Chapter 8 – Banned Book – “Dragon Phoenix Transformation

After Yun Zhi left, Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou went to check on their own caves like the other disciples.

But before that, Lu Yang followed Meng Jingzhou to bring in an old horse from outside Seek Tao Sect.

Outside Seek Tao Sect, Lu Yang saw many newly joined disciples reporting good news to their families, whether they were from small families or cultivation families, it was a great event worth recording in their family history to have their own people become disciples of Seek Tao Sect.

“Why hasn’t anyone from your family come over?” Lu Yang also learned from Meng Jingzhou’s words that the Meng family was a long-standing cultivation family.

Meng Jingzhou was a bit proud, “I ran away from home!”

Lu Yang: “……”

What are you proud of?

After Meng Jingzhou brought the old horse back to the cave, Lu Yang also returned to his own cave.

Lu Yang took out a jade pendant, which was given to him by a senior brother he didn’t know just now. It said that it was an identity badge for Seek Tao Sect disciples, which could prove their identity to outsiders and open the cave and so on internally.

The jade pendant was made of spirit stone marrow and had the three characters “Lu Yang” written on it. Many of the uses of the jade pendant could only be used after Lu Yang officially became an immortal.

Lu Yang placed the jade pendant on the stone wall at the entrance of the cave. The jade pendant emitted a faint blue light, which corresponded to the groove at the entrance of the cave. The groove flashed twice, and the stone wall automatically moved away, revealing an unimaginable luxurious cave in front of Lu Yang.

As soon as he stepped into the cave, Lu Yang felt warm all over his body, as if there was a wonderful energy nourishing his body.

“Is this what they call spiritual energy?”

After realizing this, Lu Yang was very surprised. The concentration of spiritual energy in the cave was so high that even mortals like him could feel it. It could be imagined how extraordinary it was.

The furnishings in the cave were very simple, with only a table, a cushion, a straw mat, and compared to the huge cave, it looked empty. Lu Yang didn’t know if this was a reminder for Seek Tao Sect disciples to be content or to let disciples decorate it as they liked.

There was a piece of paper on the table with something on both sides.

The front side said that disciples who knew nothing about cultivation could go to the Peak of Verbal Transmission to learn basic knowledge or study on their own in the Scripture Pavilion.

The back was a map of Seek Tao Sect, which was quite simple, showing the main peaks of Seek Tao Sect, with a large blank area left. Looking at the map, Seek Tao Sect covered an area of ten thousand miles, which was really beyond Lu Yang’s imagination.

The contents on the front side gave Lu Yang direction for the next month.

Lu Yang yawned and decided to take a good nap.

From encountering rain on the way out to relying on his sincere character and outstanding wisdom to pass three tests and win the attention of Senior Sister Yun Zhi and Second Senior Brother Dai Bufan, and finally becoming a disciple of Seek Tao Sect, the events of this day made him mentally exhausted and too sleepy to open his eyes.

“Why doesn’t Seek Tao Sect even provide a pillow…”

Lu Yang muttered, the exhaustion of the whole day surged up at this moment, and without caring if it was comfortable or not, he smashed his mouth and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Lu Yang got up early and planned to go to the Scripture Pavilion first to learn about the general situation of Central Continent.

“New here?” At the entrance of the Scripture Pavilion, a senior brother looked up at Lu Yang.


“Since you’re new, let me tell you the rules of the Scripture Pavilion. The rules are simple, there are only three.”

“First, your current permission only allows you to read books on the first floor, and you can read any book on the first floor; second, you can only borrow one book for now; third, you must take care of the books and not make them dirty. If you make them dirty, you must compensate for the full price.”

“I got it.” Lu Yang nodded, and the senior brother didn’t say anything else, letting Lu Yang in.

Inside the Scripture Pavilion, Seek Tao Sect disciples were focused on reading, with no distractions, not even noticing Lu Yang walking by.In the vast scripture pavilion, there were only sporadic footsteps and rustling of pages.

Here, there were all kinds of books, from the entry-level performances of folk artists to the secret techniques of cultivators, to the experiences of cultivating Qi and building foundations. Everything was available.

Lu Yang’s eyes were dazzled, and he didn’t know which book to read.

“What book is this?”

Lu Yang accidentally found a book from a gap in the bookshelf. It was covered with thick dust and seemed to have been here for a long time without anyone reading it.

He wiped off the dust and finally saw the name of the book-“Dragon Phoenix Transformation.”

“What an imposing name!”

Lu Yang exclaimed softly. He could feel a sense of dominance from the name alone, without even looking at the content!

He was in a trance, as if he could hear the sound of the dragon and phoenix singing. The dragon and phoenix shadows appeared before his eyes, vivid and lifelike. Then the shadows changed, as if they were performing the process of the dragon and phoenix appearing.

Lu Yang came back to his senses, looked around, and the voice and shadows disappeared.

“Was that an illusion just now?”

Lu Yang was suspicious, and then he opened the first page with a little excitement.

Maybe this was his chance!

Unexpectedly, the book page was too sharp, and he accidentally cut his finger. A few drops of blood dripped onto the paper.

Suddenly, a strange thing happened!

The ancient book actually emitted a golden light, as if there was something in the book that wanted to break out!

Lu Yang’s heart was pounding. This process was completely unexpected and beyond his control. He didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse.

He even felt that he was being watched by some powerful existence, making him subconsciously unable to move!

This feeling became clearer and clearer, indicating that the powerful existence was getting closer and closer to him.

Finally, the powerful existence stood behind Lu Yang, silently watching him, without saying a word, scaring Lu Yang into breaking out in a cold sweat.

“You…” Finally, the powerful existence spoke.

“Here!” Lu Yang was startled.

“You dirty the book.”

The powerful existence frowned. Lu Yang turned his head and found that it was his senior brother at the door of the scripture pavilion.

Senior Brother looked at the bloodstains on the book, feeling a little unhappy. He had just reminded Lu Yang not to dirty the book, but this guy dripped blood on it.

There was a formation in the scripture pavilion. Anyone who dirtied the book would emit a golden light, sending a signal to the person guarding the scripture pavilion.

“What book is this? Why have I never seen it before?”

Senior Brother picked up the book, looked through it, and his face changed drastically. “This…this is actually the legendary banned book!”

Lu Yang was overjoyed. He didn’t expect to have such good luck to find an ancient forbidden book as soon as he came to the scripture pavilion. He didn’t know what secrets were hidden in this book.

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong with this book?” Lu Yang was curious.

Senior Brother’s face changed, and he considered whether to tell the new junior brother about this secret. After thinking it over, he told the truth.

“This book details the process of dragon and phoenix mating. Because it is too detailed, it was complained about by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans and was listed as a banned book. I thought this book had been destroyed, but I didn’t expect there to be a copy here. I don’t know who hid it!”

In other words, this was a pornographic book.

Lu Yang: “…”

Fuck your dragon and phoenix singing!

He suddenly remembered that Senior Brother had said that he would have to compensate for dirtying the book.

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