Chapter 038 – The basic disk has become

Du Ge looked up.

Wang San’s arm, holding the knife, was stained with blood, and the willow leaf knife had fallen to the ground.

At this moment, he was crazily holding Qiu Yuanlang’s head, venting his emotions. With his intact hand, he tore open the bandages on Qiu Yuanlang’s wound and roughly scratched it: “Why? I clearly gave you a chance…”

Qiu Yuanlang screamed in pain and struggled, his face full of fear, like a frightened child. He slapped Wang San’s lower back with his palms, struggling incoherently: “No, let go of me, you demon, let me go…”

Qiu Feilong rushed towards Wang San with a knife to save his father.

Seeing Qiu Feilong, Wang San’s eyes turned red. He suddenly raised his hand and lifted Qiu Yuanlang, blocking himself. He sneered, “Darling, do you want to kill me too?”

Wang San was injured internally by Qiu Yuanlang, and his mouth was full of blood.

This terrifying appearance, combined with the fear of Jiao, frightened Qiu Feilong. His father was used as a shield by Wang San, and his hand involuntarily loosened. With a clang, the long knife fell to the ground: “No!”

Seeing the situation being ruined by Qiu Feilong, Du Ge became furious. He grabbed Feng Zhong’s neck and launched a sudden stab from behind, rushing towards Qiu Feilong.


With a single kick, he kicked Qiu Feilong more than five meters away. Blood sprayed in the air, and he fell to the ground, struggling for a few moments before falling into a coma, his life hanging by a thread.

Affected by Jiao’s fear and being torn by Wang San, Qiu Yuanlang also fell into a coma, feeling both pain and fear.

Seeing this scene, all the Iron Palm Gang members who rushed to surround Wang San were stunned on the spot.

They looked at Du Ge and Wang San in horror, trembling and dare not move or run.

The common people who were shouting for justice dared not approach and watched from a distance.

Du Ge let go of Feng Zhong’s neck, walked over, took Qiu Yuanlang from Wang San’s hand, and raised him high: “To uphold justice, we must resort to thunderous means. Fellow villagers, don’t be afraid. The Qiu father and son who disturbed the order of our gathering have been captured by us. Qiu Yuanlang is the former Iron Palm Gang leader, a well-known top expert in the martial world. Now, he is like a rag in my hands, easily manipulated. Qiu Feilong has practiced martial arts for more than thirty years, but he can’t even last one round against me. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that these two useless people will rise again and dominate your fate?

He was held at sword point by me, and you have reason to worry. But now, he is already half dead. What should you be afraid of?

You should be afraid of your own lack of courage, afraid of the weakness of not daring to believe in justice.

If I am here and you dare not save yourselves, who else in this world can save you? Fellow villagers, don’t chill my righteous heart. Today, I will put away my sword and leave Qiu Yuanlang here. Let’s see who dares to come and save him.

Come, those who have hatred and courage, come back and I will help you seek justice. Let us uphold justice to the end…”

“Liu Cheng, stop pretending to be dead over there. Come and maintain order, and see if the Qiu father and son can be saved.” Without holding Qiu Yuanlang at sword point, Du Ge’s confidence suddenly rose. He threw Qiu Yuanlang on the table and sat behind it confidently, “What are you all standing there for? Line up, conduct the trial. From now on, there are no more elders. I am the Gang Leader of the Peacekeeping Gang.”

The former Iron Palm Gang members who acted as constables were shocked by Du Ge’s momentum. They quickly returned to their positions, holding short sticks at their eyebrows, and quickly restored order.

Han Zuo and Qiu Muqian took the opportunity to discuss countermeasures in Luyang City and had not returned yet. Qiu Feilong’s life was hanging by a thread. At the scene, there was only Liu Cheng left among the high-level members of the Iron Palm Gang. He met Du Ge’s gaze from a distance, and his heart trembled. He obediently walked back and knelt down in front of Du Ge, clasping his fists: “Liu Cheng, the Hall Master of the Peacekeeping Gang’s Hidden Dragon Hall, greets the Gang Leader.”

