Chapter 039 – Eve of the storm

Du Ge quickly stabilized the situation of the Iron Palm Gang by using both kindness and force.

Last night, the doctor was called again to diagnose the injuries of the old gang leader and his son. While diagnosing, the doctor muttered, “If this continues, they will be ruined. Why not take care of their own bodies?”

Du Ge approached the doctor and asked, “Doctor, can you still save Qiu Gang Leader?”

“Qiu Gang Leader is physically strong, so he can be saved, but it will take at least two years of rest for him to recover,” the doctor looked at Du Ge with a hint of fear in his eyes, but still honestly said, “Even if he is saved, the old gang leader’s martial arts will not be able to fully recover.”

“We must save him with all our efforts. Without the old gang leader, there would be no current Peacekeeping Gang. Feng Qi is not an evil person, he upholds justice in the world and would not commit such heinous acts of killing and robbing. The old gang leader misunderstood me!” Du Ge looked at Qiu Yuanlang with regret and bowed to the doctor, saying, “Doctor, we must save the old gang leader. I want him to see that the Iron Palm Gang he worked so hard to establish has not disbanded, but only changed its name. And under my protection, it will become more prosperous.”

How can you say such false words with a straight face?

Saving them is to restrain Qiu Yuanlang’s children!

The doctor’s eyes twitched involuntarily a few times, sighed helplessly. Although he saw through everything, as a doctor, the most important thing to live long is to not meddle in matters that shouldn’t be meddled with. So, he lowered his head to deal with the injuries of Qiu Yuanlang and his son, saying, “I will do it.”

On the other side, Liu Cheng ordered people to bring boxes of gold and silver. Opening the lids, the shiny treasures were displayed in front of everyone. The Iron Palm Gang, controlling the transportation, was never short of money.

Money can make the devil turn the millstone, money can make people cry injustice.

Throughout history.

Being wronged has always led to the destruction of others, and it has never been seen as a way to become rich.

But in this world, the common people have long been oppressed. Except for those who have deep hatred like the crippled old man before, for others, money is the best thing that can heal all wounds.

Moreover, Du Ge, who made decisive decisions, publicly admitted that he is the leader of the Peacekeeping Gang. Obviously, he is not just seeking fame and leaving. He also gave them a great reassurance.

The people who were scared away just now swarmed back, and there were even more of them than before.

Du Ge happily resumed his role as the leader of the Peacekeeping Gang, distributing gold and silver to the victims, enjoying the benefits brought by the Peacekeeping Gang.

“Old Yuan, did you see clearly?” Elder Qi of the Beggar’s Sect asked the middle-aged beggar beside him, “What kind of body technique did Feng Qi use to kick Qiu Feilong away?”

The beggar named Old Yuan had been paying attention to Du Ge all along, and he shook his head, “Elder Ding, even with your eyesight, you couldn’t see clearly, let alone me. My eyes blurred, and he was already gone. I’m afraid he’s a demon! Fortunately, he chose the Iron Palm Gang. Otherwise, with his skills, except for you, Elder, no one in our Luyang City branch could escape his deadly hands.”

“You overestimate me. Even Qiu Yuanlang fell into his hands. How could I possibly defeat him?” Elder Ding’s face was particularly solemn, but also extremely fortunate, “He doesn’t even care about our small branch.”

“It’s also possible that he has concerns. After all, we are the largest gang in the world. If he really provokes us, even if he’s surrounded by people, we can still crush him.” Old Yuan said.

“The Iron Palm Gang has many people. Can we really crush him?” Elder Ding snorted, “Qiu Yuanlang’s life and death are uncertain, and without a leader, the Iron Palm Gang has changed its face with just a few words from him. His martial arts have reached a level where it can’t be defeated by numbers alone. I used to be unsure whether they were heavenly demons or not, but now I’m about 70-80% sure.”

