Chapter 7 – Elderly people who are humble and considerate

After everyone left, the two of them nervously stared at their feet, afraid that Yun Zhi would investigate their attempt to cheat.

After a long time, Yun Zhi slowly spoke.

“I didn’t expect that both of you passed the test and became disciples of our Seek Tao Sect.”

“Both of you ranked high in all three tests, especially in the third one, with one of you in first place and the other in second. Overall, your results were the best.”

“But this doesn’t mean that you were the best performers in this batch. For example, the ancient barbarian Man Gu, the feather-transforming fairy Taoyao who ranked behind you, and the fire spiritual root Li Haoran… all of them are geniuses who are not inferior to you.”

Meng Jingzhou was full of confidence and winked at Lu Yang. “Feather-transforming fairies are even rarer than single spiritual roots, but Senior Sister’s evaluation of them is that they ‘rank behind us.’ This shows how highly she thinks of us.”

Lu Yang explained helplessly, “I think Senior Sister meant that when we were lining up in the first test, the feather-transforming fairy was behind us.”

“Although you did well, you can’t be complacent. When you officially cultivate immortality, you still need to be down-to-earth and avoid arrogance and impatience.”

Hearing Senior Sister’s increasingly serious tone, the two of them quickly promised to work hard in their future cultivation and not slack off.

Seeing that their tone was not perfunctory, Yun Zhi’s face eased slightly. “Since you helped me along the way, I will give you a chance.”

“Meng Jingzhou, you have a pure Yang spiritual root, with abundant vitality and the ability to repel ghosts and demons. Three of the eight elders are very interested in this path. You can choose to worship one of them as your master.”

Meng Jingzhou was overjoyed and thanked her profusely. “Thank you, Senior Sister.”

“Lu Yang, you have a sword spiritual root and are a natural seed of the sword path. The one who is best at the sword path in our sect is the master, who is also the sect leader. You should worship him as your master.”

“But Senior Sister, you just said that the sect leader doesn’t like to teach disciples…” Lu Yang whispered.

He noticed that Senior Sister said to Meng Jingzhou, “You can choose to worship him as your master,” but to himself, she said, “You should worship him as your master.” The implied meaning was not the same.

“It doesn’t matter. I can make the decision for him about whether to accept you as his master.” Yun Zhi’s casual tone made Lu Yang stunned, as if the sect leader had to agree even if he didn’t want to.

“I’m just suggesting that you, like other disciples, have a one-month adaptation period. After a month, you can decide who to worship as your master.”

After Yun Zhi finished speaking, she flew towards the Heavenly Gate Peak where the sect leader was located.

Heavenly Gate Peak, the Conference Hall.

A smooth water mirror was projected in the air. With the effect of magic, the contents in the mirror could be seen clearly from any direction. The entire process of the three tests was displayed on it.Eight figures nodded or shook their heads, praised or scolded, each having a different opinion on the disciples who passed the test. When things got heated, they almost started fighting.

This had happened before. Some of the figures were hot-headed and would resort to fighting when they couldn’t agree on something. What started as a process to select disciples turned into a display of hot-headedness and fighting, which opened the eyes of the entire Seek Tao Sect.

Therefore, the true bodies of the eight figures were not present, and even if they were angry, they wouldn’t fight.

“Man Gu is pretty good. He has a pure ancient barbarian bloodline and is invincible at the same level with his barbaric strength. He also has a simple mind. He is the perfect candidate for my inheritance.”

“Unfortunately, he’s too simple-minded. The ancient barbarians perished because of this. If there’s a chance in the future, we can focus on cultivating him.”

“What do you mean by suitable for your inheritance? I haven’t found a suitable successor for my refining skills in a long time. Man Gu is focused and should come under my tutelage!”

The two elders were talking and then… they got angry and then… rolled up their sleeves and continued staring at each other.

The other elders ignored these two fools and continued to evaluate: “Feathered Immortal Body, invincible against all methods, pure and unparalleled. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen someone with the Feathered Immortal Body. The last time we saw one was when we just joined the Seek Tao Sect.”

“Unfortunately, the last person with the Feathered Immortal Body was too impatient in his cultivation and died from a fever caused by his impatience before he could make a name for himself in the central continent.”

“Sixth Elder, you are the most familiar with the Immortal Body among us. Maybe this girl has a connection with you.”

“Li Haoran with the Fire Spiritual Root is a good candidate for alchemy and refining. However, he has a hot temper and can’t calm down. In the third level, he climbed up with all his strength, wanting to surpass Man Gu in front of him. He exhausted his energy early on and was pulled down by others later on, becoming the last one to pass.”

“As for this Meng family boy and Lu Yang, one has a pure Yang Spiritual Root and the other has a Sword Spiritual Root. They are both excellent candidates and their way of passing the test is unique and impressive. These excellent candidates… elder brother, why don’t you take the trouble to accept them?”

“Agreed, you already have Dai Bufan as your disciple, who has already graduated. There’s no need to teach him anymore. If you take in two more geniuses now, when they succeed in the future, it will be another beautiful story.”

“Get out of here, all of you! You only know how to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial. With their way of passing the test, if I take them in, I won’t have a peaceful day. I just want to retire peacefully and become a senior elder. Don’t give me trouble!”

“Second Elder, will you take them in?”

“Do you believe that I’ll take you in first?”

The eight elders were very modest and had no intention of being swayed by the two single spiritual root geniuses.”Damn it, whoever took in these two people won’t have a peaceful life for the rest of their lives.”

“Hey, look, Yun Zhi is giving advice to these two. One will worship under the sect leader, and the other under the third elder?”

The crowd focused their gaze on the third elder, who sighed resignedly. Yun Zhi’s suggestion was not wrong; he was the most suitable to cultivate the pure Yang spiritual root.

Among the eight figures, the third elder had the most robust figure, with muscles like torches in the dark, typical of a physical cultivator.

“I heard that the sect leader hasn’t left seclusion for nine years?”

“Seems like it.”

The crowd remembered that they still had a sect leader, but it seemed like it didn’t make much difference whether they had one or not.

“How does the sword spiritual root choose a master?”

As they were speaking, a figure flew over on a cloud, and the mist dissipated, revealing the figure of the senior sister.

“Yun Zhi greets all the senior brothers.”

The crowd quickly stood up and saluted. With the sect leader in seclusion, Yun Zhi held the power of the sect leader, overseeing the entire sect and ranking above the eight elders.

“Yun Zhi knows that all the senior brothers have disciples they admire, but choosing a master is a significant karmic relationship. Please don’t interfere too much when they choose their master.”

The elders naturally knew this, chuckling, “Of course, of course. But the sword spiritual root worshipping under the sect leader is the sect leader’s decision, or is it yours…?”

Speaking of the sect leader, Yun Zhi frowned slightly, feeling displeased. She responded coldly, “Does it make a difference?”

The eight elders fell silent, realizing that it didn’t make a difference.

Joking aside, the decision you made, would the sect leader dare to oppose it?

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