Chapter 069 – Divide and Conquer

You are the Heavenly Demon, constantly claiming to eradicate the Heavenly Demon; he is a human, but constantly claiming to protect the Heavenly Demon.

In the end, both of you are traitors to your own kind, yet each of you claims to be righteous…


Having a thick face and a black heart is the timeless way to survive in this world.


Who is right and who is wrong is no longer important. The key is how to solve the difficulties faced by the Peacekeeping Gang.

Zong Gui looked at the Sect Leader of the Emei Sect and said, “Sect Leader Zuoqiu, now we are all like grasshoppers on a rope. The experts of the Emei Sect should not hide anymore. Summon her to join us in dealing with the Qiao Family!”

“Experts?” Sect Leader Zuoqiu looked puzzled. “What is Sect Leader Zong talking about? I am the most skilled martial artist in the Emei Sect.”

“Don’t pretend. Bai Xiaosheng has already said that the Emei Sect has discovered a thousand-year-old ginseng that can increase one’s power by a hundred years.” Qin Wenzheng of the Taishan Sect said, “With a hundred years of power, Qiao and the others are no match, even if they crawl out of their graves…”

“What thousand-year-old ginseng?” Sect Leader Zuoqiu frowned. “Bai Xiaosheng is just talking nonsense.”

Qin Wenzheng suddenly frowned and looked at Zong Gui. “Sect Leader Zong, I’ve been hesitant to ask you, but did your senior disciple find the ‘Returning Bird Sword Technique’ left behind by the nameless ancestor of the Taishan Sect on your Huashan?”

“You believe in the nameless ancestor too? You must be stupid…” Zong Gui sneered, then his expression changed. “And the Huashan Sect’s Sword Demon’s tomb is in Kunlun… damn it!”

“And the Emei Sect’s Heaven Reliant Sword has fallen into the hands of the Beggar’s Sect.” Sect Leader Zuoqiu’s expression also changed. She looked at Zong Gui and the others, shaking her head with a wry smile. “It’s ridiculous that we, the leaders of several sects, have been confused by a few rumors and believed in such nonsense. It’s simply laughable.”

“Diverting the tiger away from the mountain.” Zong Gui muttered, subconsciously looking at Du Ge.

“Sect Leader Zong, it was Bai Xiaosheng who spread the rumors. What do you want me to do?” Du Ge always defended his own interests. “Do I look like someone who would do such a boring thing?”

Bai Xiaosheng hasn’t shown up for a long time, but when you climbed Huashan, he suddenly appeared and took away many of our experts. If it wasn’t you, then who else could it be?

Zong Gui was speechless. What was even more ridiculous was that he actually sent someone to verify such a simple rumor without hesitation.

Thinking of Tong Shihong inexplicably asking about his Wangba Quan, Zong Gui’s gaze turned to Feng Zhong.

The so-called Bai Xiaosheng should be him, there was no mistake.

He thought that Feng Zhong was only skilled with his hands, but he actually had such supernatural powers. The Heavenly Demon was too terrifying, manipulating all the sects without a trace. Feng Qi was right, the Heavenly Demon should not exist in this world…

The Qiao Family has gathered so many cunning Heavenly Demons, they are simply playing with fire.

Feng Zhong focused on playing with his little toy, looking indifferent.

Qin Wenzheng and Sect Leader Zuoqiu also guessed Bai Xiaosheng’s true identity. Qin Wenzheng’s eyes suddenly lit up, as if he saw a glimmer of hope for a breakthrough. He asked, “Gang Leader Feng, can you let Bai Xiaosheng write a letter to deceive the Heavenly Demons gathered at the Qiao Family and kill them?”

“Gang Leader Qin, can maintaining justice in the world be called deception?” Du Ge looked at Qin Wenzheng, furrowing his brow. “The Qiao Family is whitewashing the Heavenly Demons, deceiving the world, and smearing our Peacekeeping Gang. That is deception. Not only deception, but also the greatest evil. We must denounce and strike against such behavior.”

Qin Wenzheng’s mouth twitched slightly and he changed his wording. “Gang Leader, can we bring out the Heavenly Demons of the Qiao Family and kill them?”

“No rush. Give the Qiao Family a few more days. If we take action in advance and scare the Heavenly Demons away from the Qiao Family, it won’t be good.” Du Ge said, “Besides, we can’t just look at the surface of the problem. Maybe the Qiao Family is enduring humiliation and using this reason to gather all the Heavenly Demons and then kill them! We should think positively.”

“… ” Zong Gui looked at Du Ge in astonishment.

