Chapter 016 – Peacekeeping Vanguard

“Mr. Qi, you seem to be in a good mood!” Feng Yunjie rode his horse alongside Du Ge and glanced at him, smiling.

“I feel that our previous plan was a bit rough. I just came up with a new idea and couldn’t help but feel excited. I didn’t expect the Third Young Master to see through it. Indeed, I am still not mature enough to hide my emotions,” Du Ge turned his head and looked at Feng Yunjie, smiling.

“What’s the new idea?” Feng Yunjie asked with a smile.

“It was inspired by the Qiao Family,” Du Ge loosened the reins and slowed down the horse’s speed, saying, “In the past, Qiao helped many sects improve their martial arts techniques with their chivalrous spirit and sense of justice. They eventually became the number one family in the martial world, remaining strong for a hundred years. Why can’t we learn from them?

The current size of the Feng Family is too small. Even if I do my best to protect it, it won’t grow quickly. But if the Feng Family becomes a giant, with the power of the Feng Family, we can uphold the righteousness of the martial world and maintain peace. I don’t know how strong I will become with my protection. With our recognition, we can even become a thousand-year-old family…”

“How do we learn?” Feng Yunjie was fascinated by Du Ge’s vision of a bright future, but when he thought about reality, he felt a bit discouraged. “Qiao became invincible as soon as they appeared in the world, but we don’t have their strength.”

“Third Young Master, you are mistaken. There has only been one Martial Saint in the past hundred years, and it cannot be replicated. But the power of one person is ultimately limited. We must learn to harness the power of a team. We can take a different path,” Du Ge said.

“The power of a team?” Feng Yunjie was stunned.

“Yes,” Du Ge said, “I plan to establish an organization that eliminates evil and promotes good, dedicated to combating the dark forces in the martial world and upholding martial justice. This organization will attract more righteous heroes to join us and eventually grow stronger. When the whole martial world recognizes us, our influence will be established. I have even thought of a name for this organization, it will be called the Peacekeeping Vanguard…”

“The Peacekeeping Vanguard?” Feng Yunjie was stunned.

“Yes,” Du Ge said, “to uphold martial peace and advocate for martial justice, abbreviated as the Peacekeeping Vanguard.”

“But how do we attract righteous heroes?” Feng Yunjie asked.

“Mr. Qi, this so-called Peacekeeping Vanguard has already separated from the Feng Family, hasn’t it?” Feng Shiyi said.

The voices of the two men almost sounded at the same time.

One was puzzled, the other indifferent.

Feng Yunjie suddenly realized the situation and frowned as he looked at Du Ge.

Zhang Han glanced at Du Ge and quietly blocked his way on horseback.

The three members of the Feng Family formed a triangle, sealing off all of Du Ge’s escape routes.

Feng Shiyi looked at Du Ge and continued, “Mr. Qi, are you planning to use the power of the Feng Family for your own benefit?”

“Second-in-Command, you underestimate me,” Du Ge seemed unaware of his predicament and smiled, “For a martial family or sect to establish themselves in this world, what do they rely on? Martial arts?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Feng Yunjie asked.

“Of course, martial arts are the foundation, that cannot be denied,” Du Ge smiled and said, “But besides martial arts, there must also be uniqueness. Let me ask you, why is the Beggar’s Sect the largest sect?”

“Because there are many beggars in the world?” Feng Yunjie asked in confusion.

“Yes, that is one aspect,” Du Ge praised them and said, “The threshold is low, as long as one is a beggar, they can join the Beggar’s Sect. This is professional unity. From no bag to nine bags, there is a clear promotion ladder, providing suitable channels for advancement. After joining the Beggar’s Sect, even if one is a vagrant, they have basic living and security guarantees. This is comprehensive logistical support…”

He paused for a moment, “This is the uniqueness of the Beggar’s Sect. When someone wants to provoke the Beggar’s Sect, they have to consider whether they can afford to provoke such a giant. Other sects are the same, like the Taishan Sect, their members are all Taoists, occupying the religious aspect; the Cao Gang controls water transportation… What does the Feng Family have?”

