Chapter 44 – A gentleman should keep his weapons concealed at all times

Qi Wu and the others couldn’t believe what they were seeing: the clay mountain god had come to life and was wielding a sword to defeat the demon!

“The mountain god has revealed its power!” A Yue said in disbelief.

Qi Wu was the quickest to react: “No, someone is hiding inside the mountain god statue!”

Indeed, during the battle between the sword-wielding mountain god and the tiger demon, pieces of clay fell off and revealed the true identity of the person who was hiding inside.

It was Lu Yang.

“Damn it, I’ve been waiting for five days for you! It wasn’t in vain that I pretended to be a statue for five days. Take this!” Lu Yang said fiercely, kicking out.

As a quick-thinking person who loved to travel around, he couldn’t sit still. This time, in order not to be discovered by the tiger demon, he stayed motionless inside the statue for five days, which was really uncomfortable.

Before everyone could react, the statue of the literary and martial mountain gods also came to life: “Lu Yang, we’ll help you!”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu broke free from the clay, showing their skills and defeating the tiger demon.

Five days ago, three unexpected guests arrived at the mountain god temple. They took the Qi-gathering pill, hollowed out the mountain god statue, and climbed inside.

The statue was several times larger than an ordinary person, so it was more than enough to accommodate them.

“Are you sure this method will work?” Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu looked at Lu Yang skeptically.

“Combining the intelligence provided by Brother Man Gu, we can only wait for the tiger demon to come and eat… Let’s go in first.”

Man Gu thought to himself, could this be what the book meant by “a gentleman conceals his tools in his body”?

“Yes, that’s it. It must be. It’s true that you have to travel thousands of miles to read thousands of books.” Man Gu was overjoyed. He couldn’t understand the meaning of this sentence before, but now that he had just completed a mission with Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou, he had gained so much.

As the master said, if you want to learn well, you must first find a good learning object!

The three of them chose their respective statues, entered them, and maintained the same posture as the statues, revealing only their eyes.

“Hey, can you hear me?” Lu Yang used telepathy to speak in their minds.

Telepathy was a spell they had just learned on the road. It was easy to use at close range, didn’t require spiritual power, and relied on thoughts to communicate. With a little practice, it could be used easily.

“Yes, we can hear you.” Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu replied.

“Is the carriage okay?” Meng Jingzhou was worried about their carriage and old horse.

In order to avoid being noticed by the tiger demon, they left the carriage in the care of a hotel in Yanjiang County.”We know too little about the tiger demon. What we can confirm is that its realm is between the foundation establishment stage and the golden core stage. It is cunning and cautious, afraid of causing trouble by hurting cultivators. Therefore, it only preys on mortals and not cultivators. If cultivators search the mountain, it will hide somewhere that no one can find.”

“In other words, it will never conflict with cultivators. It will avoid and hide if possible.”

The tiger demon can stay in Songshan for so long without being discovered by cultivators because it does not fight unless necessary.

“That’s why we need to hide in advance and wait for the tiger demon to come so that we can eliminate it in one fell swoop!”

“Tiger-like demons are sensitive to spiritual power. We must not use spiritual power during the waiting period.”

That’s why they chose the divine sense technique that does not require spiritual power.

Five days later.

“Well, after waiting for so many days, someone finally came.”

“It looks like a merchant.”

“Wait, why is there an old hunter? Didn’t all the hunters leave Songshan because of the tiger demon?”

They carefully investigated Songshan, and the locals said that all the hunters on the mountain had left, and it had been a long time since they heard of any hunters coming down to sell leather.

A ghoul!

The three communicated with each other through divine sense and came to the same conclusion in an instant. This is not an old hunter who leads the way, but a ghoul who lured people here!

Originally, they were skeptical about the tiger demon, but now that they saw the ghoul, there must be a tiger demon on this mountain!

“Did you hear the old hunter say that he and several other hunters live together, and the leader of the merchants found the old hunter there? It should not be a lie.”

“It is very likely that those hunters are also ghouls, pretending to be normal people, deceiving travelers together. This makes them more convincing and avoids suspicion that they are ghouls!”

“Should we take action to solve the ghouls now?” Meng Jingzhou was eager to try.

Lu Yang asked Meng Jingzhou to hold back and analyzed, “Don’t startle the snake in the grass. Did you hear Qi Wu say that he wants to seek help from the five major immortal sects? With the tiger demon’s cautious personality, it will definitely come to solve them. We wait quietly. Once the tiger demon appears, I will take action, and you will cover me and keep these merchants away from here.”


“Hmm, did you hear footsteps outside the temple? It should not be the tiger demon.”

After hearing Qi Wu and the old hunter wanting to drive away the young woman in green clothes, Man Gu couldn’t help muttering, “It’s stupid. With this female cultivator here, the tiger demon won’t come to kill people. The tiger demon is afraid that its existence will be known. If it kills her, the sect behind the female cultivator will come looking for it. If it doesn’t kill her, the female cultivator will come with the sect. Both ways are a dead end. The only way is to drive away the female cultivator.”

“You see, I was right. The ghouls drove her away.”Lu Yang remained calm: “If we think about it the other way around, female cultivators wouldn’t appear in the tiger demon’s territory. When will we have to wait?”

Meng Jingzhou made a sound of surprise: “Have you noticed the jade pendant on the waist of the girl in green?”

“What’s wrong with the jade pendant?” Lu Yang and Man Gu knew that many jade pendants were symbols of identity, but they didn’t know much about the specifics of the symbol.

“That’s the jade plaque of the Moon Laurel Immortal Palace.”

The Moon Laurel Immortal Palace was one of the five major immortal sects.

In the middle of the Central Continent and the extreme north, there was a continuous snow mountain that stretched from east to west. It snowed all year round, and there were rarely any sunny days. The snow mountain was known as the highest peak in the Central Continent and was closest to the moon.

In the snow mountain, there was a beautiful fairy palace, which was the Moon Laurel Immortal Palace.

“She should be at the Foundation Establishment stage. When we fight with the tiger demon later, we should make as much noise as possible to attract her attention and see if she is willing to help.”

The other party was definitely not at the Golden Core stage. The Golden Core stage cultivators of the immortal sects could easily see that the old hunter was a ghost, unlike now, where he was deceived by someone.

After a while, the three of them watched as Qi Wu and the others fell asleep, sleeping soundly. They also felt sleepy.

Man Gu recited the words of the sage and used his willpower to dispel his drowsiness: “The sage said that I examine myself three times a day. Are you sleepy? I’m not sleepy. Are you sleepy? I’m not sleepy. Are you sleepy? I’m not sleepy…”

“Stop muttering. I wasn’t sleepy, but you made me sleepy.” Meng Jingzhou asked Man Gu to recite silently. He couldn’t help but yawn.

“But I’m already reciting silently.” Man Gu replied with his divine sense technique.

“Listen carefully!” Lu Yang didn’t listen to the conversation between these two idiots and forced himself to concentrate, always aware of the movement outside.

“There’s a sound of something stepping on the weeds… The tiger demon is here!”

After hearing Lu Yang’s reminder, Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu stopped bickering and immediately prepared for battle.

“We’ve finally waited for this evil creature!”

Lu Yang no longer hid his aura. His body shook, shattering the mountain god statue. He lifted the Qingfeng sword, and the sword radiance burst out, illuminating the entire temple.

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