Chapter 45 – Don’t treat youtiao as a weapon

Lu Yang fought with a sword in one hand and grabbed Qi Wu’s neck with the other, throwing him behind him. “There’s a door behind, run!”

In the blink of an eye, Qi Wu was thrown three or four meters away, about to land, but a force lifted him up and steadied him.

“Thank you for saving us, Immortal!”

Without hesitation, Qi Wu and his companions ran out. They didn’t know the cultivation level of Lu Yang and the tiger demon, but they knew that no matter who won or lost in a battle between cultivators, the surrounding area would be affected. As mortals, if they got caught up in it, they would either spend the rest of their lives in bed or in the ground.

The tiger demon’s fur stood up, and the “king” on its head glowed slightly, as it tried to tear Lu Yang apart with even more ferocity.

“I’ll help you!”

The other two mountain gods made a sound, one holding a scripture, looking scholarly, and the other emitting a radiance, like a high monk who had attained enlightenment and forged an immeasurable golden body!

Man Gu gave the scripture in his hand a tug and found it too light. He put it away and took out two dictionaries from his pocket.

“It feels good in my hand.”

Man Gu had been taught since childhood that the barbarians were a race of fighters, and weapons were not limited to any form. Anything could be a weapon, and you should use whatever felt best.

Now, the most handy thing was books.

“Knowledge is power!”

He held the two dictionaries like bricks and slammed them against the tiger demon’s forehead. The tiger demon was stunned, having never seen such a weapon before.

Meng Jingzhou didn’t need any weapons. His body was the strongest weapon, and he turned into a golden man, charging towards the tiger demon. The ghost behind the tiger demon screamed and began to smoke.

The pure Yang spiritual root was particularly effective against ghosts!

The ghost was terrified and no longer obeyed the tiger demon’s command. It fled the temple and disappeared into the rain.

The tiger demon had never been so angry before.

It didn’t want to conflict with cultivators, but that didn’t mean it was afraid of them. It could easily tear apart these ignorant kids and run away to another place, seeing who could find it.

It was a pity that the Songshan Mountain was a feng shui treasure.

Thinking of this, the tiger demon no longer held back and swept its tail towards Lu Yang. If Lu Yang continued to attack, he would undoubtedly be seriously injured!

Lu Yang immediately withdrew and put away his sword. The tiger’s tail smashed into the ground, shaking the entire temple.

The three of them looked serious. “The virtual shadow of the golden pill has already formed!”

To form a golden pill, a cultivator needed to first form the virtual shadow of the golden pill. Only when the virtual became real could they officially step into the golden pill stage.

The tiger demon in front of them was obviously forming a golden pill, and its strength was extraordinary!

“I am a half-step golden pill expert. How dare a group of foundation building kids hurt me!”

“Half-step golden pill?” Lu Yang looked at Meng Jingzhou. He had never heard his senior sister mention this term before.Ordinary person Meng Jingzhou explained: “It’s just that he hasn’t formed a Dan yet, but he still thinks he’s great and can’t be compared with the Foundation Establishment stage, so he forcibly tries to reach the Golden Core stage. Even the Golden Core stage doesn’t take him seriously, it’s quite pitiful.”

Kind-hearted person Man Gu added: “It’s normal for Brother Lu to not know, the senior brothers and sisters of the sect all sneer at this kind of approach. Why bother with the process from the Void to the Real when forming a Dan? Only vulgar people do this. They directly form a Dan.”

Honest person Lu Yang looked at the tiger demon with pity. “Indeed, it’s pitiful.”

The tiger demon became even angrier, its eyes bloodshot. Its proud cultivation was being degraded to nothing by these three little guys.

The most crucial thing was that this was their true thoughts!

They were still acting after all!

The tiger demon released its pressure, trying to suppress the three of them.

Unexpectedly, the three of them were not affected. Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou even sneered: “We have already withstood the pressure of an ancient dragon blooded Yuanying stage demon. How can we be affected by you?”

