Chapter 10 – Mu Lengyu

At night, the bright moon shone high in the sky.


After two hours of doing pull-ups, Master Chen finally… fainted from exhaustion.


Chu Yi, who was sitting on the ground, immediately got up and ran over when he saw this, looking worried as he watched Chen Hao fall unconscious.


But Chen Hao suddenly opened his confused eyes and, upon seeing Chu Yi, clearly hesitated for a moment. "Teacher Chu?"


"Are you okay, kid?" Chu Yi frowned as he looked him over and asked, "Do you remember what you were doing just now?"


"I'm fine."


Chen Hao got up from the ground, and surprisingly, he had already recovered most of his energy. He looked around in confusion, with his memories in his mind somewhat fragmented.


He carefully recalled for a while, and then his face suddenly changed dramatically. "Damn!"


"You remembered?"


Chen Hao nodded, shocked. "I took a 40cm long shit!"


Chu Yi: "???"


What the hell did you remember?


"And then I was extremely hungry and ate ten servings of rice!" Chen Hao continued to recall, becoming even more shocked. "And then… I pinned Li Zicheng to the ground and beat him up!?"


"And then you did 5129 pull-ups here," Chu Yi added, looking at him with no apparent problems and feeling relieved.




Chen Hao was dumbfounded. At this moment, he had ten thousand questions in his mind. After being stunned for a while, he looked at Chu Yi in horror. "Teacher Chu! How much Viagra did you put in that bottle of water?!"




Chu Yi looked at him speechlessly.


This kid is somewhat clever, but not much.


He was able to realize that all these things happened because he drank his own bottle of water.


But how the hell did you associate it with Viagra?!


That thing doesn't make muscles hard!


Chu Yi pondered for a moment and tentatively said, "If I told you that I put a spiritual pill for cultivating immortality in that bottle of water, would you believe it?"


He originally thought that Chen Hao's first reaction would be that it was impossible.


But unexpectedly, he hesitated for a moment and suddenly realized, "No wonder!"


Chu Yi was also stunned. "You believe it just like that?"


Chen Hao naturally said, "Why not? Something that can make me so awesome is either science fiction or fantasy!"


Then he suddenly looked at Chu Yi with burning eyes, excitedly asking, "Teacher Chu, are you one of those cultivators in urban cultivation novels?"


"Hiding your true strength in ordinary life, being a small physical education teacher, secretly seeking those destined for cultivation, and passing on knowledge and guidance! While pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger! Right?"


Chu Yi fell into deep thought.


This guy's thought process is really unique…


He was originally worried about how to explain it to him.


But now it seems that the acceptance ability of the post-2000 generation is really strong.


Chu Yi simply went along with it, clasping his hands behind his back and assuming the appearance of a transcendent being, sighing and nodding, "I didn't expect you to guess it."


Chen Hao's eyes lit up, excitedly asking, "So, am I the one destined for cultivation?"


Chu Yi nodded, "Of course, otherwise why would I give you that bottle… of opportunity?"




Unexpectedly, Chen Hao knelt down directly!


He knocked his head heavily, "Master above! Disciple has drifted through half of his life without meeting a wise teacher! If you don't abandon me, Chen Hao is willing to worship you as his master!"


Chu Yi: "…"


How many cultivation novels have you read?


Considering Chen Hao's character value of over 90.


Chu Yi pondered for a moment and nodded, "Alright, from now on, you are my first disciple!"


Damn, why does this feel so adolescent delusional?


"Thank you, Master!"


Chen Hao excitedly knocked his head three more times.


He couldn't actually be sure if what Chu Yi said was true.


But it didn't matter! He would worship him as his master first and figure it out later!


If he really encountered the plot of an urban cultivation novel, then he would make a fortune!


If it's fake… well, it wouldn't be a loss!


As the saying goes, a man's knees are made of gold, and all investments are profitable!


Chen Hao felt that now was the time to invest. Once he succeeded, he would soar!


"Get up."


Chu Yi said calmly, but he couldn't help but recall the evaluation that a certain homeroom teacher had given Chen Hao in the past.


Introverted and weak?


Isn't this just pure adolescent delusion?


Could it be that the self-confidence effect of the Orient Loong God's spiritual liquid is too strong?


"Master! When will you teach me cultivation?" Chen Hao asked eagerly.


"No rush."


Chu Yi shook his head and said seriously, "First, let me talk about the rules of my sect. First, you are not allowed to reveal the identity of our cultivators. Second… I haven't thought of it yet, I'll tell you later."


"Oh, okay, I will definitely abide by the rules!" Chen Hao pledged, patting his chest.


Chu Yi was about to say something else when suddenly a voice from the system sounded in his mind: [Stop talking! Someone's coming!]


Chu Yi's expression changed, and he turned his head to look in the direction of the entrance to the playground. In fact, with his Foundation Establishment third layer cultivation, he also sensed that someone had entered from that direction.


Chen Hao, seeing this, was stunned and also looked over.Chen Huaiyu walked over with a tall woman in a black uniform, who carried herself with an air of confidence and grace.


Chu Yi narrowed his eyes, immediately using his Insightful Eye on this woman.


【Name: Mu Lengyu】


【Age: 24】


【Alien Abilities: B-level Elemental Biotics Man, capable of controlling lightning.】


【Cultivation: Equivalent to the fifth level of Foundation Establishment.】


【Cultivation Talent Value: 98 (Excellent)】


【Character Value: 21 (Low)】


【Current Mood: Annoyed, working overtime late at night, why would there be a Biotics Man awakening in such a remote place?】


A lot of new information appeared on the information panel.


A B-level Biotics Man who can control lightning?


Equivalent to the fifth level of Foundation Establishment?




At this moment, Mu Lengyu walked up to Chu Yi and Chen Hao, calmly sizing them up. She pulled out an ID with a businesslike demeanor:


"I am Mu Lengyu, a staff member of the Alien Abilities Management Bureau's Shuzhou City branch in China. Please cooperate with my work."


Chu Yi looked a bit surprised and nodded.


"Alien Abilities Management Bureau?"


Chen Hao's eyes widened, feeling as if he had heard something incredible.


Holy cow! This is so exciting!


Did I travel to another world?


How did the world view change?!


"Who among you is experiencing abnormal conditions?"


As Mu Lengyu asked, she took out a delicate little instrument and began to operate it skillfully.


"Both of them seem a bit abnormal…"


Chen Huaiyu said quietly from the side.


"Huh?" Mu Lengyu was a bit surprised. Could it be that this small school had produced a pair of hidden talents?


Never mind, she would know after using the Alien Abilities Detector.


"Please extend your hands."


Chu Yi obediently did as told.


Mu Lengyu placed the instrument on his finger.


Chu Yi felt a prick of pain at his fingertip, as if it had been pierced by a needle.


"Done." Mu Lengyu said, lowering her head to operate the instrument.


Chu Yi withdrew his hand and indeed found a trace of blood on his index finger, which piqued his curiosity.


Could this instrument be used to test Biotics Man through blood?


"D-level Biotics Man…"


Looking at the test results, Mu Lengyu felt somewhat annoyed.


Such a big fuss, and she was sent here to ensure the secrecy of dozens of students and teachers. She thought a powerful Biotics Man had awakened!


But this was it?




The Alien Abilities Management Bureau doesn't even accept D-levels, okay?!


Ah! So annoying, what a waste of time!

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