Chapter 30 – Shrink into inches

Three days later.

Lu Yang was dressed in a sturdy outfit, standing tall with an excited smile on his face after finally memorizing the contents of the golden paper.

“Recite it for me.”

“A thousand miles exist, currently present, release and retract…” Lu Yang recited smoothly without any pause, showing that he had already memorized the contents by heart.

Yun Zhi nodded. The incantation was difficult to understand, with each word carrying a profound meaning. Reciting it consumed a lot of mental energy, and Lu Yang’s ability to recite it to this degree proved how much effort he had put into it.

“This incantation is just an introduction. When you are not proficient in early-stage spells, you can recite it in your mind to help you successfully cast spells. When you reach the later stage and can use the shrinking technique proficiently, this incantation will be useless.”

“The shrinking technique belongs to spatial magic. You are still in the early stages of cultivation, but since you are a disciple of the master, the master learned this technique at your stage of cultivation, so you might be able to learn it too.”

“The most important thing when practicing spatial magic is to pay attention to safety. If the space is misplaced, you will end up with a severed body, so there is an unwritten rule in the cultivation world that you must have an elder who is proficient in space to guide you when practicing spatial magic.”

Yun Zhi became unusually serious, and Lu Yang also put away his smile and listened attentively to her lecture.

“The principle of the shrinking technique is to shrink the land to the size of a square inch, allowing the caster to easily cross infinite distances and reach another place. The more proficient you are, the smaller the area of land you can shrink, and the longer the distance you can cross. When you reach the highest level, even the vast central continent cannot stop your steps.”

“However, you need to be aware that practicing magic requires intelligence. You have never encountered spatial magic before, so you need to be mentally prepared for success or failure.”

“Immortal cultivators should be unflappable and avoid extreme emotions.”

Yun Zhi taught Lu Yang her experience of cultivation through words and deeds.

Lu Yang nodded and felt that his senior sister was the most qualified to say these words. He had never seen her have intense emotional fluctuations.

He was lacking in this aspect.

At first, when Lu Yang saw his senior sister always with the same expression, he thought she had no emotions. After getting to know her, he found that his senior sister did have emotional fluctuations, but they were too small.

Now, Lu Yang had a certain probability of judging his senior sister’s mood based on her subtle facial expressions. For example, now… well, he couldn’t judge.

“Let me demonstrate it to you first.”

Yun Zhi didn’t know what Lu Yang was thinking. She threw a red flag to the top of the opposite mountain. Before Lu Yang could see clearly, she took a light step and disappeared suddenly, then reappeared with the red flag in her hand.

“Just like that. After succeeding, practice it a few more times, and you will be as proficient as me.”

Lu Yang stood still, blinked his eyes, and blinked again.

What just happened?

In Lu Yang’s eyes, Yun Zhi threw the red flag and casually took it back, and he couldn’t even see if the red flag had fallen on the opposite mountain. There was no trace of using magic at all.

Yun Zhi furrowed her eyebrows rarely. When her master taught her, he also demonstrated it like this, and she learned it in one go.Yun Zhi was afraid that Lu Yang wouldn’t understand, so she demonstrated it again.

So she threw the flag, took a step, came back, and did it all in one go, but Lu Yang was still confused.


Sure enough, even Senior Sister can’t always be relied on. Learning this kind of thing really depends on oneself.

Lu Yang met Senior Sister’s gaze, and this time he could see her mood.

She hoped that she could succeed in refining.

But Senior Sister, you have to know that your teaching level is not good enough for anyone to learn from.

Lu Yang secretly sighed. He couldn’t count on Senior Sister anymore, so he used his own understanding of shrinking spells.

“Thousand miles exist, currently present, release and contract…” Lu Yang closed his eyes and chanted the spell.

“Shrink into inches!” Lu Yang shouted, and his figure disappeared instantly. The surrounding scenery changed, and it was pitch black, like he had fallen into another space.

Lu Yang was overjoyed that he had succeeded on his first try.

He really was a genius!

Senior Sister told Lu Yang that the principle of shrinking spells was to twist and fold space, and the caster would walk in a different space. This different space was a straight line, and by going through it, one could reach their destination in the shortest amount of time.

Just as Lu Yang was about to laugh, he found that black matter was pouring into his mouth, and his body was trapped by the black matter. He couldn’t move his hands and feet, and it seemed like there was no air in the different space, making it difficult for him to breathe.

After a brief and calm reflection, he realized one thing:

He had shrunk into the ground.

Now Lu Yang had good news and bad news.

The good news was that he had learned half of the shrinking spell – shrinking.

The bad news was that he had only learned half of it.

Yun Zhi on the ground didn’t know what to say. She watched as Lu Yang cast the spell and then shrank into the ground, learning the earth escape spell.

Why did the spatial spell deviate to the five-element spell?

As a senior sister of the Seek Tao Sect, Yun Zhi’s cultivation and talent were second to none among all the disciples of the sect. She could easily create techniques, learn spells at a glance, and had unparalleled comprehension. Even any genius would pale in comparison to her, making her a terrifying existence.

But even she couldn’t understand Lu Yang’s casting principle.

These were clearly two unrelated spells.

With a muffled sound, Lu Yang once again cast the shrinking spell, and his head popped out of the ground like a mole, making people want to hit him with a hammer or step on him.

Lu Yang coughed and tried to resolve the awkward situation.

Even if Lu Yang’s face was thick, he couldn’t bear this kind of embarrassment.

Yun Zhi expressionlessly pulled Lu Yang out of the ground and shook off a pile of mud, like pulling out a carrot.

“It was an accident just now. I’ll try again.”

Lu Yang felt like he was getting closer to the solution.

“Thousand miles exist, currently present, release and contract…” Lu Yang chanted the spell faster than before.

“Shrink into inches!” Lu Yang shouted, and the transformation happened again.

Yun Zhi was tall, but she was still half a head shorter than Lu Yang. Normally, Lu Yang could see the top of Senior Sister’s head, but not now.Yun Zhi’s body gradually grew taller, and Lu Yang went from looking down to eye level to looking up, finally having to strain his neck to see her.

From Lu Yang’s perspective, he couldn’t even see Senior Sister’s face.

Yun Zhi looked like a giant holding up the sky, with her feet on the ground.

“No, it’s me who became smaller!”

Lu Yang yelled, seeing the half-person-high stones on the ground and realizing the problem.

The three-inch-tall Lu Yang hopped around on the ground, his voice much smaller than before.

He had learned a new spell – shrinking.

Lu Yang’s spell talent was also terrifying. While geniuses like Yun Zhi only learned the spell for shrinking, Lu Yang learned both spells for shrinking and becoming small!

Yun Zhi squatted down to observe Lu Yang, her eyebrows furrowed as if she hadn’t figured out where the mistake was made.

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