Man Gu didn’t need to say anything. The blood of the ancient barbarian tribe made him fearless of any pressure. The barbarians were rampant in ancient times and relied on their fearlessness.

Emphasizing on being barbaric.

The tiger demon gave up standing on two legs like a human and dropped its front paws, crouching on the ground with its chin against the ground, waiting for the three of them.


The tiger demon kicked off with its hind legs like a cannonball and fiercely smashed towards the three of them. Lu Yang barely blocked the tiger demon’s claws with his Qingfeng sword.

Lu Yang spun and retreated, then removed the tiger demon’s force.

Unlike the painted ghost before, the advantage of the painted ghost was its strangeness. It wasn’t good at attacking, and once its identity was exposed, it was easy to defeat. But the tiger demon was different.

The demon clan was known for their physical body, not to mention that the tiger demon’s cultivation level was almost one level higher than the three of them. It was not easy for Lu Yang to block the attack with his sword without being injured.

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu attacked from both sides. The runes in the tiger demon’s blood shone and turned into a gust of wind, flying over the two of them and giving them a fierce scratch.

The cloud comes from the dragon, and the wind comes from the tiger. The tiger demon was born with the ability to control wind spells. This was an instinctive spell derived from its bloodline!

Meng Jingzhou couldn’t use the air to borrow force in mid-air, so he faced the tiger demon head-on with a palm strike. Man Gu protected himself with a dictionary, but half of it was shattered by the tiger demon’s claw.

Lu Yang took advantage of the situation and attacked with his sword, advancing without retreat. His long sword was like a thunderbolt, and in the blink of an eye, it was in front of the tiger demon. Several swords were thrust out, but unfortunately, the tiger demon’s fur was too thick, and Lu Yang’s sword couldn’t pierce it.

The tiger demon was about to laugh at Lu Yang for overestimating himself and not being able to break through its defense, but suddenly, several sword auras burst out from inside its body, causing blood to flow out.

The position where the sword auras burst out was exactly where Lu Yang had stabbed!

Hidden Force Sword Qi!

Lu Yang didn’t need to pierce the opponent at all. What he wanted to do was to input the sword aura into the opponent’s body!

This was where the demon clan was inferior to body cultivation. The demon clan’s body was only strong on the surface, but its internal organs and blood vessels were extremely fragile!The tiger demon retreated, not wanting to clash head-on with Lu Yang’s sword again.

Little did it know that Lu Yang wouldn’t let it go. As it dodged Lu Yang’s sword with its right hand, he pulled out a fried dough stick with his left hand and hit the tiger demon’s head with it!

The tiger demon could have dodged it, but it relaxed when it saw that Lu Yang was holding a fried dough stick. It sneered, thinking that Lu Yang was just a child who could fight with anything.

Then it was hit and stunned.

What kind of fried dough stick was that!

Meng Jingzhou transformed into a mountain and took advantage of the tiger demon’s stunned moment. He aimed at its waist and hit it. The tiger demon seemed experienced and cunning, but it was full of flaws.

It believed in the principle of not fighting and always tried to escape. It had hardly ever fought with anyone in its cultivation.

The tiger demon stumbled after being hit. Man Gu hit it in the eye, but it dodged quickly, only getting hit on the cheek, which caused some of its fur to fall off.

The tiger demon instinctively swung its tail and hit Man Gu, but he managed to avoid most of the damage.

Lu Yang quickly stabbed the tiger demon several times and hit it with the fried dough stick, forcing it to retreat.

After the fight, the three of them had the upper hand.

The tiger demon realized that its opponents were young and had lower cultivation, but they had shown great strength and had a powerful force behind them. It decided to retreat.

However, the three of them wouldn’t let it go. They couldn’t let the tiger demon escape and harm others in the future.

“Don’t push us too far!” the tiger demon roared in anger. The three of them were on guard, knowing that the tiger demon was willing to fight to the death.

The tiger demon widened its eyes and shouted outside the temple, using its last resort, “Wife, someone wants to kill me!”

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