Feng Yunjie fell into deep thought.

“Third Young Master, don’t you even have a nickname in the martial world?” Du Ge asked with a smile.

Feng Yunjie awkwardly shook his head.

“Then have you found a common point among these famous sects?” Du Ge asked again.

Feng Yunjie shook his head again.

“Uniqueness, ideology, belief,” Du Ge said, “The Beggar’s Sect maintains professional integrity, Taishan guarantees religious integrity, Emei Sect is all female, ensuring gender integrity; the Blood Blade Sect has assassins, meeting the needs of individuals with special psychological traits. These unique characteristics naturally attract similar people to join.

Therefore, the Feng Family must establish its own uniqueness. Only then can we take the first step towards becoming a hundred-year-old, or even a thousand-year-old family. Otherwise, even if I bring back secret techniques for the Feng Family and recruit many Heavenly Demons, we will just be nouveau riche in a county town. A storm may come and we may lose everything.”

“But what does this have to do with the Peacekeeping Vanguard? We can start from the Feng Family!” Feng Shiyi said.

“Second-in-Command, a small family like ours cannot attract people with such a call. But a new organization is different,” Du Ge said excitedly, “This is called going public by borrowing a shell and developing separately. We start small, without any connection to any force in the martial world. When we gain reputation and the martial world recognizes the Peacekeeping Vanguard, at that time, if the Feng Family joins, won’t it still be the Feng Family? Sometimes, large forces don’t necessarily have to be in the open.””What is the philosophy of the Peacekeeping Vanguard?” Feng Yunjie asked.

“Didn’t we just discuss it?” Du Ge replied, “Justice. There’s never a shortage of passionate young heroes in the martial world.”

“That does make some sense.” Feng Shiyi pondered.

“Second-in-Command, I won’t harm the Feng Family.” Du Ge looked at Feng Shiyi, shaking his head with a smile.

After witnessing Feng Jiu’s narrow path with Glutton in the morning, Du Ge began to reflect on himself. Had he also been too narrow in his approach to peacekeeping?


He thought of maintaining peace and justice, these broad and grand concepts, which obviously yielded greater rewards than protecting the interests of a small family.

He even considered maintaining national sovereignty, but in this simulation world dominated by the martial world, the concept of a nation was greatly diluted.

Unlike in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” or “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” where there were grand causes of family and country, and no foreign invasions, he could only regretfully abandon the great ambition of maintaining national stability.

Otherwise, he would have insisted on becoming a great hero like Guo Jing!

Despite this, Du Ge felt that if he could maintain the peace and justice of the entire martial world, his achievement as the top player in the simulation field would be secure.

The reason he didn’t reveal this plan to the Feng Family was because Du Ge preferred Feng Shiyi, the imaginative one. After all, it was he who proposed the idea of destiny and filled in the gaps in his story. Feng Shiren was too conservative and shrewd, making communication with him too exhausting.

“Mr. Qi, where do we find people to join this so-called Peacekeeping Vanguard?” Feng Yunjie asked the previous question again.

“Aren’t we looking right now? If we can find other Heavenly Demons to join, that would be best. If not, we’ll start working. Once we start and our reputation spreads, naturally, heroes will join.” Du Ge said, “Didn’t we just discuss the Beggar’s Sect? Their disciples are everywhere, controlling the power of public opinion. We can use the Beggar’s Sect to promote our reputation. Third Young Master, you don’t need to worry about this. I will arrange how to execute it when the time comes…”

“But who are we going to fight?” Feng Yunjie asked awkwardly, “None of the evil forces in the martial world are ones the Feng Family can afford to provoke.”

“Do not refrain from doing good because it is small, nor do evil because it is small.” Du Ge smiled, “Third Young Master, streams gather to form the sea, specks of dust accumulate to form mountains. The local tyrants who bully and dominate the market, the bandits who block roads and occupy mountains, aren’t they evil forces too? Start with small things, it’s the same to start with them.”

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