He has surrendered!

Du Ge’s eyes lit up. Indeed, threats alone couldn’t get things done. By keeping Qiu Yuanlang around, it gave them a sense of control over the situation and left them with a glimmer of hope for a comeback.

By cutting off their thoughts and leaving them with no way out, they could truly use this force for themselves.

Wang San accidentally did a good thing.

Of course, things change with time. Yesterday, he didn’t have the power to suppress everything. Without Qiu Yuanlang as a tool, he would have been dismembered by their random attacks.

Spider-Man was right, the greater the power, the greater the influence.

“Good.” Du Ge came out from behind the table and personally helped Liu Cheng up. “You’re right. What Iron Palm Gang? From now on, there is only the Peacekeeping Gang. Liu Cheng, the Peacekeeping Gang was born for justice in the world. We don’t need any Flying Dragon or Hidden Dragon. From this moment on, you are the Hall Master of the Justice Hall in the Peacekeeping Gang.”

Phew!Liu Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, knelt down again, “I thank the Gang Leader for not holding grudges. From today on, I am willing to serve the Gang Leader, even if it costs me my life.”

“No, not for me, but for justice, peace in the Martial World.” Du Ge helped him up again, raised his hand, and fervently said, “Let us devote ourselves to justice, peace, order, faith, ideals, and all the good things we can uphold, even if it costs us our lives.”

How awkward!

At that moment, a hint of regret flashed through Liu Cheng’s mind, but at this point, he had no choice but to force a smile, “Yes, Gang Leader.”

The sudden change scared the people. Even though Du Ge quickly took control of the situation, the people were still watching, not daring to come over.

Du Ge simply ignored them and turned his attention to the members of the Iron Palm Gang, “I know many of you have made mistakes and are worried about my punishment.

But no one is perfect, and in the corrupt environment of the Iron Palm Gang, it’s inevitable that you were influenced. Who is born evil? Most of you, because of the way of the world, if you don’t bully others, others will bully you. Over time, you’ve gone astray, but it’s not your fault.

So, I’ve decided to give you a chance to reform. Unless your crimes are extremely heinous, I will try to use money to compensate for the harm you’ve caused to the victims.

But I hope that you will strive for righteousness in the future, be a truly good person who is respected by others, not one who is despised.”

The former members of the Iron Palm Gang were in a stir, whispering to each other.

“Well said.”

Someone in the crowd shouted.

Then, the whole day’s shouts of approval and applause merged into one.

Du Ge raised his hand high, then put it down, and the scene returned to silence. He looked around at the members of the Iron Palm Gang, “I know what you’re worried about. You’re afraid that you won’t have enough to eat if you follow me. But I am the Heavenly Demon, and I don’t care about money. Besides, the vast wealth of the Iron Palm Gang wasn’t earned by me. I can assure you that as long as you sincerely support the Peacekeeping Gang, everyone’s previous salary will be doubled.”

He paused, “You help me uphold justice, and I will protect you, ensuring your safety and livelihood.”

As soon as he said this.

The members of the Iron Palm Gang who hadn’t committed many evil deeds were quickly swayed, and soon someone stood up, “Gang Leader, I am willing to join the Peacekeeping Gang and serve you.”

“I am also willing to serve the Gang Leader.”

“I am willing too.”

More and more people stood up.

The situation was stronger than people. They were not Qiu Yuanlang, they didn’t have his foresight, nor were they the Hall Masters or Incense Masters above, they didn’t have much savings. Without the Iron Palm Gang, they had nowhere to go.

Feng Qi promised to pardon their crimes and increase their salaries, why not stay here, isn’t it the same to work for anyone?

Du Ge swept over the crowd, his face smiling, “Good, good, good. I knew that most people have a sense of justice, they just lack an opportunity. Liu Cheng, after today’s public trial, re-register everyone…”

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