and cause such a big commotion.

Chen Huaiyu looked at him and suddenly asked, “Chu Yi, hasn’t your family mentioned these things to you? I thought you already knew.”

Chu Yi was stunned and shook his head, “No, maybe they think I don’t need to know.”

“Alright.” Chen Huaiyu nodded, looking tired. He waved his hand and turned to leave, saying:

“I won’t say anymore, just remember what’s written in the confidentiality agreement, don’t talk nonsense, be careful not to get into trouble.”

Chu Yi stared at his back and asked the system in his heart, “Is there any relationship between biotics men and cultivators?”【Biotics Man refers to those who possess unique talents such as spiritual roots and spiritual bodies. With the resurgence of spiritual energy, there is a chance to activate these spiritual roots and bodies, gaining some abilities of cultivators, and their realm automatically improves.】

【However, the combat power of Biotics Man is far inferior to that of cultivators, after all, they have not systematically cultivated and rely solely on instinct to fight.】

【Host, you are currently at the third level of Foundation Establishment. In terms of realm, you are equivalent to a D-level Biotics Man, but in terms of combat power, even a C-level Biotics Man is no match for you!】

【The levels of Biotics Man are divided into nine: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.】

【The realm corresponds to the nine levels of Foundation Establishment.】

“Oh, so the first level of Foundation Establishment is equivalent to F-level? Has Chen Hao already reached the first level of Foundation Establishment?”

Chu Yi looked at Chen Hao, who was still excited, and gained a new understanding of the Orient Loong God.

After diluting his saliva by a million times, Chen Hao drank half a drop and surprisingly transformed from a weak mortal into a cultivator.

I wonder what would happen if I took a bite of dragon meat?

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