Chapter 068 – Using the name of goodness to do evil

“Brother Qi, in less than twenty days, there are only 127 people left in the Simulation Field. We have created history!” Feng Zhong continuously switched between ranking data, looking excited. “I can’t believe we accomplished this without personally participating.”

“It was mainly Brother Qi’s doing. We can only be considered as supporting roles,” Wang San corrected seriously. At this moment, he still had three skull pendants hanging around his neck, but there was an additional necklace made of finger bones, making him look like a primitive shaman, both evil and enchanting.

“It’s everyone’s cooperation that made it possible. Without your collaboration, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this,” Du Ge smiled and didn’t take credit.

“Brother Qi is being modest. With your abilities, even without us, you would have reached this point, maybe just a bit slower. It’s absolutely impossible to not achieve it. On the contrary, without you, who knows, we might still be hiding in some corner,” Feng Zhong said. “The luckiest thing in my life is being caught by Brother Qi outside Luyang City.”

“Me too. Without Brother Qi, I might have already been eliminated,” Wang San said. “Keywords like ‘sickly adorable’ are too niche and have low length. It’s basically impossible to make it to the end. Now, I am second in the Simulation Field, it feels like a dream.”

“San’er, you won’t stay in second place for long. Wait until I stir up chaos in the martial world with my silver tongue. The first place will be mine,” Feng Zhong said.

He took out a small toy that resembled a switch and habitually fiddled with it.

Since coming down from Huashan Sect, Feng Zhong no longer fiddled with cat ears because whenever he touched them, the cat would pee on him. The same went for horses. He now had to ride horses properly and restrain himself from fiddling with their ears. If he made any movement, the horse’s legs would go weak and throw him off.

Du Ge guessed correctly. He awakened a new skill in Huashan Sect called “Spiritual Connection.” The target that his finger touched would involuntarily experience great pleasure.

It sounded like a very improper skill.

The nuns from Emei Sect no longer dared to approach Feng Zhong. They were more afraid of him than they were of Wang San.

“Just you? By that time, my reputation as ‘sickly adorable’ had already spread throughout the world. You can only be an eternal third place,” Wang San glanced at him disdainfully.

“Wait and see,” Feng Zhong said happily.

“We are brothers. Is ranking really that important?” Du Ge turned around and looked at them, smiling. “The top ten in the Simulation Field is what matters. If you surpass me and become first, I don’t mind.”

“Brother Qi, if anyone dares to surpass you, I will do everything in my power to kill them,” Wang San looked at Du Ge, then at Feng Zhong, with a serious expression. “Only Brother Qi can be the first in the Simulation Field.”

“Why do you care about what I do? In my whole life, I won’t have a chance to surpass Brother Qi!” Feng Zhong glared back at him, then laughed. “Speaking of which, you still lack confidence. You know you can’t hold onto your second place!”

“…” Wang San glanced at him and silently played with his skull pendant.

“Brother Qi, it’s so enjoyable to fight and cooperate with you. I wonder if we will have a chance to cooperate in the next Simulation Field,” Feng Zhong shook his head, looked at Du Ge, and his eyes lit up. “Brother Qi, San’er, let’s come up with a secret code! With Brother Qi’s experience, I think we can all survive the next Simulation Field. When we encounter the secret code, let’s cooperate again and strive to enter the Alien Star Battlefield together.”

“Okay,” Wang San said.

“King Kong has a golden mountain, and the pagoda suppresses the river demon,” Du Ge casually said the classic secret code from Earth.

After so many days, Du Ge understood the rules of the Simulation Field. Each person had a keyword, and these keywords were random. It was difficult for one person to compete for the top ten, so cooperating with others was the simplest method.

“Brother Qi, this secret code is amazing. It’s catchy and easy to remember,” Feng Zhong’s eyes lit up, and he raised his thumb. “It’s much stronger than someone’s ‘today is not tomorrow, tomorrow is not the day after tomorrow.’ Except for the three of us, I guarantee that no one else can match it.”

Those who could match it were all fellow Earthlings.

Du Ge silently complained in his heart, saying, “Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s think about how to deal with the Beggar’s Sect. The Beggar’s Sect has the largest number of people in the martial world, with the most elderly, weak, and sickly. It’s been quiet for these days. They might be holding a few Heavenly Demons and want to challenge us.”

“Maybe the Beggar’s Sect and Azure Dragon Gang are fighting because of their wives and children,” Feng Zhong laughed. At this moment, his confidence was extremely inflated. “Brother Qi, I will write another letter to lure the experts of the Beggar’s Sect to Luyang City. We will capture the leader of the Beggar’s Sect and even the Heavenly Demons will have to kneel before us.”

“Good. We need to be more cautious as we go further. Other people should have developed by now. Be careful when you go out,” Du Ge nodded. “We are in the light, and they are in the dark. We have finally created a good situation. Don’t overturn the boat in the gutter.”

Soon, Du Ge learned the reason why the Beggar’s Sect didn’t come to surrender.

The Qiao Family, the number one family in the martial world, released a battle declaration against the Peacekeeping Gang, directly targeting Feng Qi’s policy towards the Heavenly Demons.

“…Do we really have to exterminate all the Heavenly Demons?

Undeniably, some Heavenly Demons are indeed evil. But according to the investigation by the Qiao Family, many of the Heavenly Demons that Feng Qi claims will bring disaster to the world have attributes such as peace, kindness, diligence, enthusiasm, gentleness, magnanimity, and even selflessness, amiability, and nobility…

When they come to the human world, they just want to live a good life and live like humans for their whole lives. They don’t pose much harm to humans. On the contrary, they might even be beneficial.

But because of the Heavenly Demons’ identity, Feng Qi’s Peacekeeping Gang wants to eliminate them all. How innocent are they?

What did they do wrong? Just because they are Heavenly Demons?

Cats, dogs, cows, sheep, even flowers, birds, fish, and insects can all have a place in this world. In our vast world, why can’t we tolerate a few Heavenly Demons?

Feng Qi keeps talking about upholding the righteousness of the martial world and world peace, but is he really upholding these values?”Wang San, standing beside him, was a genuine demon, who insulted people and terrified them. Why didn’t Feng Qi eliminate him?

In the end, what Feng Qi was protecting was nothing more than his personal interests, the power he gained through the Peacekeeping Gang.

Without coercion, would Huashan, Taishan, Emei, and the Divine Fist Sect willingly join the Peacekeeping Alliance? The Peacekeeping Gang led by Feng Qi was even built on the seizure of others’ properties.

Doing evil in the name of good, worse than evil itself.

How could such a person sincerely maintain peace in the world?

Perhaps, Feng Qi’s nature is not about maintaining peace, but about disguise, greed, deception, and chaos…

Such a person wants to be the leader of the Martial World, my Qiao Family will be the first to object.

In the name of the Martial Saint, the Qiao Family declares that any good Heavenly Demon who joins the Qiao Family will receive our protection. Let’s see what Feng Qi dares to do to you.

In view of Feng Qi’s harm to the world, the Holy Land of the Qiao Family will open in advance, inviting all major sects to visit the Qiao Family.

The Xueshan Sect and the Blood Blade Sect want to come to the Qiao Family to seize the secret scriptures, don’t they? You don’t have to seize them. Come to the Qiao Family, whether you are a Heavenly Demon or a young person from any sect, as long as you meet the conditions to enter the Holy Land after the contest, you can enter the Holy Land, seek the legacy of the Martial Saint, enhance your strength, and jointly resist the Peacekeeping Gang.

The Family Master of the Qiao Family, Qiao Pingjiang, announces.”

Holding the battle declaration in his hand, Du Ge laughed wryly, “What a big hat, the Qiao Family is raising a big flag, openly opposing me!”

“Who has bewitched Qiao Pingjiang to this extent?” Feng Zhong frowned, playing with the object in his hand, his expression inexplicably serious.

“The Qiao Family is not willing to have the title of the first martial family taken away by the Gang Leader!” Zong Gui said.

“Gang Leader, the Qiao Family has always been prestigious. With this battle declaration, other gangs will surely support them. If the Qiao Family recruits more Heavenly Demons, I’m afraid our Peacekeeping Gang has no chance of winning!”

The Sect Leader of the Taishan Sect, Qin Wenzheng, said with a bitter face.

At this moment.

He was full of regret.

He regretted that his sect was not well located, and he regretted that the Qiao Family’s battle declaration was issued too late.

If he could grasp either of the two, he would not have fallen to this point today. The Peacekeeping Gang only has three Heavenly Demons, Feng Qi, while the Qiao Family can recruit dozens or even hundreds of Heavenly Demons with a single call.

Three against hundreds.

The Qiao Family has also attracted more sects. Not to mention others, the Beggar’s Sect and the Azure Dragon Gang alone outnumber their sects.

He saw no chance of winning.

If it weren’t for Feng Qi’s tight control, he would have wanted to run away and join the Qiao Family.

“Gang Leader, what should we do?” The Qiao Family has raised a flag against the Peacekeeping Gang, and the Emei Sect’s Left Qiu was also somewhat at a loss.

“Those who are not of our kind will have different hearts. Just because they are in high positions, are they right? The Qiao Family’s sheltering of the Heavenly Demons, who do not belong to this world, is equivalent to a flock of sheep sheltering a pack of wolves. This alone is enough to label them as traitors to their race. Of course, we have to go to the Qiao Family, eradicate all the Heavenly Demons, and restore stability to the world. After we eradicate the Qiao Family, we will take out the secret scriptures of the Martial Saint of the Qiao Family and benefit the entire martial world. They clearly possess a treasure mountain, but they want to squeeze it out bit by bit through martial arts contests, thereby threatening the entire martial world. I, Du Ge, hate selfish people the most.”

Du Ge said righteously. He glanced at the battle declaration in his hand, chuckled, and said, “Speaking of which, the Qiao Family has gathered all the Heavenly Demons, which is a great help to us. If I had known earlier, I would have used this trick to deceive them.”

(End of this chapter)

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