Chapter 80 – Stars and Continent

Chu Master’s words surprised the three of them, especially Lu Yang, who thought of more things.

When they first entered the Seek Tao Sect, the sect gave them a rough map of the sect, with a radius of 100,000 li. What is the concept of a radius of 100,000 li? It’s larger than ten Earths put together!

Considering the methods of the powerful cultivators described in the scriptures during the Nascent Soul and Unity stages, only such a large place can allow them to use their abilities freely.

The sect has many forbidden areas, most of which are used for battles between powerful cultivators. Those whose cultivation is not enough will die if they get too close.

When they entered the sect, Senior Sister said, “The sect cannot be explained in just a few words. You can gradually explore it in the future.” It’s not because she’s lazy to introduce it, but because the Seek Tao Sect is really so big that it needs to be explored step by step.

Thinking about it, the Seek Tao Sect may be the result of several planets put together!

The area occupied by the Seek Tao Sect is only a corner of the Central Continent. It’s hard to imagine how big the Central Continent really is!

Chu Master continued, “In ancient times, there were thousands, even more, of living stars. The exact number cannot be verified.”

“When the ancient cultivators reached the Divine Transformation stage, they no longer needed magic weapons. They could fly from one star to another. At that time, the entire universe was filled with damaged stars, which were destroyed by cultivators’ battles!”

“The prosperity of ancient times was truly fascinating. How many myths and legends were born then, and how many powerful cultivators were created.”

“At that time, powerful cultivators compared their strength by how many planets they could destroy with one strike, and compared their influence by how many life-bearing planets they had under their control.”

“When the ancient times were at their peak, an existence appeared. He refined the countless stars into a continent. Whether they were life-bearing or not, they couldn’t escape his grasp.”

“The Central Continent is full of vitality because it used to be a life-bearing star, the best place for cultivation!”

“The oceans to the east of the Central Continent were once covered by seawater.”

“The golden Buddha country to the west of the Central Continent was once a dead star that could not be inhabited.”

“The southern demon realm and the far north are the same.”

Chu Master’s words were like a refreshment to Lu Yang and the others’ understanding. They never thought that the land under their feet was a refined star!

This was beyond their imagination!

“Who refined the stars?” Lu Yang asked.

Chu Master shook his head. It’s not because Lu Yang’s level is not enough, but because he really doesn’t know. “The true identity cannot be verified, but it can be certain that the existence was definitely an immortal!”

This kind of transcendent power is something that cannot be achieved during the Tribulation period!

“Why did that existence refine the stars into a continent, and what method did he use? These are all unsolved mysteries.”Chu Master continued, “What can be confirmed is that the method used by the existence that refines stars is extremely brutal and lacks compassion. How many people living on the stars can survive being manipulated by stars? Even ordinary cultivators find it difficult to survive.”

“Those who survive are not because of their high cultivation, but because they are lucky!”

“At that time, the rising geniuses and powerful beings tried to stop the existence, but they were all turned into blood mist and disappeared into reincarnation.”

“Fortunately, the Immortal came forward at that time and saved most of the human race, which prevented the human race from becoming extinct.”

“The prosperous world collapsed and perished, and for a long time, no genius appeared.”

“It is unknown where the existence is, but he is definitely not dead. When the great world comes, he may also appear. If he goes on a killing spree, who can stop him?”

“Only the Immortal!”

“So, for both public and private reasons, we must revive the Immortal!”

“Only a small part of the people died when the Immortal died. If we don’t revive the Immortal, the entire human race may be destroyed!”

“It’s hateful that those righteous people think they have the moral high ground, but they don’t know that we, the Immortal Sect, are also dedicated to sacrificing ourselves for the human race!”

Chu Master’s words were decisive, and his eyes revealed determination.

From the perspective of righteousness, they killed people to save people. From their own perspective, they had a legitimate reason to kill and felt justified.

The reason why the Immortal Sect only recruited people from the demonic path was because this set of rhetoric was most in line with the psychological mindset of demonic cultivators.

Lu Yang was shocked. Just listening to Chu Master’s words, he was afraid that he would really go crazy and believe in the Immortal and pray for the Immortal to save the world.

Chu Master’s words may not necessarily be true, or they may only be part of the truth. Lu Yang did not believe that the Seek Tao Sect knew nothing about ancient events, nor did he believe that Senior Sister was unprepared for this.

Meng Jingzhou asked, “If that’s the case, why not cooperate with the righteous path? Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to work together to succeed?”

Chu Master sneered, “Who can guarantee that the existence that refined the stars did not hide in the righteous path?”

“After some investigation by the sect leader, it is believed that the existence that refined the stars is either in the five major immortal sects or in the Great Xia Dynasty.”

“Why does the righteous path advocate order? Isn’t it to allow more people to cultivate and make the central continent more prosperous?”

“But what happens after prosperity? Don’t forget the painful experience of the end of ancient times.”

“Maybe the existence likes to harvest life and will strike again when life is flourishing!”

Chu Master was expressing the mainstream view of the Immortal Sect.

Chu Master added, “The stars above our heads may seem to be hanging in the sky, but if you fly to the universe with a certain level of cultivation, you will find that they are all remnants left over from ancient times. In theory, there may be some survivors and real stars, but certainly not many.”Chu Master said so much, just hoping that Lu Yang and the other two truly believe in the immortal immortals. Judging from their surprised expressions, there should be no problem.

“Alright, I know the impact of this information on you is too great. Go back and digest it.”

“Also, you three performed well in the three tests. It’s just the right time for the sect to use talents. Most people are resting in the prison cells now. Your cultivation has reached the foundation building stage, which meets the standard for becoming a steward. After considering it, I have decided to promote you to stewards.”

Chu Master gave the three of them three badges representing the identity of immortal sect stewards.

In fact, Chu Master wanted Lu Yang and the others to become stewards from the beginning. The series of events just now could only be known if they became stewards.

Chu Master suggested, “By the way, now that you’re free, you can visit your fellow disciples. I heard the food in the cells is not good. Bring them some food to build a relationship.”

The demonic path is selfish, but also clear about grudges and favors. There are many intrigues among the subordinates, and it’s not easy for him as the sect master.

However, Chu Master’s concern is not that the subordinates and Lu Yang and the others will scheme against each other. He is worried that the subordinates will be killed by Lu Yang and the others.

Lu Yang smiled, “We are all fellow disciples. We will definitely unite and work together for the resurrection of the immortal immortals. Please rest assured, Master.”

For some reason, Chu Master felt even more uneasy after hearing this.

(End of this chapter)

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