“Impossible.” Qin Wenzheng said, “You just said that the Qiao Family is selfish and self-interested. How could they be so great?”

“Qin Sect Leader, with the appearance of the Heavenly Demons, such strange things have happened. What is impossible?” Du Ge smiled and looked at Feng Zhong. “Feng Zhong, since the Qiao Family has declared war, we cannot remain silent. You should also write a response letter, telling the Qiao Family a story of a farmer and a snake, advising them to turn back and that foolish kindness will only harm themselves and others. Tell them that as long as they give up helping the Heavenly Demons, the arms of the Peacekeeping Gang will always be open to them.”

“What farmer and snake?” Feng Zhong asked.

“One cold winter, a kind-hearted farmer found a frozen snake by the roadside. He felt pity for the snake and put it in his bosom to warm it with his body heat. However, after the snake woke up, it revealed its cruel nature and bit the farmer without hesitation. Before the farmer died, his last words were, ‘I actually pitied a venomous snake, so I should suffer this retribution!’ ” Du Ge looked at everyone and told the small fable.

Feng Zhong was stunned and gave Du Ge a thumbs up.

Qin Wenzheng and the others pondered.

Feng Zhong picked up his pen and started writing, but suddenly stopped halfway. “Brother Seven, are we being too gentle by doing this?”

“Gentle?” Du Ge glanced at him, shook his head, and said, “Send this out first. In about five days, the letter Qiao Pingjiang wrote to me should be leaked.”

“What letter?” Qin Wenzheng asked.”A letter in which I play the bad cop, the Qiao Family plays the good cop, and we trick the Heavenly Demon into our trap,” Du Ge said indifferently, “Didn’t we just discuss this? The Qiao Family endures humiliation for the greater good, while the Peacekeeping Gang takes the beatings and the blame. We protect the Heavenly Demon in the name of the Qiao Family, and the Qiao Family’s proclamation targets the Peacekeeping Gang, as well as our response to the Farmer and the Snake. All of these are strategies we’ve planned in advance.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the room fell into silence.

Wang San’s hand, which had been stroking a skull, stopped. Feng Zhong’s pen also halted. Qin Wenzheng and the others exchanged glances, unable to utter a word.

It was as if the temperature had suddenly dropped, freezing everything in place.

Qin Wenzheng felt a chill run down his spine. At this moment, he suddenly thought that surrendering to the Peacekeeping Gang might not be a bad choice.

Regardless of whether Bai Xiaosheng’s supernatural power existed or not, Du Ge’s strategy of attack and defense alone was enough to give the Qiao Family and the Heavenly Demon they sheltered a hard time.

In just a few days, how could the Heavenly Demon, with its vastly different personality, fully trust the Qiao Family?

Compared to Feng Qi, he, as a gang leader, seemed a bit too naive.

What kind of education had these Heavenly Demons received before their body possession?


Feng Zhong and Wang San also seemed to be shocked.

Feng Qi’s teacher must be better than theirs. No wonder he could stand out in just a few days and gain such a large territory…

Luyang City was Du Ge’s territory.

After the Qiao Family’s proclamation to protect the Heavenly Demon was issued, it caused a great stir among the people.

The people did not agree with their views and were quite disgusted with their actions. After all, the Qiao Family was criticizing the Peacekeeping Gang, who had brought them peace.

The people who had benefited from Du Ge spontaneously defended his reputation.

Many educated intellectuals openly wrote articles accusing the Qiao Family of changing the concept, criticizing their ignorance, and claiming that they were the truly selfish ones;


The Peacekeeping Gang’s response to the “Farmer and the Snake” warning to the Qiao Family immediately resonated with everyone.

The Farmer and the Snake was simple and easy to understand. After the people put themselves in the story, they felt that the Qiao Family was ignorant and believed that they would suffer as the Gang Leader Feng predicted. Many letters were sent to the Qiao Family, urging them to kill the Heavenly Demon they had taken in, join the Peacekeeping Alliance, expel the Heavenly Demon, and not harm others or themselves.

The Qiao Family naturally remained unmoved, and instead issued another announcement, accusing Feng Qi of hypocrisy, and criticizing him for not daring to come to the Qiao Family to slay the demon, but only bullying the weak and isolated Heavenly Demon…

The Peacekeeping Gang and the Qiao Family were at each other’s throats, hurling insults back and forth.

A major battle seemed imminent…

There were even bets placed on the outcome between the two sides.


A letter from Qiao Pingjiang to Feng Qi about the “self-torture strategy” quietly leaked from the Peacekeeping Gang.

All the voices against the Qiao Family disappeared overnight.

(End of Chapter)

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