Chapter 31 – Apply what one has learned

Yun Zhi pinched Lu Yang’s collar with two fingers and shook it in front of him. She still didn’t understand the principle and let him go.

Lu Yang was also puzzled. He followed the mantra and method taught by his senior sister, but why did it turn out to be completely different spells?

“This doesn’t make sense.”

“I’ll demonstrate it to you again.” Yun Zhi was a responsible teacher with average teaching skills but had patience.

Yun Zhi took out an hourglass and placed it upside down on the ground. Then she supported Lu Yang’s shoulders, and the two of them jumped through space together.

Lu Yang only felt a flash before his eyes and arrived in a peculiar space with colorful lights on both sides.

Lu Yang instinctively wanted to touch the lights, but Yun Zhi stopped him.

“That’s an unusual scene formed by space distortion. Even if it’s a Nascent Soul cultivator, they will be crushed to pieces and their souls will be scattered if they touch it.”

Lu Yang quickly withdrew his hand in fear.

The two of them stepped out of space and saw a white giant snake coiling around mountains, swallowing the sun and moon, refining the essence of heaven and earth. Its snake pupils were agile, and the two of them fell into its mouth and entered its stomach.

Just before the stomach acid was about to drip, Yun Zhi stepped again and took them to another peculiar space.

Following Yun Zhi’s footsteps, Lu Yang saw strange scenes he had never seen or heard of before, such as a sea made of magma and a silent swordsman carrying a heavy and wide blade, enduring thunder tribulation…

Lu Yang couldn’t imagine that there were such strange people and scenes in the world.

Finally, the two of them returned to the starting point, and Lu Yang was panting heavily and still in shock.

“The places I took you to just now are all within Seek Tao Sect. You may have a chance to go there yourself in the future.”

Seek Tao Sect was too vast, and the places outside of the nine core mountains were still unknown to Lu Yang.

“Can you try casting the spell again?”

Yun Zhi thought it might be different this time.

Facing Yun Zhi’s eager gaze, Lu Yang gritted his teeth and cast the spell again.

After a day of practice, Lu Yang finally learned how to sense the underground environment and how not to be stepped on when he shrank in size.

He failed to shrink to an inch even once, but he became more and more proficient in shrinking and becoming small.

In the end, he didn’t even need the mantra. He could cast the spell with just a thought, as if he had been immersed in it for months or years.

Lu Yang’s original intention of learning to shrink to an inch was to use the spell to travel faster. Now that he had learned the spell “shrink,” it also met his original intention.

However, the method was hard to describe, and the speed was slower.

Watching Lu Yang changing size at will and burrowing in the soil, Yun Zhi casually asked, “Junior Brother, I heard that you found it difficult to receive tasks in the Mission Hall?”

“Yes, most of the tasks can only be completed by Golden Core cultivators and above, and there are few tasks suitable for me.” Lu Yang was thinking about squatting in the Mission Hall for a few days to see if he could find a suitable task.

“It’s a coincidence. A few days ago, I attended a meeting with the elders, and someone said that there was a problem in the medicine garden. The Mission Hall released the task, but no one accepted it. I think you are a suitable candidate. Why don’t you go and take a look at the medicine garden?”

Lu Yang knew that since his master went into seclusion, his senior sister had been taking over the meetings.

“What task?” Lu Yang was curious. His strengths were not outstanding in Seek Tao Sect, so what kind of task was suitable for him, let alone the unknown medicine garden.

“You’ll know when you get there.” Yun Zhi didn’t answer.

In Lu Yang’s view, Seek Tao Sect itself was a small cultivation world. They could find someone to help refine pills, refine tools, and set up formations without leaving the sect… Most of the time, they could be self-sufficient without leaving the mountain gate.Alchemy requires spirit medicine, and Seek Tao Sect has a great demand for alchemy. They can’t always rely on external purchases.

To solve the problem of spirit medicine, Seek Tao Sect has opened up a large medicine garden for growing herbs, and the mission hall also releases tasks to help cultivate herbs in the garden.

Cultivating herbs requires professional knowledge, and Lu Yang knows nothing about it. He hasn’t even figured out what spiritual beasts and herbs he eats every day, let alone cultivating herbs.

Lu Yang smelled the fragrance of the medicine garden from far away. Unlike the fragrance of Dan Ding Peak, which had a chance of being poisonous, this was the purest fragrance of medicine. Mortals who smelled it for a long time could live longer without illness or disaster.

An old man lying at the entrance of the medicine garden, with a fan covering his face, was dozing off on a rocking chair.

“Old man, is this the medicine garden?”

The old man looked at Lu Yang with drooping eyelids. “Who are you?”

“Lu Yang.”

“I didn’t ask your name, I asked your identity.”

“The fourth disciple of the Sect Master, the little junior brother of Master Yun Zhi.”

The old man didn’t care about Lu Yang being the Sect Master’s disciple, but when he heard that he was Yun Zhi’s little junior brother, he suddenly woke up.

“So you’re introduced by Yun Zhi. You should have said so earlier.” The old man stood up, and his body was more agile than Lu Yang’s.

“Everyone is from Seek Tao Sect. You can call me Old Ba. I’m in charge of this one and a half acres of land in the medicine garden.”

Lu Yang suspected that Old Ba was taking advantage of him, but he had no evidence.

“What did Master Yun Zhi ask you to come here for? To pick herbs? How many years do you want, one thousand or two thousand?”

Lu Yang suddenly thought of the meals that Master Yun Zhi had made for him. Could it be that all the herbs were picked from the medicine garden, which had been growing for one or two thousand years?

“A few days ago, Master Yun Zhi said that the medicine garden had released a task that no one had accepted. Do you know what task it is?”

“Oh, you don’t know how to cultivate herbs?”

“I have no idea.”

“Then let me explain it to you briefly. Cultivating herbs is a very complicated process, and one of the steps is to loosen the soil, allowing the roots of the herbs to better absorb the spiritual energy in the soil and interact with the spiritual energy in the air.”

“This task is to loosen the soil in the medicine garden, which is usually done by the Yin Ring Heavenly King couple. But they have some problems at home recently and no one is working, so I released the task to the medicine garden. This requires the earth escape technique, one of the Five Elements Daoism. Many young people who know the earth escape technique think it’s too troublesome and don’t want to accept it. It just so happens that you came with Master Yun Zhi.”

“So what I need to do is…”

“Imitate the earthworms, drill into the soil, and loosen the soil in the medicine garden.”

Lu Yang: “…”

Lu Yang suspected that Master Yun Zhi was playing a trick on him, but he still had no evidence.

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