Chapter 017 – Capture

Luyang City is located on the Yangtze River and is the center of canal transportation. It is a super large city with a developed economy and a population of hundreds of thousands. It is the territory of the Iron Palm Gang, but the Five Gates and Three Sects also have their own industries or residences here. The streets are bustling with people, and you can see martial artists carrying knives and swords everywhere. Du Ge and his group are not conspicuous among the crowd.

Along the way, listening to Feng Yunjie’s introduction to Luyang City, Du Ge observed the different customs and was even more amazed by the Simulation Field.

It’s so realistic!

What kind of technology can create such a world!

And such a world is only used for assessment.

It’s really extravagant!

If game developers on Earth had this ability, they would become the richest in the world in minutes…

“Mr. Qi, the Xingyu Tower ahead is our Feng Family’s property. Let’s stay there, have something to eat, and discuss our plans.” Feng Yunjie said, “The people sent by my father to find the Heavenly Demon should also come here as their first stop. It’s been a night, I don’t know if they have gathered any information. Luyang City is such a big city, there are not many in the entire Daqian, let alone Feng Family’s small county town, where there are you and Feng Jiu, there should be more in Luyang City…”

“Possible.” Du Ge nodded, he had been paying attention to the total number of participants in the Simulation Field.

From last night until now, there are still over 650 players left in the Simulation Field. 160 people were eliminated overnight. It has to be said that the Simulation Field is a ruthless meat grinder that doesn’t follow any rules.

He was relatively merciful and spared Feng Jiu’s life. Otherwise, last night, Feng Jiu would have become one of the more than 100 disappeared people.

At this rate, in less than ten days, there will be only a few people left in the Simulation Field.

But this is just the best scenario. Du Ge knows that as the competition progresses, the rate of elimination will slow down, and only the elites who can disguise themselves and skillfully use their own keywords will be left.

Feng Jiu’s words were actually correct. It was really stupid to expose oneself like this.

When everyone else is hiding in the dark, he is a bright target and will be targeted by everyone.

The easiest way to be in the top ten of the Simulation Field is not to maximize the use of one’s keywords, but to survive until the end and eliminate everyone else.

Only leaving ten people, even if not in the top ten, is still considered top ten.

There are no walls that can’t be penetrated. He was so high-profile in the Feng Residence, there will always be someone who can’t keep their mouth shut and leak his identity and keywords.

This is inevitable. Who made him not understand the rules of the game?

It’s easy to dodge a spear in the open, but it’s hard to guard against a hidden arrow. With hundreds of players, he is the only one playing with open cards…

Damn it!

The only thing that Du Ge is glad about is that the Simulation Field only eliminates players and doesn’t kill them.

But once he becomes the first, if he is eliminated again, he won’t be able to get over that hurdle in his heart. This is the pride of a transmigrator and must be protected.

Fortunately, information dissemination is slow in ancient times and the journey is long. Du Ge still has time to buffer, so he won’t suddenly face hundreds of enemies.

If he jumps out individually, Du Ge believes that he should be able to handle it. Being ranked first in the Simulation Field is not just for show.

However, he still needs to find a way to enhance his strength. The stronger his strength, the safer he will be. It would be best if he could suppress an era like Martial Saint Qiao…

Arriving at Xingyu Tower, a waiter took their horses, and the innkeeper personally came out and led them to the backyard.

As they walked, Feng Shiyi asked, “Feng Zhong, did the people who came yesterday find out anything?”

“Yes.” Feng Zhong glanced at Du Ge and nodded.

Du Ge and the others stopped at the same time and looked at the innkeeper.

Feng Yunjie asked, “What did they find out?”

Feng Zhong turned to Du Ge and asked, “Second Young Master, this young hero looks unfamiliar, is he…”

“This is our Feng Family’s Elder Qi, who will be in charge of the Heavenly Demon’s affairs.” Feng Shiyi glared at him and said, “No need to hide it from him.”

“Elder Qi, Feng Zhong greets you.” Feng Zhong quickly clasped his fists and respectfully said.

“No need to be polite, Innkeeper Feng.” Du Ge smiled, “Tell me about the Heavenly Demon!”

“It’s a coincidence. The Heavenly Demon is actually our inn’s waiter, Wang San.” Feng Zhong said, “A few days ago, Wang San contracted tuberculosis. The doctor said he couldn’t be saved and was waiting to die at home. But last night, when the people from the residence came to investigate, I reported his situation.

Guess what happened? Wang San was lively and kicking, flirting with the neighbor’s little girl, and didn’t even cough once. He went from being seriously ill to a rapid recovery. All the signs match the body possession of the Heavenly Demon, so they captured Wang San.

However, that guy is stubborn and refuses to admit that he has been possessed. He only said that a wandering doctor passed by his house and gave him a few shots, and that’s how he got better. He even shouted for us to go to the temple to find a master to exorcise him. But, no one in the neighborhood has ever seen that wandering doctor…”

“Where is Wang San now?” Du Ge immediately became interested and interrupted him.

“He has been acupointed and locked in a guest room!” Feng Zhong said, “Since he was the one the family specifically asked for, I dare not let him escape. Second Young Master, is the Heavenly Demon real? A tuberculosis patient miraculously recovering just by saying so, no matter how I think about it, it feels evil…””Feng Zhong, when will you ever fix your habit of incessant chatter? Cut the crap and take us to see Wang San.” Feng Shiyi interrupted him.

“Mr. Qi, this way.” Feng Zhong grinned and quickened his pace, leading the way, “Room number seven in the yellow section, the furthest one in. Mr. Qi, you can trust me. The yellow section rooms are rarely occupied, ensuring no one can rescue him. I not only sealed his acupoints but also tied him up. I’ve prepared rooster blood, black dog blood, and glutinous rice in advance…”

Feng Zhong led the group to room number seven in the yellow section while chattering all the way. He took out a key and opened the door, “Mr. Qi, Wang San is inside.”

“Alright, I got it. Leave the rest to us, you can go busy yourself! Order the kitchen to prepare a table of good food and wine for us.” Feng Shiyi had had enough of Feng Zhong’s prattle. As soon as he opened the door, he hurriedly shooed him away.

“Everything is already prepared, Mr. Qi, don’t you trust me?” Feng Zhong stood still, peering into the room, “Mr. Qi, you have to let me stay and see how to identify a Heavenly Demon. If I encounter one in the future, I can handle it myself!”

“Let him stay. The innkeeper is one of us, and he knows Wang San’s situation better.” Du Ge casually defended the innkeeper’s dignity before looking into the room.

A young man, about eighteen or nineteen years old, dressed as an innkeeper, was bound hand and foot and thrown onto the bed.

At the head of the bed, there was indeed a bowl of glutinous rice, a bucket of dog blood, and a bucket of rooster blood…

Du Ge was speechless.

Well, this one really treated the Heavenly Demon as a ghost!

Sensing the door opening, Wang San struggled desperately, trying to lift his head but failing, “Innkeeper, innkeeper, is that you? You’re finally here. I’m not a Heavenly Demon, please let me go. I shouldn’t have failed to return to work after recovering from my illness. Please, let me out, I can’t hold it in anymore…”

Du Ge and the others entered the room.

Wang San’s voice abruptly stopped, “Who are you?”

Feng Shiyi remained silent, went over to check his pulse. After a moment, he lifted his head and said, “He’s full of energy, and his pulse is soft and strong. He doesn’t seem like a patient who has just recovered from a serious illness. Mr. Qi, there’s no doubt that this is a case of Heavenly Demon Body Possession.”

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