Chapter 79 – Immortal statue

Fortunately, Chi Xulong and others were all experienced and wouldn’t reveal any information about the Demon Cult just because they were locked up. Otherwise, Chu, the leader, would have to consider killing them to keep them quiet.

Chu sent a message to Lu Yang and his companions, inviting them to Yanjiang Dock for the formal initiation ceremony.

As for those foolish ones, they would be locked up in the dungeon for ten days to calm down.

Chu lazily sat on the jade throne, looking up at the three people in front of him and praised, “Your idea of opening a barbecue restaurant is good. Keep it up. This is a way for us to establish a connection with the officials.”

Chu dismissed his attendants, who were all novice members of the sect and had not been tested or qualified to know the secrets of the sect.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to visit the Immortal.”

Chu took the three of them to another floating stone, where the building on top of it was built in an unknown era. It had collapsed under the erosion of time, and the lifeless light made it feel dull and oppressive. Walking among the buildings, there was a heavy feeling of walking through history.

Even Meng Jingzhou, who was knowledgeable, couldn’t tell what era the building was from.

This was definitely not a building from the Great Xia period of one hundred thousand years ago!

Meng Jingzhou was secretly shocked. These buildings were at least ten thousand years old!

“Could it be from the Great Yu Dynasty?”

According to historical records, the last emperor of the Great Yu Dynasty was debauched and the dynasty collapsed, causing chaos throughout the country. The ancestors of the Meng family and the Xia Emperor rose up and fought for control of the Central Plains.

The Seek Tao Sect was established twelve thousand years ago, during the Great Yu Dynasty. However, at that time, the Great Yu Dynasty was in its heyday, and no one could shake its position.

At the end of the building, there was a statue about four meters high, with a similar appearance to the one seen in Qin Yuanhao’s home. The face was blurry, wearing a long robe, and it was impossible to distinguish between male and female. It was the Immortal.

Chu held up three lit incense sticks and bowed to the Immortal. Then he turned to the three of them and said, “Meditate for half an hour to clear your mind.”

These three incense sticks were not ordinary products. After smelling the fragrance, their restless hearts gradually calmed down.

Clearing one’s mind was a basic skill for them. Chu nodded slightly when he saw the three of them calm down so quickly, even with the help of the precious incense.

Even for demonic cultivators, who were mostly restless, these three were truly rare.

It was likely that they had gained some opportunities somewhere.

If he had known that the three of them had such opportunities before, Chu would have tried every means to get them. However, these three were different. They were the objects of the sect leader’s attention, and he didn’t have the courage to move against them.

After half an hour, the three of them woke up and followed Chu’s instructions to worship the Immortal step by step.

After the tedious steps were over, the three of them officially became disciples of the Immortal Sect.Chu, the leader of the Immortal Sect, said with his hands behind his back: “Before joining our sect, you may only know us as the Immortal Sect, who believe in immortal beings. Becoming a disciple can prolong your life, but you probably know little about the immortal beings.”

The three nodded. They knew nothing about immortal beings, which was the only type of immortals they had ever heard of.

Chu spoke with a respectful tone: “The existence of immortal beings is taboo. They can live as long as heaven and earth and witness the ups and downs of the world. Even if their bodies are destroyed and their immortal souls decay, as long as someone remembers them, they can be resurrected and live forever!”

Lu Yang and the others were shocked. They didn’t know how much of what Chu said was true and how much was false.

As long as someone remembers the existence of the immortal beings, they are immortal. Such a thing has never happened in myths and legends!

This kind of supernatural phenomenon is called “immortal,” which is not inappropriate.

Chu continued: “He became an immortal in ancient times, knew the secrets of the ages, and possessed power far beyond us mortals.”

“Now that the ancient era has arrived, the old monsters buried in the desolate mountains are crawling out of their coffins to protect themselves in this era. The only way to do this is to resurrect the immortal beings and protect us!”

Lu Yang hesitated and asked, “How do we resurrect the immortal beings?”

“The immortal beings prove their way through battle and become immortal by killing. They love killing and want to create bloodshed and chaos in the world to please the immortal beings. This is the first step, and the subsequent steps are not something you can understand at your level.”

“The death of countless human races?!” Meng Jingzhou was shocked. How many people had to die for this? It was impossible to describe the scene with bodies everywhere!

“Is it a lot? Not at all.” Chu shook his head. Most people had a similar reaction when they heard this number, but when they calmed down and thought about it, the Central Continent was vast and boundless. Even if millions of people died, it would only be one in a few thousand people.

“Do you know how many people die each year from exhaustion, suicide due to unbearable pressure, illness, or mistreatment by quack doctors? How many unclaimed bodies are found in the Great Xia Dynasty each year?”

Chu sneered, “Do you know? Of course you don’t, because the Great Xia Dynasty doesn’t dare to publish the real data!”

“If we don’t resurrect the immortal beings, who will protect the vast Central Continent? When the old monsters wake up one after another, more than just a few people will die.”

“Is the ancient era really that terrifying?” Lu Yang’s heart was cold.

Chu didn’t say anything and signaled the three to follow him.Chu Dozhu walked past the immortal statue and through a ruin, saying as he walked, “This ruin has been passed down from ancient times, and has become decayed and ruined under the erosion of time. Ten thousand years ago, the founder of our sect accidentally discovered the existence of the immortal here.”

“The existence of the immortal is too ancient for the world to remember the immortal who once guarded the world. It was the founder who brought the immortal back to life!”

“The founder copied the relics and left them in various strongholds. This is one of them, with a history of ten thousand years.”

Meng Jingzhou thought to himself that it was no wonder he couldn’t tell that it was a replica of an ancient relic. Only legends had survived from ancient times, and very few things had been passed down.

Chu Dozhu stopped in front of a stone wall, “This is it. This is the scene where the ancient people made sacrifices.”

The first thing that caught their eye was the immortal with his arms open on the stone wall. The immortal had countless spheres in his arms, of different sizes and some with a ring-shaped object around them, which they didn’t recognize.

On each sphere, a little person knelt, holding offerings and presenting them to the immortal.

“What are these spheres? Why do people stand on them?” Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu were puzzled and couldn’t understand.

Lu Yang saw the mural and his pupils shrank. The spheres looked just like the planets from his past life, and the ring-shaped objects around them were meteorite dust.

Chu Dozhu said slowly, “These are called planets. In ancient times, there was no central continent, and all races lived on the planets.”

“At the end of the ancient era, an unknown existence melted all the planets and turned them into today’s central continent!”

At this, the three of them were shocked!

(End of this chapter)

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