“That’s right. Normal people can’t do such things. Feng Qi’s companion who manipulates people’s hearts is like a madman.” Old Yuan said, “And Feng Qi, don’t just look at him buying people’s hearts, but his actions are also unreasonable. When the martial saint Qiao and his rise, he made friends with the martial arts sects, but he helped the common people. What benefits can he gain from that? Can these ordinary people help him in a crisis? I’m afraid only his claim of maintaining peace can explain everything he does. He wants to be the emperor, but he must first obtain the support of the Three Gates and Five Sects!”

“Feng Qi’s attribute is maintenance, what about the madman who manipulates people’s hearts?” Elder Ding said, “And who is the person he wants to catch even if he has to let go of Qiu Yuanlang? He should also be a heavenly demon! Old Yuan, we know too little about heavenly demons. Find someone to investigate the Feng Family and find out what these heavenly demons are…”

“I understand.” Old Yuan nodded and left with his dog-beating stick.

After thinking for a moment, Elder Ding walked towards the person in charge of the Taishan Sect. With the drastic changes in the Iron Palm Gang, whether Feng Qi is a true heavenly demon or not, he felt that this fire would sooner or later burn on his head, so he needed to discuss with the person in charge of the sect stationed in Luyang City and prepare in advance.

Luyang City.

Qiu Muqian and Han Zuo quickly learned about what happened in the Iron Palm Gang.

Upon learning that Qiu Yuanlang was seriously injured again, Qiu Muqian’s face turned pale, and she staggered, gritting her teeth and saying, “More harm than good.”Han Zuo remained silent.

“Master Han, can I trust you?” Qiu Muqian steadied her emotions and looked at Han Zuo.

“Miss, my life was saved by the old Gang Leader. It’s not something that can be disrupted by Du Ge’s instigation,” Han Zuo said, “Whatever you command, just say it. Even if I have to risk my life, I will bring the old Gang Leader back.”

“My father and elder brother are in Feng Qi’s hands. If we go back, we’ll be walking into a trap,” Qiu Muqian steadied her emotions and said, “Feipeng and Hall Master Yan were sent by my elder brother to the Feng Family to gather information. They should be returning soon. You go and intercept them on the way, don’t let them return to the Iron Palm Gang. After you meet up, try to intercept Hall Master Lou and Hall Master Li, especially Feibao. Feibao is impulsive, I’m afraid he’ll rush to save my father and fall into Feng Qi’s hands. The Gang has few people, as long as we control the external forces, Feng Qi won’t be able to continue eroding the Iron Palm Gang. This way, we still have a chance to fight.”

“I understand.” Han Zuo nodded, then asked, “And you, Miss?”

“I’ll go to the Divine Fist Sect to seek help from Sect Master Ren. He and my father are old friends. With his help, the chances of rescuing my father are greater,” Qiu Muqian said, “Before I return, no matter what Feng Qi does, you all must not interfere, let him make a fuss. Remember, you must wait for me to return.”

Han Zuo hesitated for a moment: “But, the old Gang Leader…”

Qiu Muqian bit her lip lightly and glanced in the direction of the Iron Palm Gang: “Before Feng Qi takes control of the entire Iron Palm Gang, he won’t let my father die. Just do as I say.”

The two discussed some details, then left the gang members in the city and went their separate ways.

Not to mention Qiu Muqian who went to seek reinforcements, let’s talk about Han Zuo. There was only one official road from the Feng Family to Luyang City. He had just left Luyang City and hadn’t walked ten miles when he intercepted Qiu Feipeng and others who were rushing back from the Feng Family.

Not only did they return, but they also brought back Feng Shiren and other key members of the Feng Family. Feng Shiren and others had their acupoints pressed and were stuffed into a carriage, all of them looking dejected, as if they had lost their loved ones.

Feng Jiu, on the other hand, was sitting in the carriage eating and drinking heartily, wishing he could burst his belly, and had no time to